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  1. Instrumental ... with classic cars. ( I'm old enough to remember when all but the convertible there were new cars )
  2. Hilarious. Didn't even recognize the light bar (I still live in the past when those were big blue & plastic things), thought it was something in the farther background. Plus, I never followed any of the Transformers stuff.
  3. Somebody forgot to put a winch on the front ...... and a 4x4 drivetrain under it?
  4. Add a few more cylinders to the engine to fill it in?
  5. One of those videos where it makes me wish I had real talent. Four hands are better than two!
  6. Friction-fit nearly all of the AMT version of the 1928 Lincoln Sport Touring phaeton's luggage rack together and accomplished the critically important trick of making it stay together … because that was the only way to be assured that the 2 mounting tabs on the back brackets would line up with locating holes in the rear frame crossmember when the whole assembly is finally glued together. Did that by touching tiny brushfuls of MEK to the joining bits, capillary action pulls that solvent in. Had to cheat on the friction fit by first gluing the 2-piece folding horizontal section together a couple of days earlier and then putting a weight on it to keep it completely flat (additional brass rods om the crossmember for stronger frame installment later). What a fiddly process! Could be that back in the day, the MPC version of this kit had crisper-molded pieces that went together easier where it could actually fold and unfold if you skipped gluing it.
  7. This all ties together - the tan 1:1 Chalet above is #1460 (these are designated by the last 4 digits of the camper serial number plate), and the guy who had that one was unable to sell it from 2015 to 2018, rare as it might be, because he was asking as much as triple what the going rate was for these in the condition his rig was in. Possible that he never sold it, maybe. And yep, I've heard from more than one dealer worker that the dealerships couldn't move these back in '76 - '77 off the showroom floor or off the lot for over two years after they got them. One guy told me how one of these was dropped off by GM at the dealership in the middle of the night with no warning it was coming. Lately there's been a flurry of interest in the 1:1s by a tiny handful of rich guys with lots of dolars but no sense about looking into the prior sales histories of these, sending 'em up to really inflated values, but I think the air is going out of that speculation bubble more all the time. Me, I used to own Chalet #1747, and I'm still the caretaker of the ancient blazerchalet.com website. Tragically, I have zero time to bring it up to 21st century speed. I went so far several years back as to snap up three cheap eBay kits of the MPC and Revell and Monogram kits, but still haven't figured out which is the best base for a factory stock GMC Jimmy Casa Grande version. If one of these kits was re-tooled and also altered to be more accurate in proportions and details, it would save me a lot of bother of trying to fix the basic scale problems in the kit, where I could devote more time to scratchbuilding the camper unit.
  8. Fun thing about this is how infinitely tweakable these can be before the final printout, as opposed to the old fashioned way of hacking/mashing physical bodies together, where after it is all done, we wish one or two dimensions were just a bit different. Borrowed your Mustang's side view for curiosity's sake to do simple 2D cut & paste to see what a slightly longer door / rear wheel opening further back would look like ....
  9. Way back in olden times, Russell C achieved a degree of fame with a certain GSL entry that was a yellow 3-wheeled Ford. I followed in his footsteps by building and entering my own yellow 3-wheeled Ford at the 2017 GSL* . Now I'm working on another for the 2023 final GSL. It's just too goofy an idea to not continue.

    Here's where I am in the project: it's an AMT '49 Ford that's had the roof deleted, the body pie-cut to make the rear wider and the cowl narrower, shortened about 3/4" and the front fenders/hood replaced with a '36 Ford hood and a '39 Ford grille. The drive train is from a Jo-Han Toronado mounted in the trunk. I'm expecting to put a belly pan underneath, perhaps with a "Nothing to see here" message on it like Russell did on his.

    Thanks, Russell, for starting a wacky idea.

    * https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/122764-3-wheeled-ford-for-2017-gsl


    1. Russell C

      Russell C

      Now that should be fun to see! And thanks for reminding me of that little video clip of Judge Randy Derr reading that message under my last one!


  10. Mark's hit-and-miss on emails sometimes, but when I emailed him a couple weeks back to alert him to an old model kit on eBay, he affirmed that he was keeping plenty busy on the GSL planning. The July mass email update said, "GSL will be presented at the Salt Lake Sheraton hotel - where we’ve held the Championship for many years. Room reservations will open in January of 2023."
  11. At the grocery store after noontime. Didn't get to hear this one, appears to be quite a big air scoop under the front bumper.
  12. This seems to depend entirely on which batch is bought. I described my experience back in this other thread, the stickup and the metal itself (wrinkles are unavoidable) has held up in all 4 sheets I got - no joking! - for the last 42 years.
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