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  1. When Hybrid Engines go Rogue

    Heater hose is some discarded electrical wire with black insulation. Perfect diameter and texture for my purposes Had to rob the exhaust / heat exchangers manifolds from my late 1970s buildup of the Revell Carrara. Will be the first model I've ever built with velocity stacks. The bases of that are from the Tamiya DTM Mercedes. Some kind of fuel injection system here. Who knows how it works? If it's mechanical, then maybe that box on the plate ahead of it provides some kind of drive to it via the crank near the lower pulley. That's the mystery sometimes with these mix 'n match engines. Air cool area covers made from a thick part number tab on the parts tree sprue from the AMT '58 Impala, which was molded in that robins egg blue color.
  2. When Hybrid Engines go Rogue

    Brown plastic sprue distributor, 'lathe-turned' on my motor tool. Cut it down to the size I needed, drilled the plug wire holes really close to the edge, then for the perimeter bumps, I heat-stretched the same color sprue that was filed into a half round length, and glued those sections on. In heat-stretching, plastic generally keeps the same shape. When a distributor doesn't exist for the model you are building, you have to make one from nothing. Different style section between the cylinder banks, made from some unknown kit's engine compartment wall detail. Redone generator support column with plastruc oil filler tube and 'lathe-turned' white metal oil filler cap. Needs a bit of cleanup, will be painted later. Unpainted engine block / valve covers / air cool covers. The "between the cylinder banks" assembly above goes in the middle of this, and the fan shroud toward the back. Valve covers are from a Tamiya DTM Mercedes (previously silver painted by another builder, the paint is rubbing off), drilled for plug whires. The reason for all the new stuff on the top of the engine is because it was no more than the bottom end from the curbside Fujimi Koenig 911 Porsche. That's a kit I bought in the 1990s for just its tires and wheels.
  3. When Hybrid Engines go Rogue

    Similar to my Ford Y-block build thread, the engine in this thread will end up somewhat buried in the vehicle, so I thought I'd snag some pics of the assemblies, and what it looks like prior to installation. Here's a few to start. The "hybrid" part of this will appear in subsequent photos in a day or so. Chrome fan shroud out of the AMT Superbug, but it lacked heater hose outlets, so I made those out of aluminum tube. Unpainted generator / elongated shaft 'lathe-turned' on my motor tool. That's a term I'll use for many of the parts here. Unpainted muffler, made from a really thick length of parts tree sprue, lathe-turned aluminum exhaust pipes temporarily pinned in place. Same technique for the upper & lower pulleys, top one is white metal, bottom one is black plastic. Same technique again for a '60s vintage Bosch coil, made from turquoise blue sprue with a bit of red sprue glued onto the end and 'lathe-turned' to shape. I haven't yet cut off the top. Heat-stretched yellow sprue will serve as plug wires. I'll explain later how I can make plug boot ends.
  4. What did you see on the road today?

    Some do serve a legit purpose. My pic below of our tour driver taking a pic of my fellow offroad tourists back in 2005 at the top of Hurricane Pass. I vacation every summer right near Ouray Colorado, lost track of the number of times I've ridden in this one with my SOA Jeep Tours friends.
  5. Haven't stayed there for a couple of turns now, but it looks like it's in the bit over $50 per night. Check availability, of course: https://www.motel6.com/en/motels.ut.salt-lake-city.15.html
  6. Car Model History part deux

    November '65 cover here, from this person's site collection of the '62 - '68 covers. No Coronet shown or mentioned on that cover.
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    Chugging along at probably not much over 50mph, a bit of a different kind of Willys wagon.
  8. All entirely a matter of money vs inconvenience. I stayed at the Motel 6 a couple of times that's a block or so south of the Sheraton, but it was such a drag to walk back & forth, and more of a hassle to arrange for a taxi to & from the airport, so I just take a bigger hit in the wallet in exchange for staying at the Sheraton itself. McDonalds breakfast/lunch & dinner, to save money, except for the awards brunch meal.
  9. Speaking of smart cars

    Somebody's so-so photo alteration found in Google Images. I'm wondering if this would end up being the length of a regular car.
  10. What did you see on the road today?

    Heard this one before I saw it, but too stuck behind the guy ahead of me to get a better shot.
  11. International Model Car Builder's Museum?

    Gustavson, and "is," present tense. You have just under 4 weeks if you want to see him in person at this year's GSL: http://www.gslchampionship.org/
  12. Decals wanted

    Mine might be even more yellowed. Also got the sheets from the old IMC Dodge & 32nd scale Monogram Chevy Bison / GMC General, all pre-1980s vintage, and in need of some kind of clear coat to keep 'em together. Tried using one or two of my other old decals without that, they crack to a million bits.
  13. Vintage Built 36/40? Ford Wild Custom - Box Find

    Could be part of the inspiration for this is the early '60s Auto World / Dave Shucklis photo article on how to build his "Hot Canary" '36 Ford. The builder might have decided to go with another front/rear end version. International Model Car Museum's complete scan of the article in this really old web page (partial image of the end below): https://www.themodelcarmuseum.org/What_s__New/hot_canary/hot_canary.html
  14. Anybody else also a fan of Juha Airio?

    Rik Hoving has a Fotki site collection of Juha's models https://public.fotki.com/Rikster/model_cars/model_cars_from_others/models_by_juha_airio-1/ Saw several of his at one of the prior GSL contests, too. Hugely jealous of his skills, they must be seen in person to truly appreciate 'em.
  15. 90-96 Bronco in scale?

    Plopping just the word "bronco" into the Rocket Fin site's search window turned up this 'unknown manufacturer' result: http://www.rocketfin.com/resin_product.cfm?id=3404