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  1. Me, too, but for a much different reason. Not my favorite car at all in general, but one particular variant is.
  2. Red one: http://www.trucktrend.com/cool-trucks/0708tr-1937-hudson-custom-truck Black one: https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1937-HUDSON-TERRAPLANE-CUSTOM-PICKUP-45257 Black one, 2x: https://www.hotrodhotline.com/content/37-hudson-terraplane-pickup-owned-built-dan-dowdy-street-rods-dowdy-dolan-springs-az Dan Dowdy direct: http://desertconcepts.com/
  3. One of my assortment of somewhat in-progress projects is a Revell '31 Ford, and I had no idea that those levers were on the frame, but I ended up figuring them out via searching the words "Houdaille shock absorbers" in the various street rod websites. Here's just one photo among many I bookmarked as a reference to how these can work:
  4. Sharp build, looks like a natural factory design.
  5. Ya got me beat on that wider ranging hobby. My summertime one-week-out-of-the-year hobby (all that I can afford) for the last 17 years is restricted to an area within the Ouray / Silverton / Telluride 'triangle.' The Black Bear Road still hasn't been cleared of winter snow & rockslide debris yet.
  6. Wow. Your pic is at almost the same spot on the Engineer Pass road that I took when I walked it in 2016. Turn 90° to the east, and that was the direction I was walking at that time. When I'm not walking the Jeep roads in the Ouray area during my summer vacations, I'm hiring my SOA pals to drive me around on those in their 4x4s.
  7. Art, artfully reproduced, and artfully presented.
  8. Ditto on the online plate makers, and ordinary double sided tape to stick it to the model (for my wacko VW below, it was taped onto a plate-size Evergreen .010" sheet that I could glue to the bumper). I print mine using a regular Canon inkjet on glossy photo paper, but I do have the advantage of being able to cheat and use my graphic arts training to size it precisely in my old Corel drawing program, to the exact size I need.
  9. Wish I had the time to check the flux capacitor .....
  10. I bookmarked this contact post for George Hernandez' services, he might have more recent updates on pricing:
  11. Got a set I don't plan on using anytime soon. Problem is, the overall chrome trees in mine are the idiotic satin finish version.
  12. It can be bad. Bought one of these with no interior for cheap on ebay a few years back, since I thought the Lincoln T-bird idea I had would be easier to do in 25th scale rather than cobble together the Revell 32nd scale T-bird & Lincoln kits. Figured I could cut the promo apart and re-glue it back together straighter as maybe a resin master. However, every single panel on this thing is headed in a different direction. No salvaging it that I can see, a collection of bowed parallelograms straining to twist themselves into a pretzel. Hoping someone will do a new resin - occasionally pricey old SC Miller resins pop up, along with Kustom Kolor Works ones.
  13. Welcome, and I'm guessing you are enjoying the relative coolness this month compared to a couple of years ago.
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