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  1. On 1/14/2022 at 9:47 PM, Dave Metzner said:

    Just found photos of Tailights without backup lights. The way taillights will be done in this kit - like Plymouths  chromed part with red to be painted clear red - this may mean that there is not enough difference between taillight with backups and taillight without to make two different sets of parts simple difference would involve painting backup lenses white or not... I need to study this a bit. 

    I (or somebody) could get a little cottage industry going molding clear red resin taillights for Moebius kits! :lol:

  2. Wonder what sort of chassis would work under it to make a stock-ish driver? Maybe MPC '32 Chevy, with a Jeep flathead four-banger? At least it has a grille and horizontal ('34) hood louvers that the full-detail kit doesn't have.

    ETA: Just went down a Willys rabbit hole on the H.A.M.B. - there's considerable doubt as to whether ANY '33-'34 panels were made - apparently all the existing "early" ones are actually '35-'36s with earlier front end sheetmetal.

  3. Nice to see the Monte Carlo Super Stocker coming back. Still trying to think of a different body for that chassis that would blow a few minds... maybe Jo-Han '77 Caddy? tango_face_grin.png.29417af27c163421d5833793a434334f.png

    Rat Packer's a no-brainer, since the Moebius '65 is almost here; still don't know why they blew a similar opportunity with the '64 Comet when Moebius brought out their '65.

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  4. Adam, I keep getting a server error when voting, so just letting you know I'm in for the Midori Alfa Romeo!

    I see a lot of those kits would benefit greatly from some photoetched or hand-laced wire wheels...


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