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  1. Update. Just wanted to post some pics of the progress. I did a little engine detail adding fuel lines. The rest is mostly paint detail, and I added the American Motors on the rear fenders. The dry transfer letters were a nightmare, with most of them being old and wouldn’t stick or one off the transfer. But I tried to get it as correct as possible. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks for all the tip on articles. I down loaded the Muscle Car review one. Good info. Here’s an update. I did the glass lettering over, exactly like the photos and did the lettering on the doors
  3. Looking forward to seeing it. I was going to do an original looking BOSS 302, then decided to do the Larry Shinoda prototype version, which was actually a 69 428 CJ Mach 1
  4. Shirley was the only woman ( at the time ) to win a major drag racing championship, which she then switched to American Motors and drove the Hurst prepped ‘69 AMX that was wrenched by her husband, H L Shahan. The website superstock AMX.com has some great photos and history on the car. The kit scoop is wrong, nothing like the prototype, but I couldn’t find any good photos showing it so I went with the kit scoop. I cant figure out what color the interior is. The pics are B&W, in one of them it almost looks like it could be blue, and I’m guessing the car was white, then they added the red and blue. I did replicate her prototype paint job, which looked like it was a metallic blue, not Big Bad Blue. I just guessed...
  5. WOW nice pic ! Thanks Ya know... no matter what they build, they’ll NEVER build cars like that again
  6. Hey All, While I’m working on the Strickler Impala, which I was going to use the Gardner 62 amt kit, I found the Strickler kit on eBay. So, I decided to start work on another kit that’s been waiting too long. Shirley Shahan’s Hurst/AMX experimental. I found some good pics of the car but they’re black and white. I had to piece the decals together and I used dry transfer letters for the door glass.
  7. Thank you! The Strickler Impala is in the shop now!
  8. Great story and nice build. I love the 70’s SCCA cars!
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to post a few of Grumpy’s toys I’ve been doing. The Dave Strickler and Grumpy’s Vega are on the work bench.
  10. Nice job! Definitely cool movie cars!
  11. Those are going to be cool! Too bad you couldn’t resin copy the bodies when they’re done!
  12. Nice job! One of my favorite all time car movies. I actually got to talk to LeMat about the cars. Nice guy!
  13. Thanks! I remember building those as a kid and I had to add them to my sports car builds.
  14. Thanks for all the compliments. Those older Revell kits are challenging! The Cobra is a Scale Motorsport kit. It still had the price sticker on it. 160.00 It was a tough build, and once completed it has some weight to it.
  15. Thanks Ray. They’re curbside, but they filled another void in my collection!
  16. Hey Guys, I wanted to post the pics of the BRE Datsuns I finished. I added the Allison car after the Brock cars were done. (There’s also a pic of Brock’s Daytona Cobra,)because I’m a Bobby Allison fan.The Bodies were all done in 2013 and I finally finished them. I’ve been on a roll finishing up all the painted bodies I’ve done!
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