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  1. Update. Just wanted to post some pics of the progress. I did a little engine detail adding fuel lines. The rest is mostly paint detail, and I added the American Motors on the rear fenders. The dry transfer letters were a nightmare, with most of them being old and wouldn’t stick or one off the transfer. But I tried to get it as correct as possible. Thanks for looking!



  2. Shirley was the only woman ( at the time ) to win a major drag racing championship,  which she then switched to American Motors and drove the Hurst prepped ‘69 AMX that was wrenched  by her husband, H L Shahan. The website superstock AMX.com has some great photos and history on the car.    The kit scoop is wrong, nothing like the prototype, but I couldn’t find any good photos showing it so I went with the kit scoop.  I cant figure out what color the interior is. The pics are B&W, in one of them it almost looks like it could be blue, and I’m guessing the car was white, then they added the red and blue. I did replicate her prototype paint job, which looked like it was a metallic blue, not Big Bad Blue. I just guessed...

  3. Hey All, While I’m working on the Strickler Impala, which I was going to use the Gardner 62 amt kit, I found the Strickler kit on eBay. So, I decided to start work on another kit that’s been waiting too long. Shirley Shahan’s Hurst/AMX experimental. I found some good pics of the car but they’re black and white. I had to piece the decals together and I used dry transfer letters for the door glass. 


  4. Hey Guys, I wanted to post the pics of the BRE Datsuns I finished. I added the Allison car after the Brock cars were done. (There’s also a pic of Brock’s Daytona Cobra,)because I’m a Bobby Allison fan.The Bodies were all done in 2013 and I finally finished them. I’ve been on a roll finishing up all the painted bodies I’ve done!





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