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  1. Saw this yesterday, but forgot to post it.
  2. FYI, that shape on the top of the Monogram passenger side fender is the jack and jack handles. Don't know regular Blazers well enough to know if the 2nd battery was an option in gas engines, but I do know that the '76 and '77 Blazer Chalets (gas, 350s or 400s) with the factory-installed camper units had a second battery on the driver's side to power the camper unit's lights and sink water faucet.
  3. Misplaced design study for the Lamborghini Countach pickup version?
  4. Should look like this, then, for the Monogram kits. Still not sure which kit mfg'er I'll choose for my '76 GMC factory stock project, but I remember that the taillight lenses in the MPC gluebomb I got really seemed not to have the proper curve to them. More sharply L-shaped. Hard to see, but these lenses have tiny raised ribs around the backup lens part, and itty-bitty dots in the corners for the mounting screws. I don't care for the kit locating nubs on the back sides, they look like giant gas bubbles, so those will be sliced out for my project.
  5. What is that, though? A 24th or 25th scale, or one of those larger scale diecasts? I've got a set of two clear lenses (where of course the small backup lens area is left unpainted) from one of the GM truck kits or the Blazer / Jimmy, but those are firmly earmarked for my own GMC Jimmy project. Not that I discourage scratchbuilding, but somebody else may have the lenses rattling around in a parts box ......
  6. Spotted one of these very pricey kits on ebay within the last month or so, never knew anyone put them out. Very nice, Simòn! Plus I have my own weakness for these, my dad sold me his Plymouth Champ after my abortive attempt to own a Fiat X1/9 (soon discovered I couldn't afford to fix all its faults). I owned the Champ from '87 to '94, but then I stupidly totaled it. Fun car with the "power/economy" shifter, basically making 8 forward gears and it did actually make for two gears in reverse. Pic below from 1991 of my drive over Ophir Pass in Colorado a day or three after a bulldozer had scraped the road completely open, nice and flat with no troublesome rocks.
  7. Alas, a family obligation prevented me from attending, making me feel all the worse for it, since the show is right along the way I drive every weekend. Thanks for the pic report!
  8. That's what I thought when I was building my 3-wheeled, directionally challenged "T'error" version (borrowing Gary Kulchuck's photo of it here), and I was just going to drill a hole where I thought the spark plug should be. But while rummaging around in photos of the full size engine, I ultimately spotted where the 4th hard-to-see dimple was, in the extreme top corner of the valve cover. I forget what classic Ford engine this is, but others will probably chime in about it.
  9. Thought I'd seen that somewhere before, but couldn't pin a name to it. This guy has a whole page dedicated to it: http://jimsoldtoys.blogspot.com/2011/10/lindberg-gt-200-model-kit.html
  10. Having my own very old habit of mixing 'n matching cars, I like the concept!
  11. Hemmings had a variant a few years back: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/02/02/one-off-lemans-gives-glimpse-into-alternate-universe-in-which-pontiac-built-the-el-camino/ I'd like the effort a bit better if it didn't retain the Chevy taillights but had something that instead are identifiable as Pontiac.
  12. What some don't find valuable, others do. Without getting into details, at another vehicle forum I belong to, one fellow posted a topic that was essentially a false premise suggestion, and it ultimately generated 60+ pages (with maybe 50 replies per page) of back 'n forth, along with other related tangents containing quite good links for additional info. But since the O.P. couldn't handle the direction the thread was going toward the end, he started deleting his posts one by one, until he got to his original one, and from that deletion, POOF went the entire thread. Wish I'd known how to archive links back then, it was a good one overall.
  13. One reason I build is because I must be nuts. But the other two reasons are 1) pursuing the ever-allusive goal of seeing if I can make something in scale (subcomponent or complete model) that might pass for being the real thing, or at least approaching that, if it was 24 / 25 times bigger. 2) I build unique things to mess with other modelers' minds. Usually always makes 'em laugh and/or smile at whatever offbeat thing I've created. I call that fun, makes it all worthwhile.
  14. It's still available for flights: "No plans to ground Mesa's historic B-17" https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2019/10/02/b-17-bomber-crash-vintage-plane-mesa-wont-grounded-after-accident/3840558002/
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