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  1. Lawn mower in a kit?

  2. Bats look alike to me - for the one with the two grill openings in the front, I see quad headlights and a GTO badge that isn't there. On paint, my vote goes to a fairly deep metallic blue with double white stripes down the middle. Side pipes, too, if you want to get even more sacrilegious.
  3. Junk from an Ebay seller?

    Such was said about that no-name housepainter guy whose dropcloths ended up on gallery walls instead of in the dumpster. What was his name? Jackson Pollock?
  4. Junk from an Ebay seller?

    But is it art?
  5. Seems like it was only last year that you were asking this....... where does time go? Yep, I'll be there as usual, hope to have more than one project finished by that time.
  6. That show sent me straight into building nothing but trucks for quite a while. If I have one gripe these days, it's that the rig here has the newer Budd wheels instead of what was on it during the TV episodes.
  7. 39 wagon rod, ugh

    VAST improvement on the headlights arrangement.
  8. Begs to be sectioned, though .....
  9. Poll test

    I tried out the "No" button there just to be doubly sure ....
  10. Change......

    ????? The forums you are a member of have no moderators to report this activity to? Or are you speaking of some other internet groups/communities you belong to? Me, I only look at 3 other internet forums I belong to besides this one, and those maybe only once or twice a month, and I have no idea how most all the other social media things work, so I'm having a tough time comprehending what this problem might be. Call me a social media Luddite, I guess.I know Facebook has account impersonations going on, but I get the impression they are sheer spammers, not the kind of troublemakers you speak of ......

    Missed last year due to my elderly mother cracking her sternum, but if she can behave herself between tonight and mid-morning tomorrow, I should be there long enough to take in some contest entry viewing and a round or two through the vendor area. Can't stay longer than that, though.
  12. Grand Canyon Roadster

    Nice. Will be viewing it in person at the Desert Scale, if all goes to plan ...
  13. Making oil filters?

    I use sprue, but via the additional step of chucking it into my motor tool to 'lathe-turn' it into a perfect circle - see my post here, where you can scroll down for the two additional pics I have there of other stuff which can be made with that method. The filter for my Y-block build was done that way, it's shown temporarily out on the wire peg in this photo.
  14. Still slicing and dicing

    I'm an advocate of demented mix 'n match.
  15. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Didn't even know there was such a kit: http://www.eaglemoss.com/en-uk/model-making/build-the-back-to-the-future-delorean-1/