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  1. zakdoggi added a topic in Under Glass   

    Subaru WRX - Police Chaser
    Back when the Police were having a hard time catching WRX racers, I decided they needed something better to chase them with.
    Its a converted Tamiya tarmac rally car.
    Swapped out the rally tyres for treaded road tyres.
    Curbside build with blacked out glass.
    Made the light bar and mount, aerials and speed radar. Made the decals with Corel Draw and printed them onto laser decal paper.
    Oh and made the custom Government number plates too.

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  2. zakdoggi added a topic in Under Glass   

    1994 Ford Mustang GT
    This one's the AMT 94 Mustang GT kit.
    Built mostly out of box with a few enhancements.
    Swapped out the wheels for some Fujimi aftermarkets and lowered it.
    Cut the bonnet and side vents out and foil molded the side emblems. Drilled the exhaust tips.
    Detailed the disc brakes and calipers.
    Painted in Testors (I think) Yellow.

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