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  1. Wonderful build. '55 is one of my favorite body styles. It's a lot of work to clean up the body to make it a 210, I've done it so I know what you went through. You have a lot of nice features in your car. Looks great !
  2. Very nice ! Subtle weathering on the chassis & wheels is nice to see.
  3. Enjoy each other and try to remain positive, at least you have doctors you feel comfortable with and give some hope. Wishing you both the best of luck.
  4. It's a nice tribute to Valley Customs, that shop had a unique style and you did a nice job on the model, it looks great, it represents a lot of work on your part.
  5. Nice job. I like the early S/S cars.
  6. It's a very nicely built model.
  7. echo

    '66 Malibu Sedan

    As a former owner of a '66 Chevelle Deluxe Coupe you did a bang up job, a very well executed conversion, a lot of work but it is an outstanding model. You should be proud.
  8. The model is nicely done and the diorama makes an awesome presentation, I liked the weathering on a traditional custom which is usually done in a gloss paint. It's a bit different which is nice to see. Great job all around.
  9. echo

    74 Impeial limo

    You did a really nice model.
  10. I repeat what everyone has said , beautiful build, it's well thought out, excellent craftsmanship, perfect paint and photos that compliment the car. One of the nicest models I've seen in awhile.
  11. The dioramas are stunning. Very nice use of your winter time.
  12. Excellent build, the spare parts thing makes it even better. Nice !
  13. Nice job on the jalopy style car & nice conversion. Polecat decals has a large selection of vintage stock car decals. They are for specific cars but could be used to make a more vintage non NASCAR look. Again nice job.
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