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  1. Things weren't set in stone as to when black plates were issued -they must have sat around in the local offices for a while. My '66 and '67 Cadillacs were lifelong SoCal cars; their plates were made in '64 (RPT) and '65 (STH).
  2. Uh... put it on a 4x4 chassis and give it the Mad Max treatment?
  3. Gotta say I'm impressed with that grille - now let me start counting the vertical bars to make sure
  4. Anyone here have the backstory behind the AMT 1/12 scale '37 Cord? Was AMT looking to build a series of large scale classics? How good a seller was it, do the molds still exist, etc. My dad got a built-up from a friend back in '68 or so (it was his favorite car) and I remember it being very well detailed, but I don't think it's been reissued in a long time. Over to the experts (Tim?)...
  5. A car YOU didn't know existed? OK, that lets out the stillborn '58 Plymouth, or '48 Ford or '32 Ford 3-window that came out in other scales. My interest is piqued!
  6. Check the decal sheet, David - sometimes they have a print date on the back.
  7. Nothing to be guilty about there! One of the best Phil Spector/Righteous Brothers style songs ever.
  8. My thread on this kit. My cross-country move and subsequent living situation have pretty much curtailed my building for now; looking forward to getting back at it: As I've mentioned elsewhere, Revell made some running changes in the first edition of this kit. Tim has an early version which has three differences I know of from the later one: "C H R Y S L E R" lettering embossed in the upper part of the grille surround ('61s had that; '62s didn't) The aforementioned trunk lock trim piece No trim surrounding the rear license plate Most Newport kits I've seen have had the corrections made, so I'm guessing the early ones are pretty rare - wonder if Chrysler Corporation spotted the errors and insisted upon having Revell fix them? The purple Metalflake version had some pretty nice mags added, along with tampo-printed narrow whitewalls. The tan ones had blackwall tires with wide whitewall decals. Besides fixing the curved trim, I cut a notch about 5/32" in the front bumper where it mounts to the body so it would line up with the fender openings, and raised the notch where the chassis fits into the front of the body about 1/8" to get it to sit right, as well as shortening one rear screw post maybe 3/32" to level the chassis. One other note: The plastic in the tan ones I've found is rather brittle (good luck finding one with an unbroken w/s frame!); the Metalflake is a bit softer.
  9. One more get-well-soon wish for Snake, coming up! Best to you, good buddy.
  10. I wasted no time grabbing one of the Satco promos when they became available (from a Wheat's ad in SAE I think) and wish I'd bought a few more. The glass is vacuformed and includes side windows, which I don't think the original did? I notice there's an irregular ridge across the top of the front bumper; crack in the mold maybe? When I got it I corrected AMT's mistake and countersunk the taillights into the fenders, so there goes the collector value : I marked this shot up for someone who wanted to build a longbed from the Revell or AMT kit: Anyone else here have one?
  11. Fourth time was the charm! Stumbled on it the other day and spoke to the owner - it was shortened through the rear doors, it has a full frame with four-link suspension, and a small-block Ford under its little hood:
  12. Sorry to hear about the job - at least you had a nice vacation. Visiting Pearl Harbor and the other military bases there has always been on my bucket list - but as the old song goes, "My bucket's got a hole in it..."
  13. Yes, I love a certain singer, but as far as feeling guilty: Regarding German schlagers, there's the 1968 East German teen comedy musical Hot Summer - fondly referred to over there now as the DDR's version of Grease, but it's really more like Beach Party. Lots of relentlessly catchy songs, including the opening number: Lead actress Chris Doerk reminds me a bit of Gidget-era Sally Field.
  14. Very interesting technique! I wouldn't use it on A-pillars, but I can see it for installing Styline front and rear ends.
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