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  1. Russell C added a post in a topic Mako Shark ll/63 split window kustom project --Updated pics 7/28/2016 -- wheel help needed --   

    My vote goes to the 2nd photo with the spinners.
    Glad to help with the visualization of the side window openings. One of my weaknesses is for customized Vettes, so I couldn't resist seeing how the suggestions would work on the window openings. I've photo alteration-visualized a few of my own Vette ideas, including this one within my 'artwork' thread of a custom I won't probably pursue. Handy to have my graphic arts training and my obsolete CorelDRAW 11 program to use for 'virtual model customizing'. By way of example, I thought I had a fun idea of combining a Daytona Superbird with a '72 Mustang a while back, but I absolutely could not get the illustration to look good. So, I saved myself the cash from buying a Dodge for a custom that would have looked just as bad in real life.
  2. Russell C added a post in a topic Mako Shark ll/63 split window kustom project --Updated pics 7/28/2016 -- wheel help needed --   

    You mean like this collectively, with a re-scoring of the rear part of the door line?

  3. Russell C added a post in a topic Any idea how to "tint" windows   

    Dang! Something new to learn every day!
  4. Russell C added a post in a topic Al Gaby's Golden Rod - Model Car Museum Clone   

    No doubt that will be a fine addition to the Museum.
  5. Russell C added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    Man! Didja also score a truck to haul back all those trucks?
  6. Russell C added a post in a topic Racing Sunbeam Tiger - Rollbar Relocated   

    Yep, I hadn't noticed the rollbar location mostly due to how it blended into the color of the interior in the 1st, 4th & 5th photos, but once it got mentioned, it was hard not to notice. Didn't want to chime in at that time out of politeness, but glad that you were open to suggestion, and it does indeed look more natural now.
  7. Russell C added a post in a topic Step Side Cab Over ?   

    While doing an image search for something related, I ran across cab forward Chevy trucks, and one of the thumbnail image links led me straight to this thread, so I assume the missing photo above is the tan one I captured below.
    The other image link led to this guy's 25th scale blue cab forward Chevy.

  8. Russell C added a post in a topic "junk" collections on ebay, already built, 'key word'   

    I've had my best luck with the word "junkyard", a little less with "assembled", and in simply zipping through the newly listed stuff in the Vintage category within the Automotive section of Models & kits. Some otherwise clueless estate salers think of dusty old build-ups as 'vintage', I guess.
  9. Russell C added a post in a topic Custom Decal Printing: Who Still Does It   

    Our man Joseph Osborn right here does custom Alps printing.
  10. Russell C added a post in a topic Fender flares?   

    The old 24th scale Monogram GMC Jimmy had separate fender flares front & rear.

  11. Russell C added a post in a topic This is what happens when you don't measure...   

    So if back in the day the guys at Palmer Plastics were to go off the reproduction here, does that mean the kit would have ended up proportioned correctly?
  12. Russell C added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    In gathering what I need for a '34 Ford street rod project, I just got this off ebay for fairly cheap. It's only missing the rear bumper. It's an original maroon-molded 24th scale Monogram, where some long-ago builder only painted the body and nothing else…. but that also included the running boards in green, and the ragtop in three layers - silver, candy apple green and silver on top of that. No offense to the builder, I popped off the running boards and soaked them and the ragtop in Purple Power degreaser. The green peeled off in rubbery sheets, but the silver ended up being a tad more stubborn.
    Fun as the color is, it isn't salvageable. The builder didn't primer the body, so as seen on the forward surface of the left rear fender, the paint can be popped right off. I'm wondering if I can peel the whole body without using paint solvents. For my oncoming project, I need the running boards, taillights, bumper and grille. To achieve a particular effect for my project (which everyone will see later in a WIP thread), I have to have a 24th scale grille, which is noticeably larger than the AMT 25th scale one.

  13. Russell C added a post in a topic Tom Daniel's '60 Chevy Street Figher   

    Greg Myers' post #1 in this thread shows three of the 4 kit versions, with the differences in headlights, roof openings, bumperettes, hoods, etc. The Street Fighter Two is the one other version, having radiused rear wheel openings.
  14. Russell C added a post in a topic Movin' On TV series in DVD?   

    I'd advise keeping an eye on the official Movin On' show producer's web site:  They are only offering t-shirts in their Shop section, but they could expand to other items, since they control the content of what's made from the show.
  15. Russell C added a post in a topic Revell rally wheel diameters (Update 6/1/16)   

    For comparison, left-to-right: the unpainted wheels from the AMT '69 Chevelle, the wheel & tire out of the Revell '69 Camaro Z28 RS, the wheel (in a borrowed tire) from the Revell '69 Nova, and the wheel / tire out of the Revell '68 Corvette.
    As a guy who fixates on tiny details, I like the way the Corvette wheel trim rings have the small lip in the inner diameter, while the Nova wheel seems to have an outer edge of the center cap that looks the most like the 1:1 car. It looks like the unpainted Chevelle wheel has the best looking slots and 'flat area' between the slots. While the slots in the Nova wheel look too oversized, especially since they are reflected larger straight onto the trim rings, one potential way of knocking down that appearance would to drop in a ring of bright this silver wire so that it would look like the lip of the 1:1 trim ring.
    Chore as it might sound, I have what I need now to create the regular & wide wheels for my de-tuned Quicksilver street machine project, stay tuned there for a build sequence of how I put these together for a set of regular / wide rally wheels that suit my tastes.