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  1. Very nicely done Tim, it represents a lot of work to get it to look as nice as it does, excellent attention to detail on all the sub assemblies, it shows in the finished model.
  2. Truly a small treasure, You are lucky to have a small piece your Uncle made, most of us just have memories or photos to remember those not with us. Hopefully it will remain in your family for a long time. He did a very nice job on it, a lot of creativity on display.
  3. Nice displays Rex..........where's all the Chevys ?
  4. Such a surprise ,I like it a lot ! Nice job on such a small canvas.
  5. This is an exceptionally beautiful build, I agree this is one of the most beautiful cars, beauty and form. Very nice details and craftsmanship, you should be very proud of it !
  6. Since AMT/Round 2 has the '66 Mustang fastback slated for a re-release, I thought a comparison of the MPC kit might be of some interest. The images are from E-Bay, if you have deep pockets it seems to be a pristine kit. At our model club meeting I brought a build up of this kit I obtained at the Southlands swap meet years ago to show one of our members who is extremely knowledgeable about Mustangs and Mustang kits. At first he was a bit stumped about the origins of the kit, AMT or MPC, since it had distinctively different features from the AMT kit. Ultimately it was determined it was a MPC tool. Hopefully he will chime in here with his opinions and vast Mustang kit information. As everyone can see the MPC kit has a treasure trove of spare parts and building options and a vastly superior chassis compared to the AMT kit. If any of the tooling exists this would be an excellent re-release subject.
  7. Wow ! Beautiful build, nice backdrop for the photos, excellent detailing.
  8. Beautiful model, could be mistaken for the real thing.
  9. Very nice looking hot rod with an attitude, excellent detailing all around.
  10. Nice example of a subtle custom, excellent work and well thought out all around.
  11. Very nice model Tim, I'm very impressed with your clean paint lines, it's so much fun masking isn't it ? Your car survived all the subsequent years in good shape. Congratulations on a superb model, that has some bittersweet memories for you.
  12. Being a big AWB fan I'm looking forward to this kit. Here are the factory AWB Dodges. This was the Color Me Gone car and the only sedan if you are ambitious with a roof swap There are a lot of aftermarket decals out there and with this release there will probably be more. As far as decals in the new kit my own preference would be the Harrop's Flying Carpet car whuch won the first Super Stock & Drag Illustrated meet at York in August '65.
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