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  1. gobobbie added a post in a topic More Xacto storage   

    I just checked our local cigar bar. The owner had them for sale. Two dollars a piece or five or more $1. My truck smelled like an ashtray so I have sprayed ozium on them hoping to neutralize the smell.
    Bob Gregory
    Ruining one kit at a time
  2. gobobbie added a post in a topic Using Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine   

    I found pledge at the local ace hardware and say Walmart. One of the things you can try is get the manager of the wal mart, make him aware of a demand and the will probably start stocking it. Or they may order it for you.
    Bon chance
    Bob G gregory
    Ruining one model at a time.
  3. gobobbie added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    problem with duplicolor can
    Looking for some advice. I bought a can of duplicolor sandable primer at auto zone. Shook the can for approx 3 minutes. Went to spray, nothing. Looked at the nozzle and there was some red goop inside. Cleaned it out, pulled the nozzle, ran a thin wire through it. Pulled the little brass rod underneath and cleaned it and underneath. Put it back together and shook it for about five minutes and on test spray a thin red goop sort of trickled out. There is no return on paint so am I wasting my time or should I just toss it?
    Bob Gregory
    Ruining one kit at a time
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  4. gobobbie added a post in a topic CHEAP Sanding sticks   

    If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply close by check out the nail files Everything from 180 to 1000 grit. You can join their beauty supply club and get coupons and lower prices. Sally's also has chemicals and other items of use to the modeler.
    Bob Gregory
    Ruining one kit at a time.
  5. gobobbie added a post in a topic 2-part mold making tutorials   

    Try volume 3 of David Fishers model mania.
    Bob Gregory
    Ruining one kit at a time
  6. gobobbie added a post in a topic keeping paint jars clean   

    Sorry am on my tablet so I have some trouble linking. I keeps a pair of harbor freight "free" scissors on my bench. On the inside of the handles are some serrated jaws that make ideal paint jar openers.
    Bob Gregory
    Ruining one model at a time
  7. gobobbie added a post in a topic What Color Was the ORIGINAL Monkeemobile?   

    One of the things I have learned is that sometimes there is considerable difference in how a vehicle may have been originally painted and then what happens when it is time to shoot some film. They sometimes have to change shades because of how it shows up on film. Then they may change to a different film stock which could change the color again. Though not applicable to car models when Lon Chaney was doing his makeup he experimented with different film stock and would change his makeup accordingly. I remember reading that on the TV show SWAT the van although painted with a dark LAPD blue always showed up black and they subsequently painted it a much lighter blue to get it to the correct t shade.
    Bob gregory
    Ruining one model at a time.
  8. gobobbie added a post in a topic I KNOW STYRENE IS CHEAP BUT   

    A good source for free signs is ask people after elections are over is for their yard signs.
  9. gobobbie added a post in a topic SCORE!...oops...no instructions...   

    I had a similar issue with a kit I won at my local ipms meeting. I tried the manufacturer but they could not help because their contract with NASCAR had expired and they could not send the instructions. I put out a request on the national ipms website and one guy had built the model, copied his instructions and sent me a copy. So always keep your old instruction sheets, you never know when you can help someone.

    Bob gregory
    Ruining one model at a time
  10. gobobbie added a post in a topic Paint organizer   

    Check out instructables for some ideas on how to make some paint organizers. Search for nail polish holders and it pretty remarkable what they have.
    Bob Gregory
    Ruining one model at a time.
  11. gobobbie added a post in a topic Preventing glue spills...   

    Another way to prevent glue/paint spills.
    I went down to the local Habitat for Humanity resale store and picked up some 12 x 12 ceramic tiles for 50 cents a piece. Then I picked up some scrap PVC pipe sections for a .10 cents. I glued the pipe sections to the ceramic tiles with 5 minute epoxy and with a hey nonnie I have a spill proof glue and paint holders.

    I purchased a lazy susan at the local ace. Glued it to two ceramic tiles and now I have a rotating paint stand.

    Bob Gregory
    messing up one model at a time

  12. gobobbie added a post in a topic Let's hear/see your Craft Store findings for our models!   

    This is not really a craft store find so it might be slightly off topic. Habitat for Humanity opened up a resale store in an empty supermarket store space here in Williamsburg. So Wednesday I go in to look around. I picked up a four pieces of PVC pipe fixtures and a couple of tiles for a total of $1. I glued the fixtures to the tiles and now I have four holders for liquid glue/paint/whatever that keep me from knocking the bottle over. But wait the best is yet to come. I figure I will head over to the paint/adhesive section and see what they have there.
    Lo and behold there is a metal fishing tackle box. Inside are 40 different shades of Polly S paints all still liquid. Also inside there are alligator clips, swiss files, 8 brushes from 2 to 000, and a couple of tool handles. Total cost 6.
    My next project is to make an RPM controller for my dremel. Cost will be around 3. There is a lot of wild stuff in there. Tools, donated surplus material and furniture and kitchen gear.
    Not only a good deal, but helping out a good cause.
    If you have something similar in your area check it out.
    Bob Gregory
    Messing up one kit at a time.
  13. gobobbie added a post in a topic Want to get into models what is the estimated cost for tools,painting options etc to get started   

    Besides all the good advice above.
    Think of the dollar store to get a lot of basic supplies; like q-tips, nail polish remover, and all kinds of interesting stuff.


    Sally's beauty supply: a discount card costs $5; you get a $5 dollar coupon. Sallys has sanding sticks in all kinds of grits at very good prices. There is a lot of stuff applicable in beauty supply stores if you don't worry about strange looks.

    Michaels has a coupon in the paper for 40% off every week. You can build up supplies pretty fast.

    If you identify a tool you want, do some research and see who else may have it.

    I have bought tools from American Science and Surplus. Excellent prices and good shipping.

    Wally world is where I buy my 91% alcohol and I check out the rattle cans of primer. I buy my bondo glazing putty there also. Sheets of sandpaper are good buys also.

    Harbor Freight- I just picked up a third hand soldering aid for 2.32 with a 20% coupon, every week in the paper. I have also picked up tweezers, files, motor tool bits and other stuff.

    Also don't be afraid to do a salvage work. I have got the two model supply cabinets (five drawer sterilite) from a dumpster. My big waste can a 5 gallon frosting bucket from a local supermarket that was free for the asking. My waste water disposal storage bucket for dirty water from cleaning acrylics is another bucket with a hole drilled in the lid and a funnel inserted, Every couple of nights I carry it to the basement toilet to flush.

    Yard sales sometimes yield benefits, and check out your local goodwill. I got two armor kits, Italeri M109, and M7 priest still shrink wrapped; total 4 dollars.

    Depending on how you want to go; you can build your own spray booth. Last night at the Tidewater IPMS meeting our demonstration was from a member who is a industrial hygienist. He said you need a squirrel cage motor (which you might be able find in salvage) that does at least 100 cfm.

    Keep your eyes open and don't despair.

    Bob Gregory
    messing up one model at a time.

  14. gobobbie added a post in a topic input needed on a model type power sander?   

    You can make your own for a couple of bucks. I am sorry my digital camera is on the fritz.
    My daughter does extreme couponing. One of the hauls she brought home was a batch of battery powered toothbrushes. I snagged one from the pile and off to the workbench.
    I pulled the bristles off the rotating head, saving them for god knows what.
    Using a 1/2 inch harbor freight leather punch I punched out a variety of discs of various grades of sandpaper.
    I washed a foam tray that meat comes in and punched more discs
    Using dollar store double sided tape I attached the sandpaper discs to the foam discs.
    I store the discs in a pill organizer.
    To make it even cheaper, I use rechargeable batteries.
    Bob Gregory
  15. gobobbie added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    In my youth I did a lot of plastic modeling. Then the Navy and some other things took me away.
    So a few months ago, the wife and I were at a yard sale and there on a table was the monogram Paddy Wagon still in the wrapper for a big 3 dollars. I told my wife that I remember building one and then 3 bucks later and then a lot of bucks to build up supplies and tools and I am back in business.
    Bob Gregory
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