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  1. spotarama added a post in a topic Daihastu Midget   

    1/24th, i have one i built years ago, it went well until i tried to tint the 'glass' purple to match the bodywork and they ended up fogging (purple fog though)
  2. spotarama added a post in a topic Monogram el camino   

    cool, i've always wanted to use astroturf inside a real car and you've replicated itinside a camino, well done
  3. spotarama added a post in a topic 1/25 Late-1960's MGB; has a kit ever been produced?   

    try these guys in england, they do a range of MG's as well as a Rover V8 engine which is what was used to power the V8 (obviously) versions

  4. spotarama added a post in a topic FINISHED: Dodge Track Vehicle (2nd page)   

    they're from out of the orig truck kit, going to call them the parking brakes.
    i'm sort of planning to use a sort of joystick/control column coming out of the dash, sort of like a light plane control
    its changed a fair bit since the project started, it was orig going to be a tracked towtruck with the cab from a pickup and ski steering at the front with a small block chev under a normal hood
  5. spotarama added a post in a topic Looking back to 2014 and looking forward to 2015   

    had an average one it must be said....but got the doctor to change my meds so i'm not a miserable basterd all the time and lost over 20lb....then mrs spotty thought i must be having an affair because i was happy and losing weight .....hopefully got her straightened out so lets ee what this next year brings....could do with a new motorbike though,anyone got a spare hayabusa?

    on the plus side, just found a local liquor store that sells my favourite brand of cider tonight so it can't all be bad can it?
  6. spotarama added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    decided to change the handlebars and headlight on my m/cycle today (back to ones i used to have on there- non stock but much better configuration) and do you think they'd fit.....no bl**dy chance, not happy, now i get to spend tomorrow sorting it instead of actually riding it
    and by the way, if anyone tells you LED lights are the eway to go on bikes/cars, don't believe them....you can see the lights from the moon but you can't see 10 feet in front of you with them, back to good old halogens for me
  7. spotarama added a post in a topic franklin mint   

    you didn't say crup shoot did you? just as well cos you're not allowed to say crepe shoot or crip shoot for that matter
  8. spotarama added a post in a topic FINISHED: Dodge Track Vehicle (2nd page)   

    i'm doing a similar one myself, using the hull, wheels and tracks from a chinese rocket launcher, cab, engine and 5th wheel from some bigrig (looking at the pics it seems to be a Diamond Reo), detailed the drivers seat, full communications gear in the cab, plumbed the engine, hydraulic winch on the front etc
    it will either be painted in 'international emergency' orange or army green
    it's still a LONG way off finished but one day......

  9. spotarama added a post in a topic Hanky Panky at the drive in.   

    a trick i used for fogging the windows of a Trabant (well it can be cold in Germany and the heaters were barely functional in Trabbies) was putting a pool of superglue on a sheet of cardboard and suspending the window 'glass' over it, as the fumes from the superglue evaporated they gently fogged the clear plastic, just leave it there until the desired degree of fogging is achieved. if the glue dries up just add more
  10. spotarama added a post in a topic Scratch building a classic muscle car.   

    what, you're not going to replicate the butchered speaker holes? there wouldn't be a torana out there that doesn't have those.....

    on a related matter, holes like those will fail you on a RWC down here (victoria) for compromising structural integrity and you'd have to have them repaired and engineer certificated to get the vehicle registered.
    just another way to get old cars off the road or genuine safety matter ?
  11. spotarama added a post in a topic 300 Series rear tire   

    check the die-casts of OCC or Jesse James bikes, some of those have ludicrously wide tyre/wheel combos and with a bit of scratchbuilding you could chop the spokes out of the wheel and just use the hub/rim/tyre with your own design spokes
    all this assumes they'd be an appropriate scale for what you want
    i've used the OCC 'Fire Engine' bike to build my own custom, basically only the engine and part of the frame were left, modified or replaced the wheels, forks, bodywork, carbs, exhaust, bars, lights
  12. spotarama added a post in a topic This is TOO much!   

    our local supermarket had their xmas stock out at the beginning of july to catch the 'christmas in july' trend thats catching on over here. then it all disappears until the beginning of september when its back in force for the next 4 months, though we get overlays of fathers day and halloween to keep us spending in the meantime
  13. spotarama added a post in a topic What music mediums do you use?   

    to go with the above mentioned system, i've got about 2000 albums and somewhere over 4000 45's (and a couple of hundred CD's but we don't talk about them), theres even a box of cassettes out there somewhere in case i ever buy another 70s car
  14. spotarama added a post in a topic What music mediums do you use?   

    one of my other hobbies is DJ'ing and occasionally filling in on the local public broadcaster radio station so i mostly just play proper records and at home i have a full DJ set up, twin turntables, mixing desk, 400w amp and PA speakers capable of handling 300w per side ( i got sick of blowing up normal peoples speakers )
    it's just past seriously loud and i've never been able to crank the amp and main feed off the mixer past half, after that it just gets painful
    oh and what do i actually play....mostly punk but a whole load of 60s, 50s, metal, anything that goes well with beer really
  15. spotarama added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    taking my dog out for her morning walk (shes a 7 month old great dane) and running into one of the other great danes from the 'hood down at the park, they get on like a house on fire so she was a happy girl

    then took her to obedience classes and was told we'd done so well that next week we'd be tested to go up to the next level

    then took her to giant dog breed play date (yes, such things exist) where we let her off the lead for the first time and she repayed our trust by not running away. she just wanted to spend an hour and a half wrestling with her litter mate brother who she only gets to see at these days. a great afternoon watching 30+ danes and irish wolfhounds running free and not being careful about standing on smaller dogs (despite their size, giant breeds are remarkably gentle with other animals, generally more so the smaller the animals)

    all in all a good day topped off by her being so tired she'll (hopefully) sleep through the night

    this is her when she was about 3 months old, she's about twice the size now (about 97lbs, expected to reach 130lbs at full size)