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  1. Quite a few, but most of all: '56/'57 Continental Mark II '59 DeSoto Fireflite (in black!) '57 Buick Century
  2. Got another NOS original issue '63 Nova wagon interior; had to pay through the nose this time - word must be getting out about it having better detail than the new one. Now to order up the full detail kit...
  3. Link just goes to the main webpage for me, so let's try this:
  4. Good to know - either I can modify a Jo-Hann F-85 V8 to play the part for the '61, or look for a '62 wagon.
  5. Fine little kit - I have a neatly built '61 I inherited from a friend. I've stashed away all the underhood items from a scrapped JoHan '61 F-85 wagon in case I get ambitious and want to detail the engine compartment and put in a V-6 from the MPC Jeepster.
  6. My friend Matt, a video editor, has edited scenes from pretty much every version of A Christmas Carol into one complete film - it's pretty amazing how well it goes together, even when the main character switches back and forth from Alastair Sim to George C. Scott to Henry Winkler to Michael Caine to Mr. Magoo to Albert Finney to Bill Murray to Scrooge McDuck. One sort-of-Christmas movie I love is Federico Fellini's Ginger and Fred, starring Giulietta Masina and Marcello Mastroianni, about a couple of old Italian vaudevillians (whose act was imitating Astaire and Rogers) who are reunited to appear on a hilariously tacky TV Christmas special. Very funny and sentimental.
  7. A few more details: The Chrysler 300 grille was marked as a '62 on the package, but it's really a '61 due to the "CHRYSLER" lettering on the top - that was '61-only. Good to know if you want to convert a Jo-Han '61 New Yorker to a 300 - although I recall it being a little larger than the Jo-Han grille. The '57 Buick grille is different from the one in the old '57 Chevy kit; the parts pack one is wider and more curved - possibly Super/Roadmaster. The '60 Mercury grille has separate inner headlights like the custom piece in the '59 El Camino kit, but the lenses are molded in. (Anyone have both on hand to compare length?)
  8. My Yucca Valley Walmart not having kits has been sort of a running gag here, but as I passed by the crafts section (nowhere near the toys) the other day:
  9. Another childhood memory popped up: Topps discount department store in Niles, IL in '66 or so had a big tray full of unboxed '65 AMT promotionals. I got a turquoise Galaxie 500 hardtop and a white Falcon convertible (both played with to death long ago, although I've replaced the Galaxie).
  10. ...or at Lucerne Valley Market and Hardware? The hobby aisle has a little model section with some Tamiya armor/aircraft and Atlantis kits, plus a rack of Testors enamels. Little town way out in the CA high desert about 35 miles NW of Yucca Valley and about 15 miles SE of Victorville.
  11. That's not the half of it - found out yesterday the buyer flipped it to somebody in England for $40k!
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