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  1. I need another project like I need another hole in my head. But I also have a really soft spot in my heart for old good quality builds on eBay estate (?) sale-looking auctions that seem like they are being neglected by bidders. Got it with a single bid, $29 total including shipping. Seller didn't answer my question on if the builder was known - had another dual engine roadster, which somebody else saved with a single bid: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275352028692 . Really dusty, all photos here are of it mere minutes after unpacking from the shipping box this afternoon. Apart from the huge sink lines in the door panels, it's still in very good shape overall for paint & build quality, no other major sink areas where the fenders were filled front & rear. Distinctive details are the quad headlights / oval grille opening, fuelie engine, one-piece rear window, and TV in the trunk. Judging from the wire "hinges" for the doors & trunk lid, they were meant to be displayed permanently open, so that's why I can't put them all the way shut. It should shine up nice, and if there's only one bit of remaining minor glue holding the body on, I might be able to pop it off to clean the interior.

    Can't say I understand what the "thing" is (looks like the pulley end of a 2-part alternator) n the oval grille opening area, or the choice of what appears to be unfinished taillights at the back, though.

    Anybody recognize it from ancient '60s model car mags?






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  2. 12 hours ago, Saltie Olds said:

    ... I’ll go ahead and leave it out of the truck.

    I had to look through the dusty windshield of my ancient build to see if I installed that same part because I have a vague recollection of having no idea what it was. Didn't know what it was until seeing this thread! Sure enough, I just painted the recessed area silver, probably because I thought it was something to be used to drop keys and coins in.


  3. 10 hours ago, Ceaser_Salad said:
    ....... The Equus Bass ...........

    Never heard of it. Interesting! Looks like they have a sort of a Dodge thing happening at the back, too ......


  4. Got to see the guys at the Desert Scale contest AND managed to survive the drive unscathed to & from the contest site!  One of the nearby freeways was closed, causing a sizable detour route, and many inconvenienced drivers were not exactly handling their change of plans gracefully …

  5. 5 hours ago, Monty said:

    ... a '67 - '70 Cadillac El Dorado (mine was lavender).  ...

    Aargh, that sounds familiar. If I'm thinking of the same one, it was part of a 4 car set (or maybe more), where they all had shared what looked like black baby moon center caps. thin whitewall tires, and a somewhat jacked-up stance, and it was an Eldorado, a green VW Beetle, a candyapple red Jaguar XKE coupe with silver racing stripes, and a 4th car that escapes my memory at the moment.

    **Edit: All I could find for Eldorados were Hot Wheels and others. I remembered the 4th car, though, a purple Ford J-car. So when I dropped "J-car" into an eBay search, it showed what I had, and on the bottom the photo showed "Marx - Hong Kong." So when I put the word "Marx" into a Google images seach and an eBay search, it turned up these and other Marx brand diecasts, in various colors with different wheels. Saw at least one purple Eldo.


  6. 10 hours ago, peteski said:

    .. I have no idea what that phrase means. I built this "BMF" '57 Chevy Bel Air back in early '90s (30 years ago) and this photo was taken in 2020. Looks the same as the day I finished it.  ..

    Ditto. I build this Diamond Reo in the summer of 1980, nearly 42 years ago (pardon the dust), took this photo a few minutes ago. BMF'd over the putty dome-created air horn snow caps, primered balsa wood grille shell, and plastic sheet/cardboard strips bumper. No cracking, no yellowing, no deterioration otherwise. If I'd had better skills back then for making the surfaces smoother, that's where the improvement to the shine could be found. Probably just a bit of polishing with Simichrome polish would bring back the brilliance, since those items haven't been cleaned in any way all this time.


  7. Confirmed this morning that my cardboard template was right on target for how much to add to the frame of  Revell '29 Ford Roadster in order to accommodate an inline engine. Sliced off the highboy frame in the kit ahead of the engine mounts and added about "yay much" (hold your thumb and index finger about an inch apart) of the channeled frame to the front, wire-pegged for added strength. This is for the 2023 GSL-XXVIII Contest's "Revell '29 Ford Roadster Common Kit Class" - most guys' entries will likely have V8s, but we'll have to see how far into the minority of inlines I'll be. When I get a bit more done on this, I'll start up a WIP thread here.


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  8. Seeing how a couple of other guys here have builds going for the GSL-XXVIII Contest's "Revell '29 Ford Roadster Common Kit Class" (4th class description down at this page for those who don't know about it), I needed to get something going for that myself. Sliced out the deck lid tonight using my thinnest razor saw. That took a while. Clamped in the sides temporarily since they hold the floor down, was wondering what the trunk floor looks like with the lid off ....


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