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  1. Felt sorry for this li'l guy: '50-'53 MG TD

    Time to get back to this relatively simple, but still neglected project. What stumped me was the proportions of the kit to begin with, and how it still didn't look right after my last bit of reshaping. The radiator was still too tall, closer rsembling the height of a TC model than a TD. So, it may be a little hard to see in the first photo below of the resized driver's side vs not-yet-resized passenger side, but I removed more from the top and bottom edges of the door panels, then sawed the hood side panels off from the top panels, and then reduced the blank area above the louvers to nearly half the height, and removed more from the bottom edges of the hood sides. Top & bottom, this second resizing amounts to nearly an eighth of an inch. Who knows how many inches that would be in 1:1 scale. And, I also leaned the fuel tank several degrees further into the back of the body. I'm happier now with the taped-together mock up here. Subtle to see, but better proportions now from this additional resizing for my personal tastes. The Gowland & Gowland kit version is still far more accurately proportioned overall, wider and flatter. But there's no way I can polish that kind of plastic to a good shine, and I've gotten way to lazy in my old age to put a killer paint job on such a small model, so I'll be plunging ahead on this build. There's entertainment value for me to see what kind of gem can be ultimately polished out of such a roughly designed simple kit.
  2. Square body GM trucks, 1973 to 1987. Me, I got only the totally raw unbuilt kits (mid-lower right in the pic below) from Revell, MPC & Monogram, with the future intent of building a factory stock '76 GMC Jimmy. But first, the decision is which to use as the most accurate platform starting point ...
  3. Porsche 904 Indy

    Wow! Had a bit of concern about the open space forward of the rear wheel opening and the back of the door opening, but that black fender flare protector really lessens the empty area very nicely. Exterminator will help with the bees/butterflies/grasshoppers infestation ...
  4. Leon Redbone died

    R.I.P. One of my favorite performers from the late '70s.
  5. Rauh Welt Begriff tuned Meyers Manx

    I advocate this kind of demented thinking ... never cared much for that dune buggy, but certainly am a Porsche fan, thus this would be a capital improvement for the Manx in my book.
  6. And if you want to go into a smaller scale, there's the 1/32 scale Entex kit, and in 1/87 scale, there's the old Revell kit variations.
  7. Anyone else ever notice this?

    Interesting. Someone at Revell in charge of new decals at least must also know about the 1:1 car. Me, never heard of the George Klass Remembers site (so much to see on da interwebs, so little time to see it all). Great old photo collection there: http://www.georgeklass.net/st-roadsters.html
  8. Fabulous! I should have guessed there was a build article about it somewhere. Thanks for posting it. Not planning to do an exact replica myself, but it is fun to see such old articles to compare with how the Revell kit turned out.
  9. Same here, tempting to use my current daily driver as reference material on a model replica, and there are kits of my two prior vehicles that might be fun to replicate, but I'll pass on my ol' high school / college truck. However, as a bit of an update to this thread, I'll confess to acquiring a Monogram Luv Stepsider just for its correct (mostly) dash and more correct rear fenders, along with a cheap ebay score of a Revell stepside Luv kit, in order to do build my own preferred version of the 1:1 Bergman Luv. I even tried out an alteration of the photo to see if a variant of the old early '80s Toyota 4x4 paint scheme would fly on it. The decal stripes from an AMT Eckler's Vette can actually be used like this; I printed out an exact same size paper printout to scissor apart, and that assured me I can make the various sections of stripes work on this. Plus, the Eckler's Vette had exactly the right style of Vector deep dish rear wheels.
  10. Mini trucks

    Same here all the way around, except mine was the '73 seen in my old MCM Revell Luv thread. With all the 'retro' design still going on, GM or Nissan could punch out a slightly bigger Luv or Datsun variant and maybe make a decent profit, if there is a country-wide backlash on the rise against all these other too-big bloated pickups lately.
  11. What Is It?

    I was hoping you were kidding on that, but I guess not.
  12. Ummmmm .... Drag & drop upload from my desktop still works for me. My car mechanic says one of the most maddening words in the diagnostic business is "intermittent."
  13. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    Is it real, or a large scale model? Real: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-porsche-911t-21/
  14. Just checking if my standard drag-direct-from-desktop works .... (it does!)
  15. Porsche 904 Indy

    The Beck 904 Carrera GTS replica has a bit of the 911 Turbo-ish rear flares thing happening, if you need that for inspiration, but you may have to still go a tic wider ...