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  1. Hi Steve, Absolutely box stock. The stance turned out really nice. And yes, having built this one many years ago, I too can see a lot of areas that I could improve upon if I were to build it again today. Cheers.....Geoff
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind words. Cheers.....Geoff
  3. Body colour done. Interior coming together. It's starting to slowly take shape. Cheers....Geoff
  4. A decent representation of safety harnesses made with sliced up post it note paper (painted with paint pen), sprue tabs and scrap plastic. They look the part. I might even put the brand decals on them when printed. Cheers.....Geoff
  5. A great day to start laying some colour down. Red interior done with rattle can enamel. Lime Green exterior (first coat) with rattle can described previously in this post. Cheers.....Geoff
  6. Whilst waiting for putty and paint to set and dry out, got busy in CorelDraw putting the decal set together. Just a few more scripts and images to go. Cheers......Geoff
  7. Another wet and dreary day in iso. Starting to get primer and top coats onto various body parts. A few retouches required. Cheers.....Geoff
  8. Today I spent a couple of hours in Corel Draw, designing the gauge panel for the Nova, using actual photo pics from Mr Google and the various gauge websites. Once reduced down to 1/25 scale and printed, you won't see all the details but at least I'll know it's all there. Cheers......Geoff
  9. Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback! A little more progress today. Distributor and headers added to engine, Rollcage setting up, and front end parts installed - Note on this kit the steering rod is too short, making the front wheels toe out something terrible. Hence you'll see my fix on the steering rod to lengthen it properly. And for those interested in a casting of the body, I'll see what I can do to get them done. Cheers......Geoff
  10. Thanks Anton, If I can make a part, I prefer to do that than buy aftermarket. So the valve covers are topped with a photo representation of the real thing. Cheers....Geoff
  11. A rainy day today, so more time to work on the Nova. Test fitting the engine, rollcage and fuel cell. All coming together quite well. Cheers....Geoff
  12. The HK Monaro and HK Premier are both available as bodies only or full kits from The Parts Box - thepartsbox.com , along with many other resin bodies and kits. I recommend their work highly, having purchased many times with 100% satisfaction. Cheers....Geoff
  13. Guys, Here are some of the resin or fibreglass repops of the HK and EH Holden promos. The HK promos are extremely accurate in scale. The EH Wagon not so much (I owned a full size one). They were produced by a company called Jaymar in Camperdown Victoria, obviously from original promos. I picked these up at very modest prices at either model shows or swap meets. Cheers....Geoff
  14. Guys, It is 1/25 scale and cost me $200 from a distant relative in Tasmania about 15 years or more ago. Alan's post above is very informative. Thanks Alan. I've included pics of the chassis plate which is quite detailed. The only wording on it is MADE IN AUSTRALIA. So for 1967/68, it showed we had the wherewithall to do excellent promos. And like most promos, the friction motor drives the front wheels. Cheers....Geoff
  15. Rollcage done! Just needs a cleanup and a lick of paint. Cheers.....Geoff
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