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  1. Cat 966C dio. In these photos are two of my manufactures. Now I give it to my client.
  2. Two D8H that I mounted for customers. I made the ripper. This ripper is available on the website: www.Papyhobby.com
  3. Thank you friends for your comments.
  4. Jeff, I never used extensions, and here in Quebec almost no guy uses them. When there is enough to wear on the lowboy not need extension.
  5. Thanks. I was in the street about 75 feet away. I wanted to put the MAck in front of the door but there was too much traffic.
  6. My my advanced cab, I am waiting for a confirmation from my client for the extension of the sun cover on the front of the roof. I have to place the two small parts in front of the cab under the black line. Their angle is different from the big one. part.
  7. I made them for this model, except that I made myself a mold for the central part of the hosing so as to use it for other models.
  8. Hello Hans. For drawings it's me who made all the sketches, a friend helped me by giving me a certain number of dimensions. A contact at CAT gave me shemas frams front and back. I took a lot of pictures on real 966C. It's true that CAT does not want to know anything about the modeler, I have a friend at a CAT dealer. CAT likes to send letters of law to those who make parts for models that help them. The engine that I used is a 3406 it's not this engine that there is in the real 966C but everything is possible in life and it is possible to place it in the fram of one. 966C. This engine is found in Revell Snap kits. Wheels and tires are our creations my son and me. We sell them on our website: www.Papyhobby.com I hope these answers satisfy you.
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