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  1. Chevrolet-C10master added a post in a topic Roadkill's '68 Dodge Charger "General Mayhem"   

    Ill be keeping tabs on this one ! Im a huge Roadkill fan , really want to buil my own replica of the charger and muscle truck !
  2. Chevrolet-C10master added a post in a topic 1st Gen Chevy/GMC S-Series Extended Cab Longbed   

    that looks insane !!! ill be keepin tabs on this build for sure !!!
  3. Chevrolet-C10master added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Gmc s15 snow plow kit bash
    Hey guys this is my gmc syclone turned s15 plow truck , long story short I came home mad one night slammed the door knocking my gmc snow plow kit off plummeting to the floor almost 7 feet made me upset watching this happen , that lead me to thinking what an average joe would do ? I took the axles and motor off what was left of the gmc and mounted them on the syclone chassis , Im quite glad i had that idea cause it looks good with the two blues and gun metal grey paint job
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