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  1. I used the kit chassis, removed the molded in leafs and replaced them with separate leafs and slapper bars moved inboard with new frame rails. The Mustang fuel tank would have to be narrowed if using that chassis. Alan
  2. That ebay seller is Wendell Sowers (AFXnScale), who ripped off many including myself at one point. He used to be good, never a problem then it went south. And yes that is a Perry's Resin recast ...... Alan
  3. VERY nice! Thanks for posting the pics ..... Where are the rear tires from, look like the MPC ones with no sidewall detail Alan
  4. Nice ! Any more pics of the SS Chev?
  5. To get that "crispness" you have to draw everything from scratch. You can then make them as small or large as you like without pixilation. Many aftermarket decals are just scans of an image hence the poor quality. Alan
  6. If anyone has, and could scan the Fred Cady 70 Olds 442 decal sheet and supply an exact length measurement of the side stripes, that would be appreciated. Thank you for the help Alan
  7. Vince, Please contact me about the wheels you offer Thanks Alan
  8. Thanks! Those both capture the look very well .... were are the wheels on those from? Alan
  9. Looks great for a box stock build! Where did you source the decals from? Alan
  10. Don't forget a driveshaft loop near the front ....... I like this
  11. I might make them if the interest in them is there ...........
  12. The one you got in there looks good that is why I was asking. In reality, that car would have an 8.75 in it but what you built is killer so ....... So tell us you source for parts
  13. Ok, we need some details as to chassis, Lindberg? Wheels, as well as the Dana because the Lindberg one is undersized and a poor representation ..... Alan
  14. Excellent rendition love it!!!!
  15. That is one piece I really want .....
  16. They should be there any day John, sent them out a few days ago ...... Did you check the site? The silver 67 decals are there now Alan
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