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  1. From around a month right after that day continuing on to this day, I've had a composite photo (reprinted as it fades out) in the back window of my daily driver with the 9/11 date, the American flag, and the twin towers from a photo my parents took of them the prior summer. I have never forgotten.
  2. Luv flames, looked familiar, seen 'em before, but didn't hit me 'til I saw an ebay listing of it this evening: the turquoise reissue of the Monogram '32 Ford roadster.
  3. A search of RocketFin's resin finder page turns up a chopped Zephyr: http://www.rocketfin.com/resin_product.cfm?id=5275 by Boulevard Resins.
  4. I use the latest version of Firefox on an iMac, no problems in getting secondary pages to open for me. Sorry for depriving MCM of a bit of ad revenue, but I have AdBlock which kills every single ad, and so I wonder if the efforts of ads loading for secondary pages might cause problems for some people. Before I had the AdBlock, I'd sometimes see black bars with spinning circles in them that looked like they were slowing down the page loading process ...
  5. Imagine what the rest of the car (or racing forklift) looks like.
  6. BMW 840/850 Coupé by Willy Koenig https://www.topgear.com/car-news/big-reads/whats-deal-koenig-specials
  7. Like the sign says .... "Passing Lane Slower Traffic Keep Right"
  8. First, the late Bob Paeth (of AMT Models?) demonstrated this technique at one of the GSL contests. I make my own basically out of any paper that’s stiffer than just flimsy notebook paper. Fancy junkmail envelopes work just fine. I start by punching a hole in the paper about the same size as the screw for the bit or shank or whatever that’s called, then I cut the paper just roughly the size I want, mount it into the bit, turn on the motor tool and then press a pencil onto it to draw a near-perfect circle on the paper. Turn off the motor tool and then use a scissors to cut into a much better circle — doesn’t have to be perfect, though. If the paper gets too fuzzy after many sawing actions, just use the scissors to trim it back a little.
  9. (like I need another work-in-process build, but they are just so tempting to start) Got an idea for a hot rod Lincoln, so I cut/ground the exhaust headers off an original issue Monogram '41 Lincoln Continental V12. Also a good excuse here to show that you can cut plastic with paper. I cut the back part of the molded-on starter with a regular saw, but used a circle of paper in my motor tool to cut the top and underside of it. Doing it this way allows you to cut at an angle that just wouldn't work with a regular saw blade. I actually cut it the opposite way with the motor tool aimed at the oil pan, so the photo is for illustration purposes. Yep, you can buy little steel circular saws for these motor tool bits, but I'm deathly afraid of those.
  10. Me, too, but going further back to some publication (I think it was National Geographic's "Men, Ships, and the Sea" book) in the 1970s that had an artist rendition of what it looked like at an angle in the starlit sky. Then our local newspaper had excerpts of the "Raise the Titanic" book when that one came out, which added to the fascination for me about how Titanic could be seen again. Of course that idea went out the window when it was rediscovered. Been tempted to get one of the kits, but so far I've only gotten a lucky score off ebay for the 'cardboard kit' that's 6 or so feet tall and maybe 3 feet long.
  11. FYI, the GSL Contest's category of "Box Plus" is described at length fight near the top of this page: http://www.gslchampionship.org/competition-principles/
  12. Cheap purchase off ebay, very old but not at all rare simple 'futuristic' car with what looks like early '50s Cadillac taillight fins on the back. What I see in it, however, is a car headed in the other direction, as in custom slab sided / chopped & forward raked top late '30s Ford. I'll have to grind back decent sized chunks of those pointy pontoon fenders, mostly. It scales out to roughly the same size as those cartoonish M2 street machine diecasts, so that's where I can source its wheels and maybe one or two other bits. Should be a fun little project when I get to it.
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