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  1. Awesome builds! I love the older Ferraris
  2. Another true legend of drag racing! R.I.P. Grumpy!
  3. Thanks! It’s probably one of the nicest ones I did, and that was my first S&M paint scheme attempt.
  4. Here’s another one from 2002. I entered this at the SA model show/contest at the McCormick place in Chicago. It was a 2nd place winner and even won approval of Tom Daniel ( Whom I’d sent pics of it with the original box which he autographed )
  5. These are probably the oldest, built around 2002. The Lawman was done using homemade decals. This is probably my favorite Sox & Martin car.
  6. Mazmanian 70 Challenger gasser
  7. Barris Fireball 500 and RTS 70 ‘Cuda
  8. I’d call that a notable contribution!
  9. Thanks guys. It was actually a fun model to do...for the most part. LOL
  10. Very nicely done! Great color choice too
  11. That is an amazing collection. It reminds me of seeing all those cool cars in 1/32 scale racing around the slot car tracks. Looks like a scene from a 50’s 60’s race day!
  12. Thank you to all for noticing and the compliments! And thanks for the tips on the articles!
  13. Hey guys, I wanted to post the pics of Shirley’s AMX that is finished. This was the prototype that was built by Hurst which showed this paint scheme. As I said in earlier posts, the scoop is not correct, but I couldn’t get any real good photos to try and make it, so I went with the kit scoop. The dry transfers were a pain and I wasn’t able to finish the passenger side window but I did get the drivers side done and the American Motors on the rear fenders. The other decals were used from other decal sheets. Considering the importance of that car and it’s the only AMC I’ve done, I had to add that one to my drag collection. I added one more photo as I forgot to do the door handles. Those Molotow chrome pens are great! The body was painted in ‘16 or ‘17 ! I’ve got so many more to do. Thanks for looking.
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