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  1. Regarding other threads, I bypass the search window for the site and do a Google search that's site-specific instead, like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Amodelcarsmag.com%2Fforums+poseable+steering
  2. Postmodernism comes to SEMA

    Surfed across those years back, a demented 3D computer art guy. There's more where that came from: http://www.chrislabrooy.com/auto-aerobics/
  3. Weird cars Post em here.

    The term "weird" goes to a whole new level in the world of 3D computer illustration, e.g. the work of Chris Labrooy: http://www.chrislabrooy.com/auto-aerobics/ https://www.instagram.com/chrislabrooy/
  4. Postmodernism comes to SEMA

    But is it art?
  5. First SNOW of winter 2018/19 YUCK!

    Sno? My remote electronic thermometer says it's 72° outside.
  6. Real "Period Correct" Speed Racer Mach V

    No offense to the fans, never liked the design of the cartoon car at all, but your remake of it is a killer revision!
  7. Yellow Pearl paint..... might as well be translucent

    Would a light yellow-cream basecoat make the pearl yellow appear a bit less .... oh, ... 'too thin-looking'?
  8. Social media model building groups..

    Facebook has model vehicle building groups? * * (showing my ongoing lack of understanding of how FB works or what its larger purpose is, beyond posting personal announcements and 'thumbs-ups' for funny cat videos)
  9. Why I Have No Time @ The Bench!

    Yep, one of my bigger fears is not that my stuff would be lost from anything I do, but instead what the neighbors do (upstairs folks have set off the smoke detectors around a half dozen times since they moved in back in June). Renter's insurance is a dang good idea. Without getting deep into details, today my landlord finds himself unable to defend the idea that he can force me to buy the policy he dictates, so he's dropped the requirement. What an ordeal. However, from my State Farm agent's pressure on the manager to say which state law gave him the authority to demand what he did, combined with my own slog through ARS laws Chapters 3 & 10, I guess I can say I'm more knowledgeable on what's permitted and what isn't. Hours gone from my life that I'll never see again, but knowledge is power and networking is priceless.
  10. Scale Model Community Discord!

    Dis Cord?
  11. Finger nail tape used in the hobby

    Fingernail tape. Never heard of it before.
  12. Why I Have No Time @ The Bench!

    Never forget to count your blessings. At least you guys have houses. I've been forced to waste two afternoons' worth of model building time trying to figure out if my apartment landlord is within state law to force me to buy his organization's renters insurance even though I already have my own State Farm renter's insurance.
  13. Resin Half Up Top

    And you already did, more than just halfway, sort of. Man, I'm jealous of your building skills!
  14. Phoenix historic photo archive

    Takes a while to rummage through all those photo links at that page, but there is quite a variety of neat vehicle images.
  15. #2 should be the Monogram Duesenberg. I bought a gluebomb of that a while back for cheap in order to 'turn it into something it wasn't meant to be.' Might be a while 'til I get into that project, though ...