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  1. While on the way to the Glendale AZ model car swap meet this morning ....
  2. Aha, then I'm not the only one seeing that. My irk, too, then. Every night after supper, I go through a bunch of my bookmarked ebay search links, and in both my word-specific searches of the words "Vintage" and "Built" in the Automotive category, there's been waaaaaay too many instances of results scattered among all the car/truck models that are bunches of military tanks or other non-automotive military stuff.
  3. http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/general-discussion/ Never heard of the site, found that link in a Google search. I can at least minimally vouch for it taking multiple minutes for a page to load, with some clicks there stopping at a mostly blank "Database error" message. Might try contacting the administrators there to find out if their website is partly busted ....
  4. I recognized that dealership's showroom floor. https://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/6959-cha/1974-ford-f-350-super-camper-special Senility caused me to forget what the big door on the passenger side of the bed was for.
  5. "Outside the U.S." isolates its origin? If an educated guess is that we can rule out Antarctica, I'm thinking the origins are only narrowed down to five other possible continents.
  6. Overbuilt leaf blower. 😆 I do need one, though!
  7. Absolutely not, there's no visual interest to it. Spark plug wires, radiator / other coolant hoses, vacuum lines, air hoses, carburetor linkages, shift linkages, exhaust headers, air intakes, all neat to look at ... vs a basic cylinder or box shape with a few wires sticking out. From what I've read of that notion, it sounds like an uphill struggle that has a near vertical slope. The air is mostly nitrogen and oxygen with CO2 being far down the scale after argon. It's a struggle just to find it in the first place, and imagine the size of the vacuum cleaners for the task. On top of all that, the plants and trees need it for photosynthesis, so if it's reduced, everything starts to wither away. Commercial greenhouse plant growers add it into their buildings, it's one big reason why the plants are as fluffy as they are.
  8. Probably the key bit in his O.P. was the bit about "I did it for 20 years, but keep your day Job..." We'd need more info, but one question is, what did he do in his off time? Nothing? And what amount of detail did he put into the client models, and what price level was their cutoff? Most of us need to keep food on the table, a roof overhead, and bills paid, plus we need to keep our cars maintained, contend with relatives, deal with neighbors and school matters, fix broken household stuff, on and on. If I'm wanting a model built, I understand that I can't have it tomorrow, but I'd like to have it sooner than later, certainly not 6 months or a year from now. So, in order to expedite things a bit, the builder needs to forfeit some of those time distractions. What's the easiest one to skip? The job, so long as the wage is at least equal if not better, and as long as the employer permits vacation-style time off. How many modelers have jobs paying $20 per hour or less these days? Can a good model be done with basic wiring and polished paint be done in 8 hours? 2 days flat? A week? 40 hours at $30 per hour is a $1200 model. And technically, you'd still be at break-even for your time, compared to going to your $30 per hour job. If you have a particular build style that makes your builds distinctly separate, what do you charge for that premium? Keep going in that direction, and you enter the realm of the art world, where collectors will kill to have one of your creations, and hand you a blank check to fill in when you are done. I'd say that's where the profit can be made.
  9. What ads? (For me, AdBlock seems to kill 'em all off almost all the time, but every once in a while, one tries to load at the beginning of a video, but they usually disappear before the load is complete)
  10. But the suspension manufacturing was "good enough for government work."
  11. Ditto. Back in the 1990s I learned of a guy with money who wanted top quality model buildups but had no time to build them himself. I thought I could make a small profit, but in each case, considering what I valued my time at back in those days, I could do no better than break-even. My '57 AMT T-bird in this thread is one of the ones I built for him, and if I remember right, I think I charged $350 for it, but I know of various areas where I could have done a better job (paint / windshield / more wiring), but the price would have kept on climbing. He really liked the buildup, but that was around his top end purchasing limit for each car, and I didn't see a way for me to do better without taking more time. And time = money. A expert craftsman could make money, but it would likely end up being a really small niche market where mega-cash guys like Jay Leno might see a particular model they want commissioned to be built, either as an exact replica of a really unique model the original builder doesn't otherwise want to sell but could replicate if you paid him enough cash (say, for example, "Hollywood" Jim Fernandez's Steampunk Mercury), or simply an exacting replica of a 1:1 car that shares very little with any plastic kits. If cost is no object for the buyer, that's where a builder could demand enough cash to not end up starving while building a really fine commissioned model.
  12. Didn't see the front, but the tailgate said Chevrolet, so it's somewhere between '67 & '72, nice rumble to it. And then later, what looks to me to be a '51 Chevy.
  13. Never been to the UK, it's a must-see goal of mine someday. If this is part of the route that takes 3-some hours, how long would it take by minor roads?
  14. $148 parts & labor bill from my VW mechanic today, $100 towing yesterday evening because the emissions tester yesterday late afternoon somehow managed to yank my shifter out of gear while on the rollers and then get it jammed into reverse gear, disconnected from the rest of the linkage. My mechanic was totally baffled on how the guy could do that, and had to disassemble all the linkages to get it unbound out of reverse. New link today with that ball makes it shift more crisply, but the mechanic said the cracked ball wasn't the failure. Wish me luck that the emissions people will accept my protest that it was the tester's fault and reimburse me for the towing and repair costs.
  15. Out in the shopping center lot after lunch today, a standout among so many late model vehicles ...
  16. Or there's stuff like this at crafts stores: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Fabric-Sewing/Sewing-Quilting-Notions/Buttons/Silver-Round-Shank-Buttons---21mm/p/80846199 Cursing as myself for not buying a mixed bag of chromed domes or studs or buttons or whatever they were at a crafts store I was in a couple of years ago. It was a mixed bag of what looked like different scale model car baby moon caps, only around $3 or so. Haven't seen that product since ...
  17. Wow, while those two photos look like you built a shorty version, that's actually some wild internet photo compression happening. I remember one of your old threads, but it looks like the photo bucket partly ate the photos there.
  18. Only went as far as copying that photo trio composite out of the FB page, don't know anything beyond that.
  19. Threw the words into a Google image search. Whoever the modeler is in this Facebook post, it looks like the overall idea was done already with a scratchbuilt unit.
  20. Saw this trio, too. That teal color must have been popular back in the day since it was on a few of my older brother's models when I was a little kid, and also on the gluebomb Ranchero's interior and rear wheels that I restored & upgraded. I'm wondering if that heavy brush-painted teal coat would be sanded and polished to a flat surface. No doubt it wouldn't result in a monocrhome color, but might instead turn into either an interesting variation of close tones ...... or an awful appearance of teal-colored woodgrain.
  21. The seller has an utterly unrealistic expectation on that. There are untold numbers of automatic aggregator websites that download and share photo on many varieties of items, and many of us download a photo or two from ebay listings to give readers a quick look at what the auctions are listing.
  22. Prior posts mention the Jo-Han '63 Olds Stafire. From this eBay photo, it appears the green bled back a year further. I suppose the question might be, what Jo-Han kits weren't molded in green? Spotted this Revell 1/32 scale '60s Mustang 2+2 in tasty mint in a recent eBay auction, too.
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