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  1. ohioelcamino added a topic in General   

    question on paints
    hello all

    im am new to the model scene, being that i havent put one together in over 30 yrs. i do alot of wood carving also and i have tons of paints i use on my carvings, these paints are acrylic enamel. my question is can they be used on a model. thought i would ask before i tried it. i dont plan on using it on the body but thought i would use it for interior and such.

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  2. ohioelcamino added a post in a topic new guy in ohio   

    it would be nice to goto a show sometime
  3. ohioelcamino added a post in a topic new guy in ohio   

    actually im close to cleveland im in ashtabula
  4. ohioelcamino added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    new guy in ohio
    just thought i would stop by and say hi. i havent touched a model in over 30 yrs and was walking around the hobby store and saw the three stooges 1940 ford sedan and i got the itch again so i bought it and some paints aand glue. so we will have to see how it tturns out. so once again hello from ohio.
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