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  1. Anyone have a preview of the decals? I have an original kit, and I'd like to see if anything's been added (gauge and engine stuff) to the new sheet.
  2. Glad to see someone taking on this challenge! I had a '65 hardtop from '83-'85:
  3. Good on ya, Steve, and thanks as always for showing us how it's done! You, Bill Geary, and the late great Tom Piagari are my biggest inspirations.
  4. The '58 Buick interior/dash arrived and it's a good fit in the '57 body after a few trims, so I did some more resurfacing and reshaping on the roof and the seams atop the fenders to help bring the body from toy to model. Next I'll start hitting those epic sink marks...
  5. Speaking of Sam I Am, thanks to him I got most of a '70 Buick GSX engine/trans to fix up the AMT '69 430 to look more like a 455 for my '70 Wildcat. Got the belts/pulleys/PS pump, alternator, and the one valve cover in the purple pond right now.
  6. Having now seen a few photos, when I get my 442 I'm going to move the front wheels forward 2mm to get them centered in the wheel opening.
  7. Sorry guys, I was thinking of how to do it in plastic - my bad. Carry on...
  8. Last couple days, got the hood neatly cut from the '70 Buick Wildcat and filled the holes left by the screw/interior posts, then went after the engine. I removed the misaligned driver's side cylinder head, intake manifold and front cover with a lot of careful scraping and sawing with a photoetched blade. Got them to fit straight with no gaps - and now looking on "Wanted!" for some 455 valve covers.
  9. Hey Sam - I have the front bumper/grill for the Continental boxed up and I'll get it out tomorrow. Thought I had a hood but it didn't turn up; don't have the rear stuff but at least it's a start. Good luck with it!
  10. Hi again - For my '70 Wildcat project, I need the valve covers from '70 Monogram Buick GSX to make the '69 430 I have look more like a 455 - although if you have a complete GSX engine minus the air cleaner, I could go with that too. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
  11. For the CdV, you could take a builtup '61 Fleetwood kit with a bad roof, or the current Decko resin kit, and use a '62 Buick roof with modified C-pillars to get you close. Don't forget the wheelcovers are easily found custom items from the '64 Mercury kit.
  12. Drill three holes - two small ones and a larger one in the middle, then whittle the rest open with the tip of an X-acto blade. Maybe simulate the spiral fins with part of a wood screw?
  13. One last score before bedtime (almost didn't check for it!), and it's an important one: '58 Buick Roadmaster interior and dash. Been looking patiently over a year for one - it's for the '57 Roadmaster styrene body from Argentina that Tom P. never got started on. This is the last big piece of the puzzle!
  14. Been a while since I picked up an airplane kit, but when I found out this existed I had to get it: The predecessor to the P-47, it saw limited wartime use but was successful in China as a high altitude photo recon ship. In the USA they were mostly used as trainers and squadron hacks; several were used in the 1943 film Air Force playing Japanese fighters, and a single one appeared in the 1944 movie God Is My Co-Pilot. I'd like to test out my weathering skills and build it as this one, s/n 40-2897, seen here at Chino, CA awaiting scrapping in 1946: No complete P-43s survive; Earl Reinert, an old friend of mine, tried to rescue one in the early '60s from a farm in Indiana but the owner sold it to the scrappers a few days before he came out to get it. All he could save was this engine mount/backing plate and the main landing gear. Some smaller parts supposedly turned up in Australia about a decade ago but they've never been confirmed.
  15. I had a brief connection to The Ladykillers - the set for the interior of the riverboat casino was built inside the showroom of the old Seeley's Furniture store in Glendale, CA. The son of the building owner is a fellow member of the car club I'm in, and let us use the warehouse to construct sets and props for our club's annual themed awards show, so we got the chance to check out the movie set. That same showroom was also used as the location for the department store in a previous Coen brothers film from 2001, The Man Who Wasn't There - also worth checking out.
  16. Thanks for posting these, Steve! So many beautiful cars with one thing in common - the owners want to want to get rid of them Did you get any closeup shots of that '39 Mercury convertible?
  17. Spotted this one looking through Louisiana's state photo archive: As well as this one: And this one I found in a 1963 high school yearbook from Muncie, Indiana:
  18. Yeah, I'd like to see what the buyers of those parts do with them - build, trade or hoard?
  19. Niiiice. Windshield opening is a little high (to me) but an easy fix, and the engine looks great! Lots of good photos here to help detail the chassis, engine and interior: https://www.lostandfoundclassiccarco.com/vehicles/100/1964-oldsmobile-442
  20. Oh well. Please pass the thought to the powers that be, anyway... they'd sell at least three of them to me, Lee, and Mike
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