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  1. debaronFR added a post in a topic Renault F1 R23 Revell 1/24   

    thanks all !

    spent lot of time just to sculpt the funnel correctly!

    ready to paint!
  2. debaronFR added a post in a topic Renault 16...   

    Wouah! very rare kit for a very rare car (in France too) your work is very precise! cheers!
  3. debaronFR added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Renault F1 R23 Revell 1/24
    just started for a building competition on a french forum, i want to share you this project, a part of Renault F1 story; the R23 F1, secretly concepted in 2001, before Renault join again F1 world challenge in 2002. the car was efficient in 2003, and gave to young Fernando Alonso pilot the opportunity to start his carrier as winner of Hungria Grand Prix, the younger winner of F1 story.
    with only 600 kgs weight and a new V10 engine, the R23 was a revolution in F1 cars story. but Renault F1 Team waited 2005 to be the world F1 winner as factory, and Alonso to be winner world F1 pilot, a score winned again in 2006.

    the kit is Revell 2004, not so bad but need upgrade and scratch to be conform.

    specially, aerodynamic parts need to be thin. so i scratch lower piece and rear flap panel

    the original part from Revell

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  4. debaronFR added a post in a topic Citroën DS 21 1/8   

    now the paint seat is dry, and i'd just received new packet

    the second front seat, and the floor...

    i'd also bought dry oil paint liquid, so next paint will be quicker!
  5. debaronFR added a topic in On The Workbench   

    BMW roadster 507 + Z8
    very quick building of the both famous roadster BMW 50 and Z8

    i started by the older, elegant 507, imported in USA by Max Hoffman in 1956. This car was a very trouble-maker in BMW story, at the point to ruin the society!

    i didn't be sure to post these build, waiting to the result of my first black paint!

    Z8 will be also black with red-orange leather

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  6. debaronFR added a post in a topic The First Rolls-Royce   

    une merveille!
  7. debaronFR added a post in a topic Citroën DS 21 1/8   

    I dont know. I believe not because they produce numbers only relative at people registered and sailers in tabacco and daily papers shops.
    but you can try to ask for!

    I'm working on another similar kit (french sealiner France) and i waited 6 months to have enough parts to make building fun!

  8. debaronFR added a post in a topic 50 and 60's France meeting   

    some others

    and a Ford GT 40 Replica for sale!

    i'll send others views next
  9. debaronFR added a post in a topic Citroën DS 21 1/8   

    i'm sorry, i should say: "Heller made one kit 1/8: Traction; and two kits of DS 19 in 1/16 scale: berline and cabriolet. (berline kit is still produced)

    so all you are right!

    last sets i received this month, about radiator case, transmission parts, a front seat and dashborad:

    front seat have a smooth plastic enveloppe, looking good, but color is more skay aspect than leather. I'll paint with oil paints when i receive all seats

    dashboard is disappointing. clock is just print, plastic aspect is not good

  10. debaronFR added a post in a topic Citroën DS 21 1/8   

    Sorry all, i was away in vacations!

    so i'll try to answer: Heller made two kits of Traction in 1/8 scale, something quite crazy, and a DS 19 "cabriolet" in 1/16 scale (very hard to built). others was in 1/24.
    this kit will need around one year to be complet (4 sets per month) and will cost 1100 € (without bonus, 3 diecast miniatures)

    it's the Altaya edition kit, but it's Spanish Agostini manufacturer.

    about the repaint color, see this picture:

    light reflects make it lighter

    I received interior parts ( a seat and dashboard)

    pictures soon!
  11. debaronFR added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    50 and 60's France meeting
    In my small french village, we received this week-end a "Jours Heureux" (happies days) meeting

    around 100 cars and 35 caravanes mobil home?)

    somes walk around:

    In France american's cars are rares, so owner prefer to restaure it in original condition

    one of my favorite: Corvette

    very elegante Oldsmobile Cutlass:

    incredible green metal Cadillac:

    but also special Rose (pink) perhaps delivery color?

    a Chrysler Newyorker looking new:

    a chevy sw:

    many others, i can't show all !

    but it was a great opportunity to see close this wonderfull cars, examples of a happy period, without crisis...

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  12. debaronFR added a post in a topic Mercedes 300 SL cabriolet (1/16 Italeri kit)   

    I know oldies are not prefered subject for young builders, it's damaged for memory. next building is quite closed to this one, I'm happy to found this rare kit of the legendar 300 SL "gullwing" (in France we name "butterfly doors"), and i'll build it in dark grey.

    in fact, i have the opportunity to treat both versions, a collector, the Heller 1/24 kit

    and Italeri in 1/16, very closed to this build

    in news specifics posts.
  13. debaronFR added a post in a topic an orange 300 SL cabriolet...   

    thanks all,

    you seem to appreciate! i 'll take others views about interior and engine, more details. i'm proud of this one , so i can share!

    I used brussed tissue to sugest carpett

    "best car of my year!"
  14. debaronFR added a post in a topic Mercedes 300 SL cabriolet (1/16 Italeri kit)   

    Thanks so much, i'm impressed about your comment!

    thanks also!
  15. debaronFR added a post in a topic Mercedes 300 SL cabriolet (1/16 Italeri kit)   

    Well,red is very very "hasbeen", too much cars in this color so any interest. but my gullwing (in French we say "butterfly doors") coupé will be in dark grey with red interior, and specific luggages, as you know.
    something like this (old car magazine pictures "Automobiles Classiques" 1994 december)