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  1. dragmodels44 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Color Me Gone decals
    Hello all, New to the forum and already I have a question. I'm looking to replace a great model I had in my collection, but can't seem to find the decals. Anyone know where to get decals to do Roger Lindamood's Color Me Gone 68 Charger F/C? I read to use a P/L kit, but without the decals... Thanks
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  2. dragmodels44 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello to all
    Hi to all,
    Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Steve and although I'm no stranger to modeling, I've been away from it for a while. Like most, I started as a kid and got away from it, then back in it then away for many years. In 2004 I started and went at it hard, almost doing it full time! I built some really cool stuff, and I had the privilege of building a model for Ronnie Sox! It's something I'll always remember. Unfortunately, in 2007 I had to stop and was only able to build a few here and there. I've gotten the itch again to build.

    Reading through the forum pages I couldn't help but be amazed by all the outstanding builds, and just checking the pics I've already picked up some tips from you pros!

    Again, thanks for reading this and looking forward to this forum.

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