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  1. Out in the shopping center lot after lunch today, a standout among so many late model vehicles ...
  2. Or there's stuff like this at crafts stores: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Fabric-Sewing/Sewing-Quilting-Notions/Buttons/Silver-Round-Shank-Buttons---21mm/p/80846199 Cursing as myself for not buying a mixed bag of chromed domes or studs or buttons or whatever they were at a crafts store I was in a couple of years ago. It was a mixed bag of what looked like different scale model car baby moon caps, only around $3 or so. Haven't seen that product since ...
  3. Wow, while those two photos look like you built a shorty version, that's actually some wild internet photo compression happening. I remember one of your old threads, but it looks like the photo bucket partly ate the photos there.
  4. Only went as far as copying that photo trio composite out of the FB page, don't know anything beyond that.
  5. Threw the words into a Google image search. Whoever the modeler is in this Facebook post, it looks like the overall idea was done already with a scratchbuilt unit.
  6. Saw this trio, too. That teal color must have been popular back in the day since it was on a few of my older brother's models when I was a little kid, and also on the gluebomb Ranchero's interior and rear wheels that I restored & upgraded. I'm wondering if that heavy brush-painted teal coat would be sanded and polished to a flat surface. No doubt it wouldn't result in a monocrhome color, but might instead turn into either an interesting variation of close tones ...... or an awful appearance of teal-colored woodgrain.
  7. The seller has an utterly unrealistic expectation on that. There are untold numbers of automatic aggregator websites that download and share photo on many varieties of items, and many of us download a photo or two from ebay listings to give readers a quick look at what the auctions are listing.
  8. Prior posts mention the Jo-Han '63 Olds Stafire. From this eBay photo, it appears the green bled back a year further. I suppose the question might be, what Jo-Han kits weren't molded in green? Spotted this Revell 1/32 scale '60s Mustang 2+2 in tasty mint in a recent eBay auction, too.
  9. Might flatten the competition, at a bare minimum. Imagine the sound - metal wheels, and an unmuffled V8, sparks flying from the burnout. But could the driver save it if it got into a skid?
  10. Missed this from July. Demented kit bashing, I like!
  11. Got one. Since one of my future projects is a paint variant of the Vini Bergeman stepside Luv, I won't be needing the scoop. PM sent.
  12. Today's mail delivery was this parts pile I got from a cheap "make offer" eBay listing, which I temporarily propped back together for this photo. Rough, but it has the assortment of parts I need for another odd rod project.
  13. There are a few kinds of those 'non-car guys' out there. Way back when I worked as a shuttle van driver at a commercial offsite airport parking lot, a guy arriving home got in my van and said he'd lost the slip of paper for the row location of his car, and when we got to the lot, he said it was a brown one, maybe a Honda. And that was it. Hatchback? Sedan? Wagon? Distinctive markings or bumper stickers? Didn't know. So, what I was obligated to do was stop at every brown-ish / maroon-ish / medium gray-ish car so that he could get out and try the door key in it. 14 double rows, maybe 50-75 cars per double row, took us around an hour or more before he managed to unlock one, which if I remember right, did turn out to be a gray-ish brown Honda 4-door sedan.
  14. From around a month right after that day continuing on to this day, I've had a composite photo (reprinted as it fades out) in the back window of my daily driver with the 9/11 date, the American flag, and the twin towers from a photo my parents took of them the prior summer. I have never forgotten.
  15. Luv flames, looked familiar, seen 'em before, but didn't hit me 'til I saw an ebay listing of it this evening: the turquoise reissue of the Monogram '32 Ford roadster.
  16. A search of RocketFin's resin finder page turns up a chopped Zephyr: http://www.rocketfin.com/resin_product.cfm?id=5275 by Boulevard Resins.
  17. I use the latest version of Firefox on an iMac, no problems in getting secondary pages to open for me. Sorry for depriving MCM of a bit of ad revenue, but I have AdBlock which kills every single ad, and so I wonder if the efforts of ads loading for secondary pages might cause problems for some people. Before I had the AdBlock, I'd sometimes see black bars with spinning circles in them that looked like they were slowing down the page loading process ...
  18. Imagine what the rest of the car (or racing forklift) looks like.
  19. BMW 840/850 Coupé by Willy Koenig https://www.topgear.com/car-news/big-reads/whats-deal-koenig-specials
  20. Like the sign says .... "Passing Lane Slower Traffic Keep Right"
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