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  1. That's not the half of it - found out yesterday the buyer flipped it to somebody in England for $40k!
  2. All I have to say is - that's one funny-looking Batmobile!
  3. The day started well, but... Went to a car club event at Heritage Square in L.A. yesterday and had a good time with my friends. My drive back in my rusty '98 Buick Century was not without adventure... On the 210 freeway heading east, I hear a banging under the right rear of the car; I was in slow traffic and couldn't get off to look under. Thought it might be a loose e-brake cable or some piece of freeway debris. The noise stopped before I pulled off and took a quick look underneath; saw nothing hanging so I crossed my fingers and drove the next 90 miles home. Crawled under it this morning and found that the rear trailing arm was broken and missing several inches out of the middle... What's the old phrase, "God watches over children and fools"? Ironically I'd just ordered all new struts for it (they were on the porch when I got home), so I put in another order to Rock Auto for trailing arms. My mechanic will be busy this week...
  4. Something very different. Went to an estate auction preview in Barstow, CA and checked out this very very rare Jeep FC van: Built for the Marine Corps around '64-'65, it originally had a three-cylinder diesel engine - replaced by a Jeep (or Buick?) V6. The Military Jeep FC Registry lists only three others existing. Word got out about it - bids are up to $12,000 at the moment . Rest of the auction - with a lot more Jeeps - here: https://bid.bidfastandlast.com/ui/auctions/69703 UPDATE: $old for 19,250.
  5. Very attractive! Not the first '60 hardtop wagon model, though - way back when an Argentinan toy company called "Bichi" cobbled a couple AMT promos together, copied them and created this:
  6. Very cool! A friend of mine sold his rare US-market '60 Datsun Bluebird to Chico many years ago; wonder what he did with it.
  7. Used to have a couple old reel-to-reel units (V-M and Akai) and picked up tapes from estate sales and thrift stores. One almost great find I made was audio of a Hanna-Barbera sales meeting introducing Top Cat to potential sponsors; unfortunately the tape had been affected by a magnet (bulk eraser?) and only every fourth word was audible What I really wanted was a TEAC Syncaset that would let me record two separate tracks (overdubs) on a cassette; wanted to do some audio montages. Way too expensive for me. Now I have SoundForge for that...
  8. I remember the thread from when the resin '11 Chevy was offered; I mentioned back then that the wheels weren't correct but the ones from the Stutz could fix that. When you look at photos of the real car, it's apparent that the AMT kit wasn't that great a replica anyway; besides the wheels, the radiator shape was way off: Of course, it was probably banged out in a hurry for a one-and-done issue, so perfection wasn't expected.
  9. Fine by me - I'd like to get one more original Nova wagon interior before my fellow detail freaks drive the prices back up .
  10. Closest you'll probably find are either the wire wheel covers from the AMT '66 Olds 442 convertible, or the ones from the Polar Lights '64 GTO.
  11. "Good news!" "What?" "The Yucca Valley Walmart still has no models!" "Great! Now moving on..."
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