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  1. Although they are 32nd-ish scale, the wheels might still work with a 24th scale arched body caricature dragster ....
  2. There went da Judge. If I could operate smart phones more efficiently, I could have had a closer pic captioned "here comes.." or better yet, "here is da Judge."
  3. Turning in for the entrance to where my VW mechanic's shop is (thank heavens my ol' GTI only had an exhaust leak instead of an ailing valve!)
  4. Was thinking Anglia, but didn't trust my gut sense enough to say that, and with the knowledge base here, I figured a minimum of two guys would be able to ID what it was. Might remain in one piece here in dry AZ, as long as it holds together during burnouts.
  5. Lady robot voice at the library: "Good morning, I'm Miss Information. How may I direct your inquiry?"
  6. At the grocery store before lunch. Escapes me what make this is.
  7. Lately, all of my builds-in-progress have parts from other guys' old gluebomb builds.
  8. For perhaps 3 decades now, it has irked me to see blackened little flat domes of chewing gum on the sidewalk entranceways for stores, where the gum is with a 15 foot or so radius away from the trash barrels at each side of the doors.
  9. Glad you could make the breakthrough! This is indeed the place for all variety of automotive building. Perhaps the best of our computer geeks could get to the bottom of whatever your initial sign-up was. There's been later upgrades to the forum system here which apparently were less cooperative than they could have been. I joined in July 2013 with my then-5 year old iMac with zero problems (as a perpetuator of the PC - Mac wars, I avoid PCs like the plague). Might perhaps have been a browser not playing fair with the system here when you were trying to join.
  10. Looks like this, raised ridges around the letters.
  11. Seen here in this post at the Jalopy Journal https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/the-markley-bros-belly-tank-a-pictorial-history.384897/#post-4180161 , with more info in the whole thread about that specific 1:1 racer.
  12. It's fabulous - but then again, having built those myself in the 1990s, folks will say I'm not right in the head. I did a Google Images search to see what I could find. Seems to be a trend called "Unnecessary automobile nose swaps." Some of them are rather funny.
  13. Post from my Y-block build thread, I drilled the holes, jammed in the wires, but since there was still a bit of 'spring' in the steel wires I used, it was also necessary to feed in a tiny drop of zap glue to hold them in place permanently.
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