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  1. echo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    I want to thank everyone who participated in the show, to all those who traveled, especially to Michael who came from Germany. Thanks to our vendors who had a lot of interesting items, my wallet is a little lighter.  Mate Mayer the U.S. distributor of Gravity Colors who had his line up of model paints available and our sponsor, Thanks, the show wouldn't have been the same without  your assistance. Also the city of Deerfield Beach.
    Hope to see all of you next year at out 15th annual show.
    We are having our Mopar show on Sunday,  March 6, 2016,  one day event,  Mopar models only,  lots of fun.
                                                                                        Thanks Again,
                                                                                             Ed Noga
                                                                                  Model Car Creations
                                                                    South Florida's oldest Model Car Club
  2. echo added a post in a topic Stage Coach "Wheelstander" finished pictures   

    A superb model,  excellent attention to detail, subtle weathering and paint work. If you didn't know it was a model it would pass for the real thing.  Nice job John.
                                                Model Car Creations of South Florida
  3. echo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    Last call for all South Florida Model Car enthusiasts, the show is two days away.  Parents bring the children and participate in the free make 'n Take.  Builders bring out some of your efforts, fifteen trophies awarded, you may bring one home.  Pick up that needed part or kit from some of the vendors.  Stop by and see some of S. Florida's nicest models.   9 - 5 p.m. Saturday  11 - 14 - 15.  Hope to see all of you Saturday.
  4. echo added a post in a topic '55 gasser   

    First of all thanks for all of you looking and especially those of you who took the time to comment.
    The grill started out as the AMT '55 Bel Air grill, my first idea was to sand away the back to make it see through however the kits plastic mesh was too shallow and came apart, perhaps someone with better skills could have had success. I removed the center of the grill leaving the raised surround, I had a Model Car garage photo etch '55 Chevy detail set which included a grill, however it was for a Revell kit. The fit was close , not perfect but when I epoxied the mesh to the grill surround and filed away a tiny bit of overhanging photo etch it looked and fit o.k.
                                                Thanks again for the positive comments.          Ed
  5. echo added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    I'm partial to the kit you have, the Tony Nancy double dragster kit and the '64 Garlits car. They both have all the parts to construct a nice car with a little bit of scratch building.  The  re-released kits the Young American and later Don Garlits cars would probably be closer to what you are looking for in a kit, just cut off or modify them to just have the rear sheet metal body.
    My own favorite era for dragsters is '64 - '66.  125" t0 150" frames.  There were two brothers building models featured in the old "Rod & Custom Model Cars" magazine in 1964, the Younts brothers. the magazine did a three issue feature on their build of a state of the art dragster of that time, it is still good reading today. Does anyone on the forum know what happened to the Younts brothers ? Sorry if this got a little off topic here.
    Also you might want to look into photo etch wire wheels to replace the kit wheels , a weak point in all dragster kits in my opinion.
  6. echo added a post in a topic 170 images from the 2015 NNL Nats #36 - Just updated with all builder's names and captions for each image in the album.   

    Tim, I really enjoyed that you took the time to put a caption with the picture. I usually just pick and choose what pictures interest me but I looked at all your pictures of this event, it was the next best thing to being there in person. Thanks.   Ed
  7. echo added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    '55 gasser
    This is a car I started years ago, sat unfinished for ages and I finally worked on it in earnest. Of the tri five Chevys, the '55 is my favorite. As a youth there seemed to be many hot rodded '55s tooling around the area I grew up in. A close friend had a jacked up blue '55 that probably influenced the color on my model. A lot of the features on the model are based on a '55 gasser named "Tobasco" that was featured in the April 1967 Hot Rod issue. The model has an AMT Bel Air body that had all the Bel Air trim removed. The frame is a Revell '55.  From the firewall forward the frame is scratch built.   The straight axle is also scratch built.  The interior has been stripped of most of it's pieces. As with all models some things worked out better than others and it has a numbers of issues but on the whole I'm happy with it. Comments are welcome, Thanks for looking.  Ed

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  8. echo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    We are about three weeks away from the show. If you build automotive models, are interested in model cars come out to S. Florida's only NNL event. It's a great day, enter , meet some new modelers, check out the models on display, maybe you will get a top ten award.   Model Car Creations of S. Florida has been holding this event for fourteen years.  The members of the club will be participating but won't be voting. Gravity Colors the major sponsor of the event will have their full line of products available,  vendors  will be offering aftermarket items for your projects and there will be collectible kits and new kits for sale.  There will be a Make n Take for the youngsters.  Food will be available.   This is a one day event.  We hope to see you Saturday, Nov. 14 in Deerfield Beach.
  9. echo added a post in a topic Modelpalooza '15 - photos   

    This was my first trip to modelpalooza, with some friends from our club. While the automotive section was a little light there were a lot of quality builds. I had a good time, supported some of the vendors and would go again.
    I agree we should support the model events, and I agree with what was said earlier, it's about keeping the hobby alive. Forget about all the drama and just go to have a good time, meet some talented builders and maybe even learn a new technique.  It takes a lot of effort to put on an event. 
    I wonder if the participation would increase if it was a one day event, possibly starting an hour earlier and staying an hour later ?  It would eliminate a lot of costs involved to those of us that travel, hotel & food as examples. Just a thought.
    Thanks for posting the pictures.
  10. echo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    There is an IPMS show in September in Orlando.
  11. echo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    Just a bit of news about our up coming show on Nov. 14 , 2014, we have a new sponsor :
    Gravity  Colors , a new company offering model car paints, they are based in Europe. they offer pre-thinned colors and a clear coat system. Their metallic colors are in scale.  They will have their full line of products at the show. for information
    Hope to see you at the show
  12. echo added a post in a topic Yankee Peddler   

    I just wanted to thank everyone for looking at the car and for those who commented.
    I am partial to drag race cars from that era and tend to build examples of them as models.
    I have seen the decals for  this car on the web recently, so some may be still out there.
    Thanks again for looking,   Ed
  13. echo added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Yankee Peddler
    This is my first time posting pictures. I built this car for the 50th anniversary of the Chrysler altered wheel base effort of 1965. I saw this car run at Connecticut Dragway as a youth and built a model of it from the AMT Coronet kit in 1965. I thought it was a colorful car and the only factory sedan of the altered wheel based cars. Our model car club had its annual Mopar show so I thought it would be a good opportunity to build a new model of the car.

    This is a Good Stuff resin body that I had for over 20 years, the body needed extensive clean up. I tried to be faithful of the building of this model to the way the cars were constructed in 1965. The engine is from the late Ross Gibson. The decals were also from the Good Stuff. The paint is Dupont with PPG clear.

    Thanks for looking and any comments are welcome.


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  14. echo added a post in a topic New decal and resin body   

    Where do you go to see your products and how do you purchase them ?
  15. echo added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015
    Model Car Creations of South Florida

    Presents Our

    Fourteenth Annual Table Top Nationals NNL

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

    in conjunction with

    the City of Deerfield Beach


    Westside Park

    445 S. W. 2nd Street

    Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441

    Show Information: Ed Noga ( 305 ) 944 - 8068

    Jeff Selker ( 305 ) 812 - 2139

    Vendor Information: A.D. Lasseter ( 954 ) 258 - 9710

    e - mail :

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