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  1. I learn something new every day! Glad to accidentally save history.
  2. Never gave much thought to the covers because I'm not a plane guy. No idea what that is.
  3. Here's my whole 4-sheet collection. I hadn't thought to re-read the inside covers lately, they're all even older than I thought. I might have bought them all instead in the late '70s, probably from a hobby shop that had a big unsold pile of them, or maybe from Autoworld, which might have had a large older stockpile. The flames shapes in the 3rd sheet result from the paint masks I used for my Lambo Flambé. Never had much use for large areas, so I just avoided the wrinkled bits.
  4. I've lived with the splotchy yellow tint on the junkyard replacement wheel I got for my daily driver for years. Didn't get better looking with age. Wasn't water soluble, didn't come off with Formula 409 cleanser, and really nasty paint solvents only seemed to smear whatever this was. This morning, I decided to use what many model builders use to remove various kinds of glue bomb paint, Purple Power. Don't know why I didn't think of that a year or three earlier. Whatever that stuff was on the wheel, a non-automotive grade clear coat, or cheap furniture polish, it dissolved right off, the wheel looks almost new again!
  5. Not so for the 4 sheets I bought around 1980, where I'm only now starting to cut into the 4th sheet for larger bits. Adhesive is still good, I just avoid the wrinkles which can't be salvaged, and I can polish what I do use to a brilliant shine with Simichrome polish. (works great on any metal)
  6. Only got a short stack of pure VWs, the GTI pickup is a shortened custom of the old Revell 32 scale kit I built in the early 1990s, while I explain in my Under Glass post how my directionally challenged Bug was actually aimed straight at the GSL 2019 Contest's Common Kit category. For Porsche, there's my avatar over there of my 911 Turbo woody wagon. Also built in the early '90s, Under Glass post here.
  7. Just like a couple of others said, I went back and fixed the busted photo links for nearly all of my old threads. Took a while, though, but it would have taken way longer to replace the threads from scratch with new text if they had arbitrarily deleted.
  8. For Macs, it's the command key (⌘) and either the + or - key to make the fonts bigger or smaller. Old age has me hitting the + key more often than not above whatever the page initially comes in as.
  9. Is it just me who sees the photo links in html text? They do work when I individually copy the urls and paste them into a new tab ....
  10. Time has a way with catching up with people. Sad when we are reminded of this, but still prompts memories of happy old times. Back when I was in Albuquerque in the late '80s / early '90s, I worked at one of the offsite airport parking lots, and the Unsers parked their cars there whenever they went flying off somewhere. Brother Al never said much, Bobby was much more talkative. On one occasion, Bobby drove in with a new Cadillac (I forget what type) when GM had only recently began outfitting them with the new Northstar engines. Since I had him in my shuttle van all by himself, I noted how junky Cadillacs were just a few years earlier and then asked him what his impression was of the new Northstars. From the parking lot all the way to his airline outside entrance check-in, he gave me his full review about how much of a vast improvement his car and the engine was. Wish I had been able to tape record that!
  11. Not if the supply outdistances the demand. That's a rock-bottom principle that many marketeers still fail to grasp. When the overwhelming majority of the public doesn't want something, no amount of marketeering will turn their opinion around. There's only a very limited demand for electric cars now, and no indication of any widespread change in desire for them. I hear some rumblings about states banning the sale of new gas cars - which might not even be a legal thing to do - but if they do, it'll just make the used gas car market more lucrative.
  12. Ditto on this seller's '30 Ford he's been relisting for a year if not two years by now. Started out at $115. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254900449952 For laughs one time, I PM'd the seller with a link to a nearly identical build listed at $10 and his reply was that the one I showed was an unpainted out-of-the-box one while his was a pro build with Italian red / gloss black paint.
  13. Take up forgery as a hobby. "White Pen-Touch Fine Paint Pen" https://www.hobbylobby.com/Art-Supplies/Drawing-Illustration/Pens/White-Pen-Touch-Fine-Paint-Pen/p/136705
  14. Too far back for me. But I distinctly remember the uproar the Tyrrell 019 caused with its front wing that wasn't flat all the way across.
  15. Small black fuzzy creatures. Had to look up what those were. Ya learn something every day!
  16. Although they are 32nd-ish scale, the wheels might still work with a 24th scale arched body caricature dragster ....
  17. There went da Judge. If I could operate smart phones more efficiently, I could have had a closer pic captioned "here comes.." or better yet, "here is da Judge."
  18. Turning in for the entrance to where my VW mechanic's shop is (thank heavens my ol' GTI only had an exhaust leak instead of an ailing valve!)
  19. Was thinking Anglia, but didn't trust my gut sense enough to say that, and with the knowledge base here, I figured a minimum of two guys would be able to ID what it was. Might remain in one piece here in dry AZ, as long as it holds together during burnouts.
  20. Lady robot voice at the library: "Good morning, I'm Miss Information. How may I direct your inquiry?"
  21. At the grocery store before lunch. Escapes me what make this is.
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