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  1. Your scratch building skills are pretty advanced. The diorama should be really beautiful when it is finished. Nice work !
  2. Very interesting. Excellent figure painting in a small scale.
  3. Tim thanks for taking the time to post the pictures and the comments with the builders name. It 's nice they get the recognition with their build. It looks like it was an unforgettable show, wish I could have attended, I recognize many models that I saw in the various model car magazines in the '60s, it's nice to see them again and to know so many survived. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for posting the pictures, so many great builds by past & present builders. I remember so many of the builds from the model magazines of the 60's. Thanks again.
  5. Wow ! So much incredible work and detailing on this model, if it was on display at a show it might get overlooked in a first glance, as it is doesn't have that "Gotcha" bling. It's really beautifully done, congratulations on one of the nicest Mustang models I have seen.
  6. echo

    The TROGster

    Nice work ! Innovative use of parts along with scratch building, like it a lot.
  7. On a sad note Tom Jobe the last remaining member of the Surfers T/F team passed yesterday. I have lots of good memories of the Surfers. RIP Tom.
  8. Saw their impressive diorama at the NNL East earlier this year. Hopefully the show will be well attended, might not be your cup of tea but as Tom said, these young people are the hobbies future and deserve all our support.
  9. I really like the Dave Deal cars, you did a nice job, I too would like to build another "Big Deal" car, the "Lightning McQueen snap kit from Revell.
  10. Nice build ! 3/4 views are particularly nice, the steerable wheels add a lot to an impressive car.
  11. Very nice, I have a similar Mustang that I have been working on in fits & starts, currently on the back burner, hopefully seeing your nice work will get me motivated to finish........
  12. This is one of the nicest models I've seen recently, quite a model, excellent work !
  13. I have one of those from Summit, as yet unbuilt. Yours came out really period correct, nice job !
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