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  1. Thanks for the tip Slusher, I'll be sure to try that next time!
  2. Made a big leap in the construction of this kit today, I got the engine (Almost) successfully fitted into the engine bay. The engine that originally comes in this kit had the engine mounts on the side of the timing covers. They had to be cut off, and glued onto the sides of the engine. Tedious work there to get it centered and level. Haha some pictures, though this camera doesn't give much justification. Hope you all like it. Another update will probably come tomorrow.
  3. White is a VERY clean color on the ageless body lines of these cars. I always get silver one's in games; but white is still a favorite. Keep up the good work on this kit, I like how it looks in the mock up.
  4. Hi, I've been looking at paint lately in largeĀ® sets, and the only I've seen so far that is decently priced is the 80 bottle set by Badger called "Minitaire". It is $139.99 Is there another set that is a good set for models that's less than $150? I know Vallejo is good, but it's expensive paint. and I hear Createx is impossible to sand, because of the way it's formulated. Thanks!
  5. You "Sort of" have a fondness of them? Yeah... LOL Looks good so far, keep the updates comin'!
  6. Mizozuman2

    Enzo F.

    I'll definitely be following this. The odd paint scheme makes it stand out. I like it!
  7. So I came across the realization this morning that the engine "floats" in the engine bay, because there's no engine mounts off the timing cover, like there is on the original kits engine. Luckily, I caught it and will be able to work it onto the front of the new engine.
  8. I've got most of the engine finished and painted now. All I have left is figuring out the wiring situation and how to make it work in the new body. Here's some pictures of it. My computers camera isn't super great. I'm hoping to pick up a cheap digital camera to take pictures with. My mom has a Canon Rebel EOS, but I don't like luggin' that big thing out. Haha
  9. Marketing campaign, I think. Something like "We're on top", kind of thing.
  10. My only animal as of right now is an Australian Shepherd. She's 1 year and 2 months old today, actually. She's been my companion since then. In the past year, she's given me more laughs and happiness than I could ever imagine. When she was 4 months old, she became ill with Parvo. She was in the vets office for 2 weeks. She pulled through all of it like a champ though. This is probably the best picture I have of her to describe to you what she's like... I think she took after her owner a little bit... LOL
  11. I've seen a lot of people using these little alligator clips. I had seen that you had put it on the actual plastic here. Does it make indentations where the teeth are? Or are they not strong enough to do that? Anyways, It looks amazing. I personally like the Grabber Blue, but that green is a VERY close second place. Looking forward to seeing more of this build!
  12. I get mine in the 3/4 oz. jars. I use AB a lot. I'm not against Spray Paint though. This body I've got painted right now is looking good. Just needs more shine. But thanks for the info. I think I'll just wait till I head to Wally World again and pick up a can of clear there. I hear Testor's clear is good. Has anyone used it? My Wal-Mart has their Model car aisle back.
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