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  1. Hi Joe, yeah it’s crazy! But, I wanted to keep track of the time for these two. Here’s the engines plumbed and wired...as much as I wanted to. Building the fuel systems and wiring was the effort of 17 hrs. I even wired the firing orders correctly. ( I think )The fuel system is not 100% correct as the fuel line for the back carb should have a T Fitting with a hose running under the hi rise then connecting to the front 4 way t fitting. That being said, I was still happy with the outcome. Thanks for looking!



  2. I decided for the last 2 models I will build I wanted to do both the  70 & 71 SnM Cuda’s. I know these have been done many times and the ones posted are outstanding. With that being said I wanted to have both done as accurately as possible, using reference photo’s from the Sox and Martin book, articles of some built and pics of ones posted. The 70 is the Revell kit and the 71 is the Johan kit.  I am doing them side by side, so everything is double but will show the differences between both years.  Here’s where I’m at now. Every step of the way has required refixing, refining and touch up because I won’t let any imperfection slip by, at least I’ll try.  I’m going to plum them with fuel and ignition wires. I’m going to add photo etched parts for some added detail. The bodies took 60 hrs alone! Thanks for looking.



  3. Hey Guys, I’m working on the Marrs Boys 63 Vette and I’m not sure what kit I could use for the correct headers. Are they just coming straight down or running underneath? I’ve found some articles on the car but nothing that shows any good engine pics. I did read there was a 396 in it.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


  4. Thank you! I’m trying to decide which scenery to go with...probably as he’s chasing him down the road or where he’s pushing him into the speeding train. Either way it’ll all be in a 1/18 display case. I already did the Vanishing Point ending scene where he’s driving into the bulldozers as he’s being chased by the police!

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