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  1. tada!

    I gotta have one, Jeff! PayPal? What's the price? What kind of wait am I looking at?
  2. So, you should have a few to sell, now, huh? I'm chomping at the bit...!!
  3. I go back thru this thread every once in awhile. I simply can't get ove Rd how you've knocked this one out of the park!! I hate spellcheck...
  4. I totally concur. The first "brand-new" car I ever purchased was a 1977 El Camino SS, EXACTLY like your replica, except the interior in my 1:1 scale Elky was black, and I kept the stock rallye wheels. Seeing your buildup brought back a flood of fond memories for both me, and my wife! I totally LOVE this build!! IMHO, you should get with a resin-caster, and create a master for this model!!
  5. Testor's Chezilla...

    "Classy" is an appropriate description!! Your take on this ride is MUCH more elegant than the original!!
  6. Monogram Ultimates - Together for the First Time!

    VERY nice work, Gluebomber!!
  7. Monogram Ultimates - Together for the First Time!

    These little jewels can make for awesome kitbash fodder, when used with some of AMT's 1/43 scale offerings!
  8. GT40

    Very nice representation of a truly beautiful automobile! I have the Fujimi kit, and this set of photos (very good camera work, I might add!!) makes me want to make my GT40 my next build!!
  9. 72 GTO Box Stock, Rear bumper fixed

    My sentiments exactly! I have one of these in the unbuilt pile, and was really looking forward to the build, as this is, hands-down, one of my favorite GTOs of all time. After seeing a superb build on this poorly-engineered kit, I'm considering a trip back to my single-digit childhood, where I'd throw it together in an hour, and roll it down a high-slide, into a burning pile of leaves, with the interior packed with firecrackers.
  10. MPC's Monkee Mobile

    Can you still get the chassis in with both pans molded in place?
  11. Revell 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 - Finished

    Matt is right! I'd say you nailed it!
  12. Johan 72 Torino stuff

    I'm sorry, man. This kit has little-to-no-value today, and is simply a BEAR to assemble! Just send the nasty old thing to me, and I'll see that it is safely and properly disposed of...
  13. Johan 72 Torino stuff