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  1. Shark Corvette F/C

    That is cool! Did you make the decals then?
  2. Bob Glidden Thunderbolt

    Very nice! I wanted to do a Glidden car, but wasn’t sure which one...I think I found it. !
  3. Red Alert

    Hey thanks Dave!
  4. Shark Corvette F/C

    WOW, very sweet! Was that a resin? And from who?
  5. Red Alert

    Hey thanks, funny, I think those glue bombs we built as kids bring back the fondest memories. You didn’t care about details, being period correct, screw ups or after countless hours and then something goes wrong... you built it in one night and you admired it.
  6. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    Great! Thanks.
  7. Red Alert

    Thanks. It was a quick build, but it filled a void in my collection
  8. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    Thank you! I hate these polar light chassis’ but it’s correct enough. Does anybody make resin square tanks, the PL ones are round. Or do u just make them from sheet plastic?
  9. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    I wanted to update the Goeske road runner. Here’s the rolling chassis with the body’s mocked up on it.
  10. 1963 Sox & Martin Impala

    AwEsome job! And the diorama looks great with it. I believe Sox had a Sinclair gas station when he had the Impala
  11. Red Alert

    Red Alert finished!
  12. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    NICE! I saw pics of yours when I was doing my research and I used yours and pics of the real car for decal placement. Your detail is amazing. It started to bubble after the second coat of clear, which means I would have had to stop, sand off all the decals on that side, reorder another set of decals etc etc... i just finished it. Also, I’m sure you noticed I added the cavalcade of stars decal but not the other ones. I just liked it. I’m sure nothing is going to fit right under the body. This is probably going to be a body down only funnycar! Oh well, still a cool car. Thanks!
  13. Red Alert

    UPDATE ALMOST FINISHED, I mocked it up with both rear wheels, I just can’t decide which one to use. I still need wheel backs, but that’s about the slicks are too wide, but the resin 70s pro stock/super stock are wider!
  14. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    Thanks guys, I did one a while back but sold it. This ones a keeper. It’s the 2 part urethane, it usually comes out with a nice wet finish
  15. Sox & Martin 63 Impala

    That is cool! I love any of the Sox and Martin cars