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  1. AWB chasis question

    I'll use Jungle Jim as an example again. Between '66 and '68 he went from a square tube chassis , long nose Nova to a shorter Logghe chassis Nova which was a half fiberglass half steel flopper. I don't know exact dates that this and that happened. Point I was making is that things were in a state of transition with a lot of creative interesting innovations happening.
  2. AWB chasis question

    Jungle Jim built his own chassis for his 66 Nova. Some did it this way ,others modified the stock chassis as TarheelRick said. I believe 1967 was the year the Logghe chassis and flopper era began. This time period was a time of experimentation and a lot of wild cars were on the track.
  3. Piranha Drag Team

    Glad to hear that ! Thank you for the info.
  4. Piranha Drag Team

    Great to see the Piranha back ( hopefully ,with all the decals and proper front wheels , this time ) just wish they would release the Piranha only with out a bunch of stuff I don't want.
  5. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    Lot of great info on here. Those pics of the diecast provided by Force helped me a lot. I built thiis kit as a kid when it came out in the 60's. I know I can do a much better job now. I have a couple of questions. Is the drive shaft and rear end chrome , like the 33 Willys and also, is there an off the shelf paint to match this car or will it have to be a custom mix. I thought about trying a mix of Testors laquer , ice blue and the silver. Anyway that was a beautiful car and I want to do it justice.
  6. Malco gasser fuel/cooling detail

    I don't know how well detailed the GMP diecast Malco Gasser is, but if you could find someone who has one, maybe that would help, good luck.
  7. 1/25 AMT George Barris' Fireball 500

    That kit may not be much by todays standards, But as a kid ,in the 60's, I loved it. I remember my cousin came to spend the night one Friday and we both had kits to build, mine was the Fireball and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  8. AMT 55 Bel Air / Street Machine

    It's about time ! Its getting harder and harder to find that kit, even on e bay
  9. Jungle Jim colors

    Yea, I think most of them were the Revell type.
  10. Jungle Jim colors

    I just checked, its out now ! I'm gonna do the orange one, Jungle's last FC
  11. Jungle Jim colors

    Most don'realize that the old Revell Monza funny car bodies are different from the JJ bodies. The JJ body is called a shovel nose. Closely compare it to other monza FC bodies and you will see the difference. For several years now Competition Resins has had the shovel nose in there coming soon section. Last I looked, it's now at the top of the list. Hope we'll see it soon.
  12. AMT Piranha Hemi Dragster Out Soon

    I'm not that crazy about the Piranha, but I liked when I was a kid and it would be nice to have one with the original box art. It is a great parts kit however. Chassis is great for rear engine funny cars , etc.. I'll never understand why the rerelease of a few years ago had the wrong front wheels and missing decals.
  13. 1970s funny car experts needed

    There were also versions with the straight axle inside the frame rails, different types of torsion bars , etc.
  14. 1970s funny car experts needed

    Check out John Teresi's build of the Mongoose Corvette Funny Car . He changes the front of the chassis of a Revell chassis to one of the later versions.
  15. Young American/ Jade Granade

    You'll probably have to mix and match. The Tommy Ivo dragster has a nice engine and valve covers. Blower hat is'nt too great though. That twin engine dragster "Two Much " has the same engine. The old Revell funny car and dragster kitshad nice blower hats.