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  1. Russell C added a post in a topic Headlight lenses   

    Never heard of that stuff before. Sounds useful.
    EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy: https://www.eti-usa.com/easy-cast
  2. Russell C added a post in a topic How Do You Select Your Projects?   

    I see cars that aren't there. That should be.
  3. Russell C added a post in a topic Saving Rancho Gluebomb   

    As it turned out, the cheapo Ranchero parts pile I got for the taillights and rear bumper also had an interior painted similarly to this gluebomb's rear wheels. Too much green there, and too much pure unpainted white of the gluebomb's interior, so I toned down the appearance of the parts pile interior by painting white into what would be the two-tone areas of a factory green Ranchero. So the story could be that a rodder took a green Ranchero and turned it into a speedster custom, but saved the rear wheels for slicks that could be swapped in at the dragstrip.
    From what I could see in photos for 1:1 interiors, the AMT kit is missing a bulge in the transmission tunnel for the floor shifter, so a bit of carved plastic tub cures that problem. The old problem inherent in these AMT interiors where the steering wheel is too close to the seat cushion is remedied with a slightly smaller rim from a Fujimi Porsche (the X-shape there is the remains of its spokes and hub). Hard to see in the bright sunlight, I 'lathe-turned' a bit of aluminum wire in my motor tool to create the glove box button, and a larger bit of white metal to make the ignition key receptacle. I used the same method on a bit of aluminum tubing to make the ring for the shifter boot, and on some black plastic to make the rubber-looking boot, and on some white plastic to make the shifter ball. That aluminum wire will be the shifter rod, of course, and the thinner wire with the blob (unfinished there) will be the turn signal lever. I tried to peel up the seat belts in order to be able to file them thinner, but they aren't budging, and I fear they will take too much paint with then if I bust 'em loose. They'll be black-painted later.

  4. Russell C added a post in a topic Learning to speak Canadian...   

    Isn't that the country where the word for the graphics we put on model cars is "deckles" and the word for zero is "Zed"?
  5. Russell C added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revell/Monogram decals / '60 Vette / Fujimi & street rod tires / Monogram wheels / reflectors & lenses / AMT truck stuff
    First, what I offer for trade is what I have listed in this Trade Section thread which I will be occasionally adding to. Among that will be leftover parts from projects as I get further into them, but I also have other automobilia stuff to get rid of.
    Original issue silver foil (not silver ink reproductions) Monogram Quicksilver decal sheet, where the panel portions are in excellent shape (don't care about the rest of the sheet)
    Revell 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS flames decal sheet
    AMT 1960 Corvette kit, must still has the rear fender skirts & sidepipes
    AMT 1960 Corvette (or whatever related year) hardtop, if the above kit doesn't have one
    SMP 1960 Corvette optional chrome spoke wheels & knockoffs
    Vector chrome wheels from the MPC General Lee - or the equivalent from another kit - where the offset looks to be less shallow than what you see the AMT Eckler's Vette wheels. The outermost rim diameter should be .65". For an upcoming project, I'll use the Eckler's as the wide rear wheels, so I need narrower fronts
    Fujimi Dunlop tires, the same ones I used on my 911 Porsche woody wagon. Problem is, senility utterly prevents me from remembering which kit or parts pack they came from.
    The newer style flat-tread profile big & little tires out of the 1/24 scale Revell '32 Ford or from any other Revell kit with those. The part number on one of the tabs reads "2944-2300", the part number for the rear tires is "300" and the fronts are "200"
    The chrome spoke wheels (in excellent chrome condition) out of the Monogram Miami Vice fake Ferrari Daytona. I don't ned the wheel spinners or tires.
    Slotted stock wheels (in excellent chrome condition) from Monogram '78 Chevy 4x4 stepside, or the whole kit or gluebomb if it is not in valuable shape
    Headlight reflectors, headlight & taillight lenses -- piles of 'em, if anybody has 'em
    AMT Chevy Titan (of any release version.) A glue bomb version of mostly little value is fine
    AMT Ertl gravel trailer body & dump gate. Don't need anything else from the kit
    AMT Autocar 5-hole front wheels (including the separate outer rims, must have really nice chrome)
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  6. Russell C added a post in a topic AMT 289 Cobra   

    I've been known to locate things from time to time, but the most I can dredge up is a guy doing the same search almost 10 years back, who thought it might have been in Car Craft's circa 1966 Oakland Roadster show coverage: http://saacforum.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=4fchtgu65fs149jivih6afgrq0&action=printpage;topic=36.0
  7. Russell C added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    I continue to be a sucker for cheap ebay gluebombs. The Ranchero one I snagged further above now has its own WIP restoration thread. This one will be different, a simple rebuild. The decals had been applied, but they easily peeled right off. No offense to the original Monogram models designer, but in near box-stock form, this particular kit version really lends itself to only one specific result. When I'm done adding a couple more lights and providing tires & wheels for it, you'll see what I mean.

  8. Russell C added a post in a topic Saving Rancho Gluebomb   

    Thanks for the additional comments!
    Next, the newer kit release Ranchero parts pile I got just for the taillights and rear bumper also had a painted tool box and half-painted jack, 1st photo below (I scraped off the box handle there). To create more visual interest, I drilled holes in teensy bits of red raw plastic scrap to create the places for the electrical wire-sourced toolbox handle (with a remnant of its blue insulation being the grip area), and to create the side hold-downs for crushed/split wire "wingnuts" holding the box onto wood uprights - which would be bolted to the floor if this was my full size Ranchero. Popsicle stick wood material there.  That star in the middle covers up the overly scratched down area where the handle used to be, and it was fun to use it up since it was the last star I had in my decal collection left over from the Revell '54 Chevy panel I gluebombed myself back in the early '70s. The other two decals are from a 1969-era Hot Wheels decal sheet. Remember, save everything because you never know when you'll need it next.
    For the jack, I ditched the handle, filed a slot into the ratchet part and drilled holes through that, then got a tiny bit of sprue where I filed one end into a tab and drilled the other end for where the tire iron fits in. Put that into the slot, drill, and put a bolt through it, and you have a functioning ratchet thingy. The function is not actually important, but I do need it to be moveable for when I put it into the limited space in the bed next to the two tires, and I want the tire iron to be stuck into it. The pole is a length of .05" solder wire, where the 'teeth' of it are created by mashing it in a pair of pliers with one of the jaws covered in a layer of cardboard - thus, only one set of ridges from the pliers goes into the wire. The tire iron itself is just heat-stretched gray sprue, with the end being a larger diameter bit of the same stretched sprue drilled out and stuck on.

  9. Russell C added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    I could see the image in my head, but couldn't remember the name. This one, right? http://www.eddylenders.nl/Peterbilt COE Turnpiker pete AMT5006 6646.jpg
  10. Russell C added a post in a topic Saving Rancho Gluebomb   

    Now, to answer why the rear wheels are turquoise. I can't guess why the original builder of this thing painted 'em that way, but the story I concoct is that they are just temporary slicks on wheels that get swapped out for a pair of more stylish early '60s era customs with treaded tires, which would be on the car for regular street driving. To make those, I took the later version wheels from the aforementioned Ranchero parts lot, and sliced off the rim parts to put together with a pair of cheap original falcon caps I got off ebay. Those caps weren't long for this world, the outer layer of plastic was reacting badly with the vinyl tires. Later on, I'll paint on thin whitewalls to match the fronts. I'll be sure to take photos of these street wheels/tires on the model when it is finished, but otherwise they'll reside in the back with the Ranchero kit's tool box and jack.

  11. Russell C added a post in a topic (Update 2/1) Kits & parts, literature, die casts & ex-aerospace nameplate material   

    PMs to "gray07" & "xbazzarex" to arrive shortly.
  12. Russell C added a post in a topic Update: Trade DONE on '62 AMT Thorton/flames decals   

    Looks nice, helpful close up area, too. Look out for a PM in just a bit.
    ** 1/27 edit:  Looks like Tom and I have a trade worked out.
  13. Russell C added a post in a topic Looking for the 1/24 Monogram Chevy Luv High Roller FOUND   

    Well, the results of this ebay auction might give a reasonable indication of what the market rate really is for one, compared to the buy-it-now price of a rather infamous ebay seller we won't mention.
  14. Russell C added a post in a topic 40 ford custom   

    Darker coloration in the exhaust pipe welds. Must. Remember. That. for my own future builds where it's needed. Good work!
  15. Russell C added a topic in Wanted!   

    Update: Trade DONE on '62 AMT Thorton/flames decals
    ***2/1 edit:  Decal sheet received. Tom did an excellent job of packing them in a delivery crusher-resistant package. Will leave this post up for a while as a form of positive feedback for Tom, then I'll delete it.
    This old one, apparently offered in at least those two original kits, judging from ebay listings I've seen. I know one pricey sheet is available there now, but if I can trade here and reduce my pile a bit, that works better. Not overly concerned about the whole sheet condition, just basically need the flame pile in the upper right side (which I'll cut down a bit) to replace what I wiped out in my Ranchero gluebomb fix-up. For trade, I various items to choose from in my Trade section post.

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