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  1. Stanced4Life added a post in a topic Project: "Inferno" 49 Merc - *Update p17* 3/13/15   

    This is amazing work!!! Cant wait to see more!!!
  2. Stanced4Life added a post in a topic 1986/7 Monte Carlo SS   

    Engine looks great can't wait to see the rest of the car!!! Good Luck!!!
  3. Stanced4Life added a post in a topic Rookie From Connecticut   

    Any Ideas on my first kit!!! What should i do!!!!
  4. Stanced4Life added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Rookie From Connecticut
    Brand new to the hobby!!! And trying to find some helpful tips and tricks, I love cars and have thought about trying something new. I'm looking forward to making some friends and learning new things...
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  5. Stanced4Life added a post in a topic mitsubishi evo x   

    Woa* Thats JDM im liking the decals and the color of the paint... Not a huge fan of the rims but everything else is spot on... I love it!!!