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  1. Or make it a 5-window? A little crude, with the limitations in my photo altering program. Second alteration is slightly reduced body length with unaltered roof length. Both lowered just a bit ....
  2. Wondering what was under the cover - wasn't windy, so the owner probably needed to get something out of it.
  3. Dead electronic devices have supplied me with a variety of fine wire sizes over the years, along with random other little parts shapes. Former cassette type answering machine here, for example.
  4. Pretty much the absolute definition of the concept in my book, where something seemingly hopeless can be brought back and given a second, more appreciated life.
  5. A little difficult to describe, I saw some the prior summer, not around here but in Colorado at high altitude, and only on tilted surfaces. Kinda hard and crunchy, and not warm to the touch. But from what these guys are showing, it's back east at this time of year instead, lots more of it and on flat surfaces for some unexplained reason .......
  6. Ditto, liked the appearance of 'em ever since I first saw 'em in magazine photos of the very uncommon Ruxton cars - here's my post at a different thread about the 24th scale ones that were in a couple of MPC showrod kits:
  7. Wasn't finished the last time I saw its progress at GSL. Here's two bits of the whole project, the first is Mark's video seminar on it with no less than Spencer Murray himself also offering commentary, and the second is the PDF file to Mark's big book, in which chapter 7 shows quite a bit of his fabrication work on the truck, PDF pages 41 - 73. Photos of the 1:1 truck are on page 23, and there's much more on the project in Chapter 10 starting on page 102. It's all at the other end of model building that involves very few kit parts, but details can be gleaned from it for a plastic kitbash. https://archive.org/details/gsl-xviii-dream-truck-gustavson-murray http://www.gslchampionship.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/HowToBuildChampionshipScaleVehicles.pdf
  8. Wouldn't have read about it myself since it was way before my time, but I think this is what my mom was talking about when she was growing up in the Depression years of the 1930s. I'll have to ask her when I visit her tomorrow. Bad as 2021 was for amazing fires, the total acreage was still less than a third overall (according to the National Fire Information Center) of what it was for the mid- late-1930s, which were also the years of the big Dust Bowl drought. She grew up north of that area and didn't experience that hardship directly, but told stories of how the dust ended making the sunsets more colorful, sorta like what the eruption of Mt Pinatubo did for a while after 1991, which I do remember myself.
  9. Tested over really bumpy roads, though? A.k.a. recipe for disaster ....
  10. Never heard of the company before, but in a quick internet search I found this epic length story of the company, pg 8 through 54, with many photos of its various rigs here, lots model inspiration for those who like logging trucks: https://rootsofmotivepower.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Roots-Of-Motive-Power-Highline-2006-April-Vol-24-01.pdf
  11. Never liked these wall-eyed Lincolns, but now that you guys mention it, hidden headlights are a vast improvement, along with the loss of that honkin' big chrome side trim piece. (my cheapo desktop photo-altering program lacks the ability to create 'perspective angles', so you're stuck with the odd lettering on the license plate)
  12. Reminds me a little of the Hank Fournier chopped/sectioned '36. I think I'd favor the uncovered rear tires like you planning illustration though, with one increment bigger diameter tires .... https://kustomrama.com/wiki/Hank_Fournier's_1936_Ford
  13. Choices, choices — blue Mustang top down, red Mustang top up, blue Alanté top up?
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