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  1. Rotary Tool Suggestions

    From my post in a different-but-similar post ....
  2. Interesting version. (Opening sequence of the movie is parts of the Red Mountain Pass road just south of Ouray Colorado, a road I drive on each summer for my vacation stay in that area).
  3. Ecto 1 kits

    That's downright evil. They worked on the page yesterday. So I plunked the url address between quote marks in a Google search and teased out a thumbnail image of the side, which I downloaded and resized. Can't say that I favor the slight overall wedge shape, but at least it shows what an Impala sedan delivery roof & sides would look like on a Caddy (Tom Daniel Bad Actor version I assume, judging from the sunroof location) ....
  4. Ecto 1 kits

    Like this one? 8 year old blog post elsewhere: http://monetyahane.blogspot.com/2012/02/59-cadillac-sedan-deliveryit.html
  5. Honey, We Have A Problem

    Well camouflaged! I don't think I ever spotted that when I first saw the diorama in person.
  6. http://www.fireballmodels.info/fmr-049.htm
  7. I'm jealous of anyone with good actual Photoshop™, I never was especially good with it. In various cases, it is much more pretty to use its airbrush and other features to make photos way more realistic. For my own car and truck photo manipulation silliness, Photoshop™ would be much better, but I'm stuck with using my obsolete Corel 11, since my last version of Photoshop™ doesn't work on my current obsolete iMac. Poverty has its limitations. Perhaps you can find a printer who'll have no reservations about working with bitmaps, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread just for my own possible reference. Then you wouldn't have to go the vector way. But the chances of it are probably not going to be many, given the general impression I've long heard about on the sheer dislike of being stuck with bitmap artwork, no matter how good it is.
  8. Are you open to being persuaded to steer away from bitmaps, though? Speaking as a former graphic artist, I can sympathize with the folks demanding vector art. I absolutely hated it when my bosses' salesmen accepted customer photos as-is that came with requests to pull impossible stunts with them. Vector line artwork is exponentially easier to manipulate than bitmaps with hugely less effort, and the artwork file sizes are vastly smaller than bitmaps, when you are talking about best quality sharpness. Unknown to most of those salesmen, I scanned the photos as templates to draw vector files, which made those guys look like heroes when the final product was delivered. It's a goal of mine one of these days to get out from under what I'm currently doing and have a retirement career of doing eclectic graphic arts, a good portion of which would be transforming bitmap scans and/or photos of decals into vector art. Lots of car hobbyists need this done.
  9. Some WILD stuff from Wolfies 427,Com

    I'm thinking part of the irony is that if any of his rust buckets were 1:1s launched down a dragstrip, there'd be nothing left of the bodies about halfway to the end. Don't know how I managed to miss this one among the builds of his I saw .... http://coffincorner.proboards.com/thread/16326/wolfies-lil-coffin
  10. Orphan Diecasts

    Nice saves! Quite likely there are increasing numbers of non-car guy people who will be selling somewhat busted large diecasts for cheap in the coming years. I scored the 24th scale Franklin Mint Checker cab in my collection that way, it's missing its luggage, 3 door handles, the antenna and one wiper blade, but it was cheap compared to other complete ones which occasionally come up.
  11. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Thanks! (evil of Steve, though, first with the sneaky post placement, and then with pics of a model followed by a 1:1 car .................. although everyone knows the latter quip about a model being mistaken for a full size is one of the best compliments to receive)
  12. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    One or two of you Cobra fanatics might have seen this one on ebay, a cheap 95% built 16th scale MPC parts pile that was missing the driver's side door. Thought it would be a low-cost gamble (if the color really was what it looked like) to possibly add to my otherwise all-diecast Cobra collection, as being an increment larger than the 18th scale Shelby Collectibles one I have. Judging from the underside of the body, the color was originally a deeper blue, but it has now yellowed slightly to what is more of a subtle teal-to-blue fade. So what I'll do is fab up a new door out of aluminum sheet and leave it unpainted - to simulate a yet-to-be-painted replacement for a wrecked door, since I have no color matching skill - and then polish up the body better, lay down some new brilliant white vinyl stripes, and reassemble it. Need to narrow those MPC front steamroller tires by a 16th of an inch or so, though ..... or better still, find a pair of matching tread rear tires from an 18th scale diecast that would be a tic smaller in both diameter and width.
  13. Collection pics!

    I'm a poor guy with no budget for extra furniture - but somebody at my apartment complex moved out recently, abandoning a few useful bits by the dumpster, including what appears to be a perfectly good CD/DVD thing. Adapted now for a more orderly arrangement of my Cobra die casts, where previously were scattered around on some makeshift shelves. And while I'm at it, my diecast Checker cab pile, which includes my custom made gasser.
  14. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    carrying reinforced railings
  15. But also don't forget that with a good Xacto blade, you can carve a Sharpie marker end narrower.