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  1. The "used to pay" might be what's causing it. I and lots of others were only using the free version of Photobucket, and the basic extortion threat (for lack of a better description) was that our photos would either not be seen anymore or would be crippled by the corporate mark if we didn't pay for the service. I only used Photobucket at a different 1:1 vehicle forum, and since that other forum and MCM here allows direct photo uploads which work great, I had no need to keep using Photobucket, so I let it lapse.
  2. Brad Leisure did a nice drawing of that. http://www.horse-powergraphics.com/Lil-Camino-Coffin-s/2023.htm
  3. Thanks! The grocery store I go to that usually stocks that magazine arbitrarily decided to stop stocking it, and in these days of isolation, it's the only place I go out to.
  4. When his employer mandated that he lose the mustache, right? I missed the first day or two of that if he came in on a Thursday, and wasn't paying attention all the way up to the time when I was already on the bus for the trip to the museum and heard this huge roar of laughter including Pryor's own trademark laugh. That's when he showed who he was to that little crowd in front of the hotel. I forget what year that was, though.
  5. In my mind's eye, the front looks like a three way blend of a Lancia Montecarlo / Lancia Beta / Honda Accord.
  6. Knowing Pryor's sense of humor reasonably well, don't be giving him any ideas about being a ghost. =)
  7. In looking into this further myself, you are probably right on that. Whoever the supplier was at the time I began borrowing this set from my dad in the late '70s, they've been unbreakable, apart from the one that met its end from a 4 foot drop to a concrete floor.
  8. Good to know, if calamity wipes out my set.
  9. In doing a Google search for just the words on the spindle, it appears to be an older version of the "Taig Micro Lathe II" kit with a lever-acting Taig drilling tailstock and a Black & Decker power adapter (identical to the box item shown here). Looks like he supplied one of his own motors (he had a ton of those). Yep, my dad was absolutely the pro at this kind of work. He did the rear wheels for my Lambo 300 which cured the hideous plastic sink area problem with that kit's rear wheels, and he did the outer rims for my Lambo Flambé.
  10. I count my blessings every time I use it, my late father (a pro machinist since 1937) gave me one he put together, including the two-drawer little bench it's bolted to. Variable speed and with a huge variety of cutters he carved from scratch. The motor is bolted to a door hinge, so it can be tilted up to change the belt from one diameter setting to the other two options (I've never switched to those), but it's heavy enough to hold itself down while running. Nothing in this lathe's workings are a frustration, glad for that!
  11. Drill bits break? Might be a matter of the kind of metal they are made out of and how well sharpened they were out of the gate. I kid you not, swear on a set of Bibles, I've been using the same set of #61-80 bits since I snagged 'em from my machinist father sometime in the late 1980s, in both my motor tool and in my pin vice. A few seem a little duller than the rest by now and the only broken one in the bunch is the #79 where I dropped whatever I was using to drill on the floor.
  12. I forgot all about these. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-datsun-200sx/
  13. Sawed the front half of the oil pan off a Revell glue bomb '69 Camaro engine today (filled in the block's open side a couple of days ago with a scrap section of a Datsun truck engine). I'll have to create a W.I.P. thread on this engine project when I get a bit more done …
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