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  1. Looks beautiful. What a good friend!
  2. Thanks! It’s a decal I had gotten from someone years ago.
  3. I cry when I see those cars getting crushed. I couldn’t find the clip but how about the scene from the original Gone in 60 Seconds when Madrian crushes the Tor-Red ‘73 Challenger R/T that he had to steal from the Dealership lot! Heartbreaking!!
  4. Came out nice! That was the best Eleanor, but I’m partial to Mustangs anyway.If you decide to swap the wheels, you could also use White wall tires which were on the second Eleanor he stole at the car wash. Here’s my smashed up version that I did some years back. Great job!
  5. That came out killer! Beautiful paint, stance and detail!
  6. Great job! My wife, Christine would smile and cry!
  7. That’s looking killer! Great color
  8. I’m looking forward to your build. Here’s a pic of mine, which all I’ve done at this point is the body. It was molded in red ( not sure if they all are ) so I took the easy way and prepped the body then cleared it. Notice the color change when its in the light vs shade. The other is my Petty Charger.
  9. Another great job Michelle...love the Mopars
  10. Awesome job! I’m sure 007 would approve
  11. I wanted to do some test fitting and see how its going to look so I thought I’d post a pic. Thanks for looking!
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