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  1. New Decals from Whoopiekat

    Yes, they are in the works ....
  2. Here are a couple of new decals that will be up on the site soon. Rod Shop 63 Corvette Gasser for the actual car not the kit replacement but I offer those as well. These are scaled to the fit the AMT 63 Corvette. You will have to scratch the hood scoop for this one and mask off for painting that portion of the hood red. Or you can use the blue in the center between the red stripes like the kit depicts. Next is the Buick Stage I and Stage II including the Stage II hood scoop decals. More factory stock under hood markings and body graphics/emblems are in the works as well Alan
  3. 70 Buick GS 455 Stage 1

    Very nice ! I am doing one as well. Have done all the Stage I and Stage II decals. They will be available soon. Alan
  4. Due to a personal loss, I ask for some time before I am able to reply to any emails. I have also put up a notice on my site. Thank you Alan
  5. Whoopiekat Notice

    I want to thank you all for your patients and kind words and thoughts while I have been mourning my very painful loss, Now with a broken heart. I have been dealt a double blow with just recently fining out that a very close and dear friend has been given the news of just weeks left to live due to his rapidly advancing and extremely aggressive bone cancer. How much heart ache can one be expected to endure ? The best thing for me is to try to keep busy and my mind occupied. I am back printing orders and hope to have everyone's orders out in the next week or so. I sincerely appreciate the understanding and kind messages and thoughts Thank you Alan
  6. AMT 1968 El Camino SS

    Nice Dan, not trying to be critical but you put the consul in backwards .....
  7. 3d Printed 1:25 "Certain T" body

    Are you doing the floor pan, dash, seats, frame and any other critical component for this ? alan
  8. Dodge A-100 van seats on drilled/stamped aluminum rails, radio and sound deadener delete, no window mechanisms . Windows were held up with seat belt straps that snapped to the door panel. If automatic they had a Hurst auto shifter , manual shifter had a separate reverse lock out lever. No rear seat .....
  9. Those were cast by Wendell Sowers AFXnScale long ago, He still owes me stuff from years ago , you can inquire here on ebay , I am pretty sure it is him mustang_mom44820 Alan
  10. Sorry no, just a few more pics
  11. Yes as it is a two in one kit to do the wedge GTS . So it really is the 68 GTS kit with Hemi conversion parts included , except the biggest omission being the correct Hemi interior
  12. Make one, it is pretty easy ......
  13. I see what you are ref. to now, I pulled out my AMT body and saw what you described ..... sorry for butting in ...... lol Alan
  14. Rusty , those are indeed there unless I am misunderstanding what you are ref. to
  15. For those interested, the Dick Lady 65 Coronet and 66 Dart have been totally redone they are both in the AFX tab Added a new tab called Factory Stock where over time you will find factory graphics , emblems , under hood decals etc. The 68 Chevelle stripes are there now. Added to the Light Truck tab are modified to my liking, the custom stripes from the AMT Beast of Baja 70's Chev Pick Up. These will fit 69-72 Chev/GMC pick up and Blazer/Jimmy. Next up will be the Dick Landy 67 Coronet Super Stockers , both the blue and silver cars. There will also be more added under the Kit Decals tab soon As for pricing, I am having to increase it because of the HUGE cost of getting my materials to me. Example, If I pay $150.00 for paper, it cost me just about the same amount in shipping and I am NOT kidding, so I am sorry for that but I have no choice. Alan
  16. Whoopiekat site updates

    I always love to see the results of the builds, so please send the pics and they will be put on the site Thank you Alan
  17. what I`m working on

    What are the tires from John ?
  18. Whoopiekat site updates

    Hi Wayne, Sorry , yes I have it. With all the new stuff being worked on as well as the new site not to mention all the orders to get out I am behind in getting several builders work up on the site. It will get put up I promise. Alan
  19. Here are the latest soon to be posted on the website for those who may be interested . The Sandy Elliot 69 Mercury Pick Up decals have been corrected as well as the Galpin Ford four engine Mustang . Forgot to mention, corrected the Machinegun Kelly Vega FC so two variations of that one......... several others are in the works as well Alan
  20. Harley Davidson decals

    Jpeg is good
  21. Harley Davidson decals

    Yes I can, I would need a high say 600 dpi scan of the decal with a ruler placed in the scan
  22. Harley Davidson decals

    I do not have them but can custom make anything you like. Just contact me via my site. I would need photos to quote a price
  23. Harley Davidson decals

    Check out my site , link below
  24. 1968 chevelle resin body.

    They are available, just have not posted everything that is new on the site ..... If anyone wants the 68 Chevelle stripes, contact me .... Alan
  25. 1968 chevelle resin body.

    For those that may be interested, I offer the factory stripes for this in pretty much any color one would want. Not yet on the site. Alan