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  1. echo added a post in a topic Chevy Biscayne 1964 NYC taxi   

    I like what you did with the car,  must be in early '64 as it isn't beat up too badly yet.
  2. echo added a post in a topic My idea of a Hot Rod Ford.   

    A really nice build, paint, stance you have it all.
  3. echo added a post in a topic "Orange Clunker Car" - MPC General Lee   

    You did a wonderful job, thanks for the work in progress photos. I'm not that familiar with the Dukes car and would have overlooked the subtle changes you did to the body & frame.  The casual observer would assume the kit came that way, your building skills make it seem like it came that way, nice build !
  4. echo added a post in a topic Chaparral 2H   

    A very nice build, the scratch built items worked out great. Not a successful car but Jim Hall was always trying  out new ideas, most of the time they worked.  Again good looking model !
  5. echo added a post in a topic 63 Dodge   

    Mike, I used some Metalizer aluminum paint on the carbs, then did a wash of some flat black to bring up some of the great details on the Fireball carbs, and added a bit of Testors silver to add some contrast, also a bit of brass on some of the fittings. Thanks for the compliments on the build.
  6. echo added a post in a topic Sraight axle 57 Chevrolet   

    Very nice build !  Definitely has the Gasser look of the '60's.
  7. echo added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    63 Dodge
    This model started out as an original '63 Dodge Polara by Johan. I used the original body, glass , dash & bumpers. The chassis  , running gear, interior and engine was from the Lindberg '64 Dodge Color Me Gone Kit.  There are some subtle changes to the body in the rear to reflect a lower model of the Dodge line. I added a narrow post to the roof, probably not 100 % correct but I like the look of a post car. The door handles and carbs are from Fireball Modelworks, MCG emblems are on the trunk.  I wanted a bench seat in the front and made it from the rear seat in the '64 kit.  I mixed up some left over paint which turned out a bit more yellow than I envisioned. The decals are left over bits and pieces from various kits. Any comments are welcome.

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  8. echo added a post in a topic 1963 Plymouth Fury convertible   

    They are all nice builds.  Love the Johan models.
  9. echo added a post in a topic The Revell 1974 Torino Thread!   

    Fireball Model Works sells a wheel set for the SH Torino,  great products & service.
  10. echo added a post in a topic 1962 Chrysler 300 Convertible. First for 2017!   

    This is a great build, your work is so clean most people would think it came that way !  Love the up top.
  11. echo added a post in a topic Resin part suppliers   

    I have had excellent service from all three vendors.  Great products & service, you can't go wrong with them.
  12. echo added a post in a topic Early '60s, NHRA legal Chevy C/Gas Supercharged 'gasser'   

    Very nice build, period correct !
  13. echo added a post in a topic Rain For Rent TF   

    It's a beautiful build especially your first 1/16.  Great work, hope to see some of your future builds .
  14. echo added a post in a topic 15th Annual Table Top Nationals -Deerfield Beach, Florida   

    Jeff,  thanks for posting the pictures, great job.
  15. echo added a post in a topic Shout out for SPEED CITY RESIN!   

    Speed City is the best. Great products, wonderful service.  Can't go wrong ordering from him.