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  1. I'm currently building a 59 Sedan deVille 4 door flat top resin conversion. The glass does sits on top of the chrome as you say. Built the Eldo years ago and don't recall a fit issue so that's how it must fit.
  2. Its a reissue of the original Revell kit. While nice, it is not quite accurate in size and proportions of the real car. It is also a multi-piece body and no engine. But it does build into a great looking model.
  3. Uh Oh. I better sell my GMC Astro Kit before this engine comes out...
  4. I found the fit of the windshield to be horrible (especially for a new tool). It was impossible to install without scratching up the painted rubber windshield gasket.
  5. It's not clear from the web site but are the prices for the number shown (2 or 4) or per tire? Doesn't seem to be anyway to ask.
  6. As molded, the suspension on the truck is slanted such that the front end rides lower than the rear. Would this be the case for an empty mixer (rear would ride lower when full) or is this another case of Ertl's fine model design skills? Thanks.
  7. If you google 1971 oldsmobile toronado engine you will find many pictures.
  8. The Eldorado and Toronado engines are completely different. The most obvious thing is the location of the distributor: In the front on the Cad, in the rear on the Olds. The Johan Eldorado kits have the Toronado engine from the Olds kits. Guess the were lazy. Pix attached.
  9. Thanks for the info. Here's a link to the kit details: http://blog.modeljunkyard.com/2012/09/01/kit-review-1959-ford-fairlane-skyliner-by-revell-in-125-scale/
  10. Can you tell which release the kit is you are building. I have a number of these and none came with white wall inserts for the tires, Thanks
  11. I couldn't tell you exactly what I used except it was a mix of mil tans until it looked right to my eye. I'm mainly responding to thank you for going the way it looked like from the factory (instead of black that most models [and many 1:1 cars] seem to get painted with.)
  12. The package tray filler on these cars needs to much bigger than the model has. The interior needs to be trimmed as seen in the attached pix so the filler panel can be the proper size.
  13. Late to this discussion but the windows in our basement utility room (where the booth is) have crank up and out casement windows. I took a 3/16 thick piece of Plexiglas, cut a hole in it to accommodate a dryer vent and installed it in front of the window so there still was natural light coming in. The windows can still be closed.
  14. I was incorrect about the tool storage. After looking further, it appears that the early single central locking nut wheels could not facilitate holding the prop rod as the later five bolt wheels did. The later wheels have a hole in the center for the prop stand rod (which is also used to remove and install the wheel covers).
  15. I'm afraid I may have left out some info about the ignition system. The external intake manifold engine has the points breaker under the manifold where the disttibutor would be. Two wires run from it to two coils. Each coil fires twice...one for the timed spark and a wasted one on an exhaust stroke of a different cylinder.
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