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  1. Yep, math is like second nature to guys like you. Me, I looked at the puzzle like it was a pizza that could be divided up in 4 / 8 / 16 pieces, and then wondered how I could shove the lines over a bit to get rid of one slice. Another example of my style of problem-solving: Is one wire thinner than another? Yep, when I lock my calipers on the thicker one, the thinner one doesn't catch in the jaws. What's the thickness of either? Beats me unless I'm using my digital readout one. The dial one spins around and its needle and its inscribed increments indicates some type of size. My former boss walks along sections of similar metal and says "Well, that one is 7 foot eleven, the other one is 4 foot 4, this one is 18 inches and that one is 36, so what's that total?" and I say, "Oh, 'bout the length of a Cadillac." Worst ever was the time when I needed to add 4 + 4 + 4 + 4, and reckoned the answer was 14 because of the way all the fours lined up. But days later I had to laugh at myself when driving down the street and seeing a 4x4 SUV with just that sticker designation, because right then I remembered what the right answer was.
  2. Thanks for the effort to find out! Perhaps there's some provision where an O.P. can contact a moderator for a window of opportunity to upload pre-prepared new photos to specifically fix broken photolinks, before the noneditable feature kicks back in ..... or maybe that's a suggestion you can forward to whoever writes the software for this forum system.
  3. I'll figure it out one of these days. I mostly cheat by using my motor tool to 'lathe-turn' little things instead, such as replicating a bullet taillight lens from clear red sprue to match the trio I had in my parts box that went onto my GSL 2013 "Group 13" category '49 Ford 3-wheeler. Pure eyeball engineering on getting the size right. What particularly defeats me is my innate lack of math sense. Measurements in thousandths, adding/subtracting on the mini-lathe or calipers have no meaning to me, so when it comes to one of my other projects of creating a dome wheel center with 15 indexed holes drilled into it to ultimately resemble a '52 MG TD steel wheel, it'll be a struggle for me to figure out how to do that 5 times identically (not into doing 1 and resin-casting the other 4 yet, either). I could do 1 dome shape about yay big with 4 or 8 or maybe 16 holes, but 15? No clue. And if the next wheel is a tad too big, that means I need to figure out how to use measurements to set the cutter accurately. At least there's Youtube videos on how to do indexed holes ....
  4. Didn't see it mentioned here or in the other "Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?" thread, unless I missed it -- is there zero easy way for us to fix busted old photo links from photo uploading sites (Photobucket, TinyPic, etc) that are being uncooperative these days? I use MCM's own photo uploading system now, but for my oldest WIP or Under Glass threads, I still have all the photos, and it would be way easier to re-upload the photos into my individual posts, as opposed to copying 'n pasting all the posts' text into a new thread.
  5. Got so fascinated by the initial pics, I forgot already this was going to be a hauler. Don't offhand think anyone has done a twin Corvair engine rod before.
  6. Lots of us lose our minds this way ... or that way, I guess.
  7. Phantom last of the fastback 'Cudas Potentially an interesting project to undertake, but it would have to take a back seat to the 18 or so actual model projects I have on my shelves in one stage or another of construction or parts-gathering. I owe this idea to "Snake"'s #1 option for putting the '70 AAR appearance on a '69 Plymouth Barracuda, except the basic reverse concept: putting the '69 fastback roof on a '70 AAR Barracuda. Not being a Mopar expert at all, there's likely errors of assumption on my part, but what I did is assume both years are the same wheelbase, so I lined up a '69 with a '70 and dropped the roof on. An immediate problem popped out to me, the '69 appears to have shorter doors, leaving a somewhat unsightly empty space between the back of the door and the rear fender arch, if you move the back door line forward to match the thin B pillar of the fastback roof. A way to counter that is to split the difference of not moving the '70 door line so far forward, while moving the B pillar of the fastback roof back. Of course, all of this moving around depends entirely on what the real proportions of the two models would be, as contrasted with the two '69 & '70 views I snagged off the internet, which aren't exactly photographed at the perfectly identical angle.
  8. Was wondering when you'd get to this one, having seen your current blue barge in person last year. I prefer the '69 grille styling. My older brother kicked around the idea of getting a 1:1 '69, but with the idea of specifically putting a '71 bumper on it and filling the bumper turnsignal holes with equal-sized fog lights, just to be weird. He's more of a model trains guy, so you can blame his bumper swap idea on that line of non car-guy reasoning.
  9. Kurt can rescue it, he's that good. I'll vouch for pearl nail polish paint as a scale metalflake, too. Back when I was still using my airbrush (I'll have to get back into it sometime), I used a pearl orange for the flames on my Diablo flambé. I got it to fade darker to the backs of the flame licks without much difficulty.
  10. Favoring option #1 of a '69 AAR prototype. That additionally has me thinking in reverse, of what it would look like to take the '69 fastback roof and graft it onto a '70 AAR, as though the factory decided to keep that roof option just one more year. Might be a simple photo alteration I can add to my MCM thread of model idea illustrations I'll never have actual time to build. Also quite possible that somebody's already beaten me to that idea ...
  11. Jealous of your machining skills, really nice work! My late father was a pro machinist for decades, gave me a mini lathe he built, but I still barely make circular shapes via eyeball engineering. My loss for not learning enough from him.
  12. GT Spirit 1/18 scale Koenig Specials Ferrari 512 BBi ... except for much cheaper than what ebay usually has priced at in all the Buy it Now listings. And same goes for an 18th scale Joyride/ERTL Bluesmobile and 18th scale Minichamps Volvo P1800 ES wagon. Happens rarely, but smokin' low price ebay auctions do strike occasionally, I got my wish that way for a 24th scale Franklin Mint Checker cab for $30-ish from an estate sale seller, because it had a couple of missing door handles, accessories & original packaging.
  13. Snag this and another van body and rebuild! (save the Coke decals for one of your future politically correct Senna McLaren Honda F1s, I guess)
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