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  1. Russell C added a post in a topic In need of travel advice   

    Before making any plans about what to see, I'd recommend first and foremost that the truck is in daily driver condition, and that would at least entail a day or two of full inspection, with provisions to acquire the parts it would need to make it fully driveable for any distance. Speaking from my own experience, I bought a 'truck of my dreams' back in 2006 and although it was shined up in a spectacular manner, it didn't even make it across town without running out of gas due to the (as I later found out) faulty fuel sender. A pal of mine in our collectors group found the same truck of his dreams - he made it back to his house after a 2-300 mile drive, but while tooling around in his neighborhood, he lost the driveshaft due to U-joints that picked that time to seize up. Another fellow in our group bought a one-way ticket from Seattle to LA with the intention of driving his truck back, but the vehicle was so hugely misrepresented (looked great in photos, though) that he had to buy a much more expensive return flight ticket.
    While buying such a vehicle and immediately taking it for a tour sounds like loads of fun, buying sight basically unseen usually does not turn out well at all.
  2. Russell C added a post in a topic Altering old AMT truck box art   

    Thanks gents. True on any color variant of this paint scheme, including the more famous 'BJ & the Bear' red version. While I liked the green version seen in KJ Humphreys' model here (his thin stripes have the appearance of a gold color, which is what prompted me to do that), it was Robert Poudrette's model here that tipped me toward doing blue.
    Sorry about drawing attention to the 'ratrod front tire effect' in AMT's artwork, I know how it feels. I used to always read a particular Toyota truck's model name as being the same as a city in Washington state, but one day I read it as "Taco Ma", as in a name for a lady's Mexican food cafe, and I've never read it right since.
    There's other subtleties in the old artwork that I 'fixed' more to my liking, as in longer wheelbase, longer mudflaps, taller stacks, longer fuel tanks, brought the front bumper in a bit, added the missing passenger side quarter fender, and toned down the flotation tire appearance a bit. Always liked the really late dusk look of the background at an oil refinery, and I tried to get the look of the truck as being under a moderately distant high-up floodlight.
    My favorite for this mood is the old Peterbilt cabover, but now I'm wondering if it's possible to punch up the Western Star with that same refinery background instead, or the Road Boss. No offense to the original artist (art being a subjective thing), I don't think there is a thing I can do to save the weird perspective of this Chevy Titan artwork, but the GMC Astro has possibilities, and I could drop the later Titan artwork into an 'early evening' oil refinery background.
  3. Russell C added a post in a topic Altering old AMT truck box art   

    Here's another classic, the Kenworth cabover, original box artwork here. What always bugged me about that one was the optical illusion of the left front wheel appearing to be out beyond the cab area in rat rod-style fashion. Altering the black rubber cab skirt molding (or whatever that is called) and placing a dark shadow over the tire tread helped that situation greatly. Various other subtle changes are in this alteration. No offense to the Interstate Motor Freight System company, but I'm more of a fan of the independent trucker look of fancy paint jobs......

  4. Russell C added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Saturday morning. Naturally, the thing zoomed by and ahead in such a way where I couldn't get a good look at it, and of course exited where I couldn't catch up. '39-ish Chevy grille and headlights, or something similar on the front......

  5. Russell C added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    Never knew the origins of it, just saw it waaaaaaay back a long time ago hanging from a string in a toy shop and wished I could have it, while my sister was standing nearby. On impulse, she asked a store clerk how much he would sell it for, and (if I remember right), he made up a 69 cent figure out of thin air, cut it off the string and sold it to her for exactly that price. Then she gave it to me. So it has a particular keep-it-forever value to me.
  6. Russell C added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    As long as we're plainly united on the egg theme .........

  7. Russell C added a post in a topic New member and new to model cars   

    Welcome. I've gone the airbrush route in the past with pearl nail polish colors and nasty 2-part Deltron clear, but in my old age I've reverted to spray cans out of laziness. But there is more to it than just laying down a good spray can layer - to get rid of the orange peel look, you must use a polishing kit, as in something like this. Takes a bit of time, but even a can of Krylon yellow out of the hardware store doesn't end up looking half bad with just that being the layer polished, no clear coat on top of it.
  8. Russell C added a post in a topic looking for mechanical fuel pumps   

    The 302 Camaro engine in the old Monogram Quicksilver kit I have didn't have a fuel pump at all, and the glue bomb Z28 that I got barely had enough of it left that was recognizable. Being fairly adept at 'lathe turning' parts on my motor tool, I was able to crank out the top all-circular section of what looks like a GM fuel pump on that, but I ended up needed my miniature lathe to turn the bottom 'bowl' part (or whatever that is) out of a short length of .125" brass tube. Nothing looks more like metal than metal. The brass part has plastic sprue infilling it, so that I could drill into it for the inlet and outlet fuel lines, and so that the plastic upper part would have some plastic to glue to. What remains of the glue bomb fuel pump is the blue plastic shape that locates to the engine block. Stay tuned over at my Quicksilver project for the finished result.

  9. Russell C added a post in a topic '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery   

    I hate it when that happens. Years back, after converting one small diecast truck into quite a nice model with minimal fiddling of a few areas of it, I was going to embark on a different die cast conversion of a cabover Aerodyne Kenworth. Except for the longest time I knew there was something wrong with the proportions of the cab, but I couldn't place where it was at. Finally after many measurements, I figured out it was the distance between the headlights and the grille, and the too-small distance extended from that area all the way up over the roof's multi-angled edges. No way to fix that design problem without major roof surgery, so I abandoned it.
    Nice to see your stick-to-itivness here!
  10. Russell C added a post in a topic Wanted Modified photos (yes I'm posting in wanted too)   

    Beyond what's found in Google Images search results for Pinto or (the more sparse) Mustang II?
  11. Russell C added a post in a topic My 'artwork' for model ideas I probably won't have time to build   

    Spotted a glue bomb ebay listing for a 'van roof' 1966 Vette gasser a few weeks ago (1st photo below from that listing which somebody else won), but had no idea what I was looking at until after a bit of research turned up Greg Myer's post here showing that roof option in an AMT '67 Vette.  As a result of too much imagery of Ray Hinck's Revell '31 Ford Cherry Pie rattling around in my head, along with images of the D&M Glasses Gasser VI, I cobbled all of that together into the second image below, with a quick 'n dirty roof I drew myself. Might be one way to put one of those roofs to useful purpose, if only I had time for such a project....

  12. Russell C added a post in a topic Will Chandler's 1970 Kenworth K-123   

    Figured the guys at the official Movin' On Facebook page would appreciate that. Makes me want to dig out the VHS tape I bought off ebay years back of In Tandem.
  13. Russell C added a post in a topic Old Noob   

    Welcome, looking for an affordable (meaning really cheap) Monogram Mohave Mule version myself, or the Revell stepside that I detailed in my post here (regretfully with its still-busted photo gallery pics resulting from the forum upgrade situation). Stick with ebay listings, sometimes affordable glue bombs can be spotted, it just takes a long time to find 'em .....
  14. Russell C added a post in a topic Will Chandler's 1970 Kenworth K-123   

    Shared this thread over at the official Facebook page for the Movin' On / In Tandem TV producers, and the reply to it was
    "Please let them know what we're doing over here. Perhaps our pictures can help the modelers."
  15. Russell C added a post in a topic Recognize this?   

    Anytime. My mind is cluttered with loads of stuff, my first guess was that the tune was the same thing as what was in the old "Beef. It's whats for dinner" commercials with the Robert Mitchum voiceovers, which I knew used an Aaron Copeland tune, but I have no idea why I knew that. However, not the same tune, though, so I did a wider search of Copeland stuff 'till I found it.