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  1. What a nice model ! I remember many '57's this color, my Dad owned one. Nice detailing.
  2. They are all nicely completed, classics of classic box art. Great job on a nice theme.
  3. Nicely done & good photos
  4. Attention to detail, sharp paint & decals, very nice build.
  5. Nice build, a lot of nice detailing on your part, engine is exceptional, the Fireball carbs can't be beat for their realistic detail.
  6. Very nice, it's an accomplishment to finish something that didn't get done on the first attempt. Congratulations, I liked how you used some resin and aftermarket pieces to make a unique model. The paint & decals finish it off nicely.
  7. Nice story, at least you have the pictures to remember the model. I thought it was an interesting looking build and you should be proud of those injectors.
  8. Really nice model, the driver adds to it. A lot of nice details. Good looking !
  9. Nicely done. The completed car looks great. It's a nice feeling to complete a project that has been sitting around for years. It's an inspiration to finish some of those lingering projects that we all have sitting in boxes.
  10. To repeat. beautiful build !
  11. Probably the nicest build of this model I have seen. Excellent build.
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