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  1. My own Blues mobile

    Borrowing shamelessly from "Modlguy"'s Fotki album and his 2009 photo from the GSL Contest, this is my buildup of that paper model. You can win marvelous awards for such work.
  2. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    Kurt's just that kind of inspiring guy. In following his thread here, it prompted me to get off staring at my photo alteration idea for my possible GSL-XXVII Common Kit category entry, and start sawin'. Further allows me to finally make some use of the bottom of the curbside engine in the Fijimi Koenig Porsche kit that's been rattling around in my parts box for around two decades. Time is short, though, the end of April will be here before we know it.
  3. Everyone Bring In Their Brass Monkeys???

    Everyone? Overnight low predicted to be 52° here. (this will boomerang back at me with a vengeance around mid-July)
  4. 76 Pacer Wagon.

    Oh, God! Well, not quite. Very nice, though.
  5. how many models have you built?

    Thought about this last week, as I turned in for the night. Was able to count up my current unbuilt projects easy enough, 20, but only dredged up memories of around 50 before I fell asleep, of all the ones fitting the "completed" status. Had to use a spreadsheet program a day ago to pop in every one I could remember where I could use the column next to the list to rapidly count them all up. 95 altogether, with the bulk of them being from the early years where I could build them in a week or two and play with them in the carpet 'til they fell apart. And I still may be missing one or three in the ol' memory ...
  6. Appears to be a '59 plate? Found a make-your-own image site here: https://www.licenseplates.tv/1959-utah-state-license-plate-2293.html
  7. Is your phone tracking you ?

    I'm of the increasingly endangered species whose phone is still connected to the wall with a copper wire. It couldn't track me if you held a gun to its head.
  8. Revell '78 GMC 4wd-to-2wd conversion?

    Yes, and when the wildly overpriced complete kits on ebay are skipped, these still tend to go for at least $60+.
  9. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    Seeing the V8 conversions is entertaining, didn't give a whole lot of thought to it, but after listening to the dyno video of this one, I must say it creeps me out, not in a good way. Much as I like V8s, the flat 6 Porsche guy in me makes it hard to mix the image and the sound together. "1995 Porsche 911 with a LS1" https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=9250
  10. Greetings from the Great White North

    Welcome! Calgary is a big city if I have it right, but another guy I know from there is Pat Bibeau (the fellow with the camera in the photo down the left side of this page) who's been a regular at the Utah GSL contest for decades, it seems. If the opportunity arises, I'd suggest finding a space in his convoy down to Salt Lake City next year.
  11. 1957 Ford - Survivor Resto

    That's fun! What would be really wild is if some guy showed up with ancient photos of it and said, "that's my old model!"
  12. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Amazingly realistic! Particularly entertaining because I could probably see the actual mill building from here if the trees and buildings weren't in the way. Biked across the new dam earlier this year, a glass jungle is rising around the mill these days.
  13. Snow Cobra

    Pair of thick gloves and maybe another cold weather item or two for the frozen driver? Meanwhile, at the risk of sounding like an enabler for demented -ia, I'd recommend staying on whatever meds brought this one and the BatCobra on. There's probably no end of heresy one could commit with these that would send purists climbing up the walls.
  14. 2020 Family Truckster !

    Eek. Maybe if the whole thing was sectioned, it could be salvageable. (quick 'n dirty alteration, original illustration here) Anybody else seeing ghosts of the '63 - '66 Chevy in this angle?
  15. Actually, an image search I did on Google led right back here to this other Feb 2017 MCM blog post and the ones following it. Can't easily find the "Hemmings" article referred to in one of the posts, but I found a 2014 Hot Rod article containing the photo that was apparently used for the fake box art.