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  1. Nice build. I like it.
  2. Thanks GLMFAA1. That's cool. Like I said , I'm now on the hunt for the others.
  3. Thanks for the info guys! Casey it is framed and hanging up already. Lol
  4. I'm kind of wondering if this was some thing maybe they used to print the decals from. I've looked on about 10 vintage poster sites and can't find any other IMC stuff.
  5. Oh man that is so cool. Seems to me its more Laugh-in related then G.T.O. related. It is now my mission to find the others and a decal sheet. Lol. Could you just buy these posters back in the day?
  6. Its copyright is 1968 , and the back is blank. I've been trying to find out about it but nothing. Did IMC make a judge model even? Thanks Casey, I thought it was cool too.
  7. as any one ever seen one, can you guys help me out with any info? Got it at an estate sale. And up on the wall in the man cave it sits. Just don't know much about it.
  8. Looks like every grudge mustang I see up here. Very authentic of the day. This is just an amazing build you have going here.
  9. Calypso green look soooo badass on notch drag cars. Man this build is incredible. I've grown inspired to do one myself along these lines. I've done one box stock and put a supercharged windsor out of the saleen kit in another. Buuuut this thing you got goin on here is just AWESOME.
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