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  1. Art Fleming was the avuncular original host of Jeopardy!
  2. Van Helsing keeps having to carve new stakes every time it gets remade!
  3. Had it trailered from Huntington Beach out to the desert - into a dramatic sunset - by a friend. There will be a few things to take care of; the tires have only 6000 miles on them but they're date-coded from 2012; A/C blows but not cold, and there's a Service Engine Soon light on - with residue from tape over it . Hopefully not a big deal; I ran the Carfax and checked DMV records on it, and it's passed every smog test from first to latest. Had a major service 5000 miles back with the intake manifold replaced (an issue with the otherwise bulletproof 3800 V6, so I've heard), along with the spark plugs, valve cover gaskets and oil pan gasket.
  4. I've been surprised to see several of these Blackhawks sold surplus through GovDeals in the last few years.
  5. Got a nice toy this evening from an estate sale: 1 owner, 61k mile '89 Olds 88 Royale Brougham coupe. Only a little over 3000 made.
  6. Treasure maps show where X marks the spot, unless you use spot remover.
  7. Spotted these kits at the auction of the Days Gone By museum in Tennessee last month. I took a GIANT leap of faith and put in some pretty low bids, and won them all today. Now to see if the kits are complete, or complete junk (well I know the Palmer Karmann Ghia kit is complete junk, anyway). Fingers crossed!
  8. "Seltzer Boy" was Allan Sherman's spoof of "Water Boy" on his first album, My Son, the Folk Singer.
  9. Too many funny photos like those introduce my coffee to my keyboard.
  10. Spirit gum is good for attaching a fake mustache so you can buy spirits.
  11. Healthy, wealthy and wise is what you get when you go to bed and get up early, which is too bad since I'm a night owl.
  12. Heat Lightning was a moody, atmospheric desert drama from 1934 starring Ann Dvorak and Lyle Talbot; it was remade in 1941 as Highway West.
  13. My dad built several kits for me, but finally I tackled this one all by my little 7-year-old self: Did manage to get it assembled, although I recall using the front shocks as grille decorations...
  14. Mary Woronov you got right, and Eating Raoul you got right. Keep trying! More hints: There's a maroon '53 Buick Skylark featured in the film, plus a white-over-blue '74 Coupe deVille (not a happy ending for that one). There's also a car name in the movie's title...
  15. OK, more hints: The star of the film started her career four years earlier in what many call "the worst movie musical EVER made". Two of the other cast members were previously in a movie about cannibalism (it was a comedy). The daughter of yet another cast member was one of the actresses who played Audrey Griswold.
  16. Subject and predicate are basic parts of sentence structure.
  17. Number is how I feel after a shot of Novocaine from the dentist.
  18. Let's do another. "Great car." "Thanks! I have 23 of them. You wanna go for a ride?" "More than you know!" Hint: DMK.
  19. Floyd Robertson and Earl Camembert were the hosts of SCTV News Today.
  20. Round2 would probably do well to tool up a van body for the ex-IMC Dodge A-100/Little Red Wagon.
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