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  1. W O W The Build is looking A W E S O M E , But the Shop is UN R E A L , Great Work ( and a ton of it ) THERE ! ! !
  2. Great Looking Model !!! My Dad bought a New one back in 58. A 98 Convt - J-2.. Black with Red interior. Lots of chrome but still kind of cool for a ole led sled..
  3. Hey John. Glad your doing better , that is good to see. Your Detailing is OUTSTANDING as always.. Everything is just Top Notch . From the way you are going -- you should be back to ( NORMAL ) real soon..Top Shelf work as always.. Will send a PM with more Chit - Chat soon , have a few things around the House to do.. Keep up the good work !! Tom
  4. Beautiful Job .. Love the Color. A fine build...
  5. Beautiful Build, and Color is Killer , Although the Body denotes it as a CUTLASS SUPREME BODY not a 442 . It would have been a Cutlass SX ( with the 442 Drive Train..) Again your are doing beautiful work on this model , looking forward to seeing it done..
  6. Hey John. Glad to hear you are doing better. Good news !! Give me a shout when you get time.. Tom / 60s era
  7. Sweet Ride.. That interior is just Beautiful ! ! Excellent work ..
  8. Love the Paint Colors, excellent job on painting.. The Hood Looks KILLER, nice work on that scoop . Love the whole build ! !
  9. That is just Plain AWESOME work so far.. Love the interior , and the Blue insert on the body...I really like that body style... Keep up the great work... Tom
  10. Your 62 looks Very Very Cool .. Love the whole concept and the Color is awesome .. Great Job >>> Tom
  11. Shane . Your friends 62 is Very Nice .. He did great job on that one for sure... Love the Paint and the Pro Touring look.. If I had another 62 Kit I would do it up not stock , as the one I'm doing is a tribute to one I owned Many years ago.. Do you or possibly your friend still have the Original 215 V8 for either of the Models ??? If so would you be interested in trading or whatever for one ??? Keep up the Great Work Tom
  12. Very Nice Build .. Cumming along great ! ! Really like the Hood Scoop.. I am doing a 62 2dr Sedan right now, although it will be Stock - it will have Opening Doors and Opening Trunk. I like you build a lot... Very Nice ..... Tom / 60s era
  13. Excellent Job ... Well Done... Looks awesome. May have to get one of those Kits, I like yours a lot....
  14. Any body heard from 426 Hemi ( John ) lately.. Last post i saw was July 29. Tried sending him a PM and an Email but no response.. Thanks
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