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  1. Wow !!!!! Looks FANTASTIC. Amazing work. If only we could get our kits with this amount of detail. Just amazing. Keep it coming. Loving the evolution of this project. Congrats on all the hard work.
  2. I will be on the hunt for afew more of these sets. Got my hands on some with ski racks and roof racks, but haven't caught any of these yet....
  3. Wow!!!! You always make it look sooooo easy. The pics are great. Love seeing the progress.
  4. What did you use to mask those off? Great job. Congrats!
  5. Nice brake set. Where are they from? PE?
  6. This build is sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great lesson on breaking things down into simple shapes. Makes anything possible. Congrats. Mad Skills.
  7. Looking great Where did you get those wheels? The mag and tire combo look really good.
  8. Ira, I really enjoy your creative spin on all these kits I never really thaught much of. Lots of fun watching what you'll come up with next.
  9. The red one looks SICK!!!!!!!!! So does the carbon fiber one too. Lots of ideas running wild in my head. Great start to your project Jay, keep it coming. Looking forward to what's coming
  10. Thanks Hawk312 for the color mix used on the K&N. Looking forward to starting on mine.
  11. LOOKS AMAZING Might I ask what color did you use for the K&N cone filter? It's spot on. Congrats on a Great looking Mustang
  12. OH BOY!!!! A truck I'd love to drive. Keep it going. I like where this is going.
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