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  1. Well, I'd call this "not model related" since it isn't a plastic model kit or a factory built die cast. I was the single winning bidder at $9.95 for it on eBay, the seller said it was "a display piece for Spring clothing at a large Department store in Cleveland," given to him in the 1990s as a gift. Apart from the bottom 1/3rd of the wheels/tires, I really can't spot any other seam lines, so it is possible that the entire body is a single chunk of easily carveable but moderately heavy wood. I don't think it's balsa wood unless that comes in heavier forms. A magnet sticks to the roof rack and the two straps holding the surfboard. It's just a bit over a foot long, scale size is maybe between 1/16 and 1/12. Whoever carved and painted it definitely was talented!
  2. This one has been relisted in ebay's Vintage category for over year, started out at Buy it Now $115. Those who remember the Monogram red & black Early Iron '30 phaeton will easily recognize tand guess why it hasn't sold yet. "Professionally built vintage 1/24 scale 1930 Ford Hot Rod (Early Iron)" https://www.ebay.com/itm/254607534037
  3. I've always liked this June Tabor "No Man's Land" version of that poem. Me, I was too young for one of our wars, too old for the next, so it's difficult for me to ever fully comprehend what that's like, but I still appreciate what's been done for the country, and I try to basically abide by what the main point of the "Saving Private Ryan" movie tried to get across to everyone who lives secure in this country: "Earn it." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2w3jFX_lCY
  4. The trifecta should be irresistible to these types of ebay sellers: RARE Pro built screwbottom.
  5. Those kind of product reviews are a good indicator that the stuff is too good to be true. Too bad.
  6. Open to putting a bit of a rake into the body? Seen the "stock" rendering before elsewhere, probably in my image search for the car in the "Captain America Winter Soldier" movie, but I thought it looked nose-high. Couldn't resist altering it with a sizable long pie wedge section taken out right below the beltline.
  7. Hilarious! Never knew such a thing existed!
  8. Russell C


    Fun, and nice color. Ran into your usual herd of bees and grasshoppers while hotrodding around in the countryside again!
  9. I should get my act together and get moving on the project, more of a street rod, but not where it is identifiable as a Mercedes. Look out for a PM, in case you might need the parts I won't be using.
  10. Got the maroon molded version for myself as a really cheap gluebomb off ebay a couple of years ago, since at the very least I could use the straight 8 in some project, plus I like the chopped-looking roof.
  11. Max Wedge '60 Cadillac (First, I should mention that I was able to fix all of the busted photo links in my prior posts going all the way back to the first one.) Here's another virtual project that I'll likely never have the time or extra money to get to. The idea was inspired by the unaltered photo of the gray model at the bottom, which I saw either on eBay or in MCM somewhere, or maybe both if the MCM person won the auction and then showed the model in a MCM forum thread. Looks like the original builder just whacked the fins off and never painted the taillights. So, all I did with the upper photo was reverse the greenhouse / wheel openings / fins, and stuff in some bullet taillights. Just like several of my other virtual ideas, the prohibitive cost problems is how a Johan 4-door body or a resin 2-door body is not always a cheap purchase. The other challenges would be to make a factory-looking filler plate for what used to be the front grille area, and perhaps how to stuff a really slanted 6-cylinder under what used to be the trunk. Or a flat-8? The fun result of it could be how it would still be quite recognizable as a Cadillac, but one with some kind of deep set directional problems.
  12. Thanks, Casey, that was one of the photo links that the TinyPic organization ate up when it folded.
  13. Me, I don't see dead people, I see cars that aren't there. So, I build 'em like I see 'em. And I have a tendency not to keep my cylinder counts on track. Perhaps a person might say my avatar model isn't all that strange in the overall scheme of things ..... but instead that most other wagons just happen to be extra normal.
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