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  1. Yes. Wow, forgot about your old video. At the 4:20 point as Pat Bibeau is talking, there's the late Tim Pentecost right nearby, followed by the late Augie Hiscano at the 4:32 point. The late Andy Kallen is at 41:52, all towering figures in GSL history.
  2. Took me a while to remember what your combo sorta reminded me of -- the much less racy Kom-Pak 1:1 camping trailer with the upside down boat on the roof. Fun link about these here. Yours is much more nifty looking!
  3. Really nice choice of color!
  4. Always liked the looks of Super Constellations. Plus, if one big old piston engine sounds great, why not have 3 more of 'em?
  5. If it weren't for the base and background sheet, we could be fooled into thinking these were photos of the 1:1 rig!
  6. A.k.a. the "Zamac tragedy" http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/155243-zamac-tragedy/ If I hadn't gotten straight Ds in chemistry, I'd have more fun finding out how that zinc alloy breaks down. "Zinc Pest" is part of the problem in zinc casting, and this alloy was supposed to cure that, but the cure only works so long as metal casters don't toss junk scrap into the molten metal mix.
  7. It's a Detroit Diesel, I thought it had much better detail than the AMT versions. But now, as it relates to the production years of the 4070As, a couple of questions to cure my senility about them: what year did that style of Alcoa Front Runners first come out? And what's the name of the 10-holes that were just an overall dome shape in cross section, no raised flat area for the lugnuts? That style from an AMT kit is what I put on my ancient history build of this kit.
  8. That's actually a tough question, particularly if you are aiming for real accuracy. It could be done with double-etched stainless steel, where the partway down etch creates the channel that you'd have to fill with black paint (unless you were building a 1977, where that trim had yellow paint for that model year only). The rest of the etch would cut all the way down through the metal to give you the separate pieces you need. Problem is, you'd have to hire somebody to do the artwork and actual photoeching, which involves quite a bit of meticulous measuring to get it to fit on your model just right. I used to work at a nameplate manufacturer that also did aerospace quality photo etching, a person needs to calculate what amount of oversize the artwork needs to be to compensate for double etching relative to the thickness of the metal, since that involves eating away the outer edges of the metal twice. I've wanted to build a '76 GMC Jimmy factory stock for quite some time in the High Sierra trim level, but the one barrier to accomplishing that project is how to do this exact kind of trim. In 24th scale, these would be really delicate pieces.
  9. Basically a mid 1970s Chevy pickup stepside, but with the custom front end. Never saw if this was based on a 1:1 custom truck. My one gripe with the kit is that if it was supposed to mimic a Peterbilt truck, it should have had the headlights in pods coming off the radiator shell. I wonder if the 32nd scale headlights from a Monogram Freightliner might be size-appropriate for this kit to get that Peterbilt look. I'd think the lights from the 25th scale AMT Peterbilt would be too large.
  10. I should have guessed! Back when I was a graphic artist at a nameplate manufacturer, we used CorelDRAW and film sheets for photoetch artwork and MetalPhoto processing, so somewhere around here I have leftover strips of 25th scale 1960 Cadillac gauges that I placed in the otherwise unused outer boundaries of the film sheets.
  11. There's an idea. But if one is good enough, more cylinders might be better. Soap, soapstone, fake kitchen countertopstone, that's our man!
  12. Sleight of hand might need to be involved. Inlines sometimes don't point in the direction folks expect them to. Sky (line)'s the limit in some cases.
  13. Following, yours will be different than most. 17 months to GSL .... I need more time. Got my kit already, where so far the most different I can think of is putting an inline engine into it rather than a standard issue hotrod V8 or stock 4.
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