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  1. That seadbelt hardware is so real.... How do you transfer the pattern into brass? Do youncut it with ferric chloride?
  2. Your detailing and paint finishing is the best so far....
  3. Yes i twisted it too....it sit properly now....
  4. Looks fantastic.... want to see what coming next
  5. Sweet.... nice build Is that revell kit? Its slot in body.... The body stretch so much when inserting the chassis when the interior is attached on it.... but mine in 12th scale...
  6. It sill wiper and the plate number is not complete yet..... still figuring best way to attach it.... since its not 100% fit....
  7. Here is some update..... I take the kit outside to reveal its true color.....
  8. Many thanks for your nice comment Dan.....
  9. Wish you great luck and doing well on the exhibition.....
  10. Now the kit is near completion stage..... still attach emblem , script and door handle....
  11. Thanks for the nice word guys..... really appreciate it.....
  12. Good job on cleaning the frame part looks tidy and clean...... Let see what coming next......
  13. Good way to put out junk
  14. This is one of my build.... but i am just a regular weekend warrior builder... nothing compare to pros here.....
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