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  1. I think there are going to be several guys who are going to be happy. Delivery of six D8s. As I have always had as a policy, I have never had two identical models unless we ask the state out of the factory the difference will be on the equipment. Here the difference is on the model. The next three to come will be completely different from these.
  2. The breakdown of the last photo will not be available. The reason the kit is not designed to receive receive it. A lot of modifications are needed to fix it. I made a pane of an older model of D8. This pane the first photo this easily attaches to the D8 kit.
  3. Here is the montage of eight D8s. There are six K and two H. It is tractors have the equipment and conversion kit from our site www.Papyhobby.com
  4. It is not frequent the posts on the scale 1/50. Here is a prototype product that Papyhobby.com offers on its site.
  5. Hi friends . It's been a very long time since I posted. I will do it soon. We talk a lot about our site to my son and me. Papyhobby.com. You will find a large amount of CAT parts and more to come. I have the photo tech, the conversion kit for the D8K, the blade at the angle, the rippers with one tooth and triple teeth, the cabs for the K and very soon that for the H. We also have the conversion kennels which will be very Coming soon. I invite you to visit Papyhobby to see our great range of products. We also have a new scale of products 1/50. It may be that sometimes the response to your message is a little late, it is that we have a lot of demand to manage. As is my habit our products are highly realistic. It is my son Dany who manages the site, he will be very happy to answer you.
  6. Cat 966C dio. In these photos are two of my manufactures. Now I give it to my client.
  7. Two D8H that I mounted for customers. I made the ripper. This ripper is available on the website: www.Papyhobby.com
  8. Jeff, I never used extensions, and here in Quebec almost no guy uses them. When there is enough to wear on the lowboy not need extension.
  9. Thanks. I was in the street about 75 feet away. I wanted to put the MAck in front of the door but there was too much traffic.
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