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  1. When you think about how long the B series Macks were in production and how prolific they were, IF theres ANY vintage american truck that would stand a chance of selling well as a kit, its the B series Mack. Its honestly not on my personal top ten list of vintage trucks ( I would buy a bunch, regardless), but I am not gonna waste my time suggesting someone kit a U series Autocar, or a A Series GMC, that would be foolhardy. But the Mack is a marketable kit IMO, or a GMC Cannonball.
  2. Well aware of Dave Natales stuff, been buying it before he was selling it (think MTFA and AIM here), I am thinking more of a modern, complete, injection molded kit.
  3. COE's would be U series Autocar, and bullnose KW. Conventionals, IH RDF405 West Coaster, pre '58 KW, A series jimmies, and Sterlings.
  4. Wow! Not that excited about the subject matter, but the execution is superb! I will be buying one for sure, even though I am more into vintage trucks. So if this thing sells well, how about a Mack B-61??
  5. Looks good. Really like to see all the logging stuff on here lately.
  6. I am following this one with a LOT of interest. Very cool build.
  7. I would like to see it too. Thanks.
  8. Yes, the budds really make that build. Looks good.
  9. The D-8. Come to think of it, last time they just issued it without the decals, didnt they?
  10. Tim, isn't there an issue with the length of the leading edge of the front fenders as well?
  11. I guess we can pretty much count on the AMT kit NEVER being re-issued now. Mine just went up in value! Guess if I put it on ebay, I had better be careful how I word the ad!
  12. Heres a link to Milli-puts website. This stuff is the greatest. I have been using it since the eighties. Its fairly expensive, but it goes a LONG way, and its a must.I use the white. By the way, I didnt know you were 14! Very impressive. http://www.milliput.com/home.htm
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