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  1. What some don't find valuable, others do. Without getting into details, at another vehicle forum I belong to, one fellow posted a topic that was essentially a false premise suggestion, and it ultimately generated 60+ pages (with maybe 50 replies per page) of back 'n forth, along with other related tangents containing quite good links for additional info. But since the O.P. couldn't handle the direction the thread was going toward the end, he started deleting his posts one by one, until he got to his original one, and from that deletion, POOF went the entire thread. Wish I'd known how to archive links back then, it was a good one overall.
  2. One reason I build is because I must be nuts. But the other two reasons are 1) pursuing the ever-allusive goal of seeing if I can make something in scale (subcomponent or complete model) that might pass for being the real thing, or at least approaching that, if it was 24 / 25 times bigger. 2) I build unique things to mess with other modelers' minds. Usually always makes 'em laugh and/or smile at whatever offbeat thing I've created. I call that fun, makes it all worthwhile.
  3. It's still available for flights: "No plans to ground Mesa's historic B-17" https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2019/10/02/b-17-bomber-crash-vintage-plane-mesa-wont-grounded-after-accident/3840558002/
  4. Apart from the faint black line in the top right, the first pic is a killer! You could fake people out by saying it is a full size car and nobody would question it.
  5. Ditto, on a Plymouth 2-seater I build in the early 1990s (plopped years later for the heck of it at a GSL contest).
  6. Just a whole lotta computer code text in the first photo attempts, if that helps solve whatever the first upload effort involved. Second efforts visible, though.
  7. That's true. Eek, my own MCM Quicksilver rebuild / mod WIP is running 4 years behind schedule. One of these days soon, I'll have to do an inventory of the leftover parts & body pieces from the gluebombs & half-builds I gathered over the last several years just to make one good keeper pile. Includes a complete hood/front fenders that I won't be needing, but I also need to compile a list of parts I need for trade. What I need and what probably every Quicksilver builder needs in the original decals in perfect shape, especially the silver foil panels. But, graphic artist that I am, an option is to redraw the panel decals with clear lettering, and apply the new decal over Bare Metal Foil. But guys with ALPS or similar style printers can print silver foil decals.
  8. Nor will I, and I count my blessings each day on how my day hasn't been turned upside down like so many of them were on that day. I've displayed a composite photo of the flag and a pic of the towers my parents took from the Hudson ever since October 2001, reprinted as needed to keep the colors nice.
  9. Dialed up Andy via a social media network that shall remain nameless - his reply was: "I still have some model T stuff but none of the funny car stuff or Firebird III. Have him email me. modelmartin@comcast.net "
  10. Wow. Looks like he went to the extra trouble of barring Internet Archive web crawls of his photos, too. https://web.archive.org/web/*/hankstruckpictures.com You can get thumbnail pics when you drop the string site:hankstruckpictures.com into a Google Image search window, but that's the extent of it.
  11. At a bare minimum, Andy said 'hi' here back in May: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/142411-aardvark-models/?tab=comments#comment-2089914
  12. That buff below the driver's side mirror will rust out. =)
  13. Russell C


    Thanks much for the many kind words, gents! Just one more note, the basic idea was not my own, so I just created another thread on the basic idea of reverse greenhouse section cars here: "1/2 backwards cars."
  14. A.k.a reversed greenhouse sections. I had fun building my 1/2 backwards VW Beetle since it ends up looking so comically bizarre. However, the treatment is not my original idea, I've seen it done over the years to some success (or not) in my various rummages though custom car images in the internet. This backwards Vette is one I found & copied years ago. The person did quite a bit of photo altering of a common photo image, but I completely forget the website or blog where the alteration appears. I've also bookmarked a few image links, such as one for a reversed Testarossa, which is sorta there, but still needs more lots alteration to make the image less goofy. This Sub5Zero site had a thread on reversed cars, including a New Beetle which I don't actually remember seeing, but it doesn't actually look all that good. All of the images there don't go to the effort of recoloring the signal lights, and many are lackluster overall, but I thought the reversed Maserati had especially good potential. Here's a different thread with some other images and some repeats from the above thread And I did one BMW M6 reverse image myself years back where I went to the extra effort to color the marker lights properly. Who knows what the "new" headlights would look like … So, feel free to add in other pics here, or your own ideas if you want to try 'em out. Can be made to work on convertibles with tastefully repositioned windshields, such as Claude Thibodeau's reversed Avanti.
  15. Been keeping an eye out for a cheap gluebomb build of one of these on ebay, since I have an oddball idea of how to customize it. They're not especially rare, and there was a somewhat recent repop of 'em, but I managed to snag this one a few days ago with a single bid for a total amount (car + shipping) that's below most any starting price on originals, built or unbuilt. The reason is because the seller only had it labeled as "Racecar, built." Put "Scarab" on it and all the Scarab hunters come out of the woodwork. Another one minus the interior but with a slot car chassis and kit box is currently up at $56, nearly twice what I paid in total. Handy and appreciated score for a poor guy like me.
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