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  1. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Dodge Charger and Chevorlet Camaro   

    lol, quite good to start with a Chevy! my first one is a Monte Carlo SS! and your chevy is obviously better than mine
  2. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Revell Trabant 601S   

    Ah, until you mentioned I didn't realize Trabant exists as a pickup sometimes! That would be fun but definitely challenging as the trunk needs some work also the rear bench seat along with quite a few panels. It would be out of my skill for the moment but I hope I would someday be able to make it
  3. orangechallenger added a post in a topic My first build   

    You were only ten back then? That's definitely great enough!
  4. orangechallenger added a post in a topic First build in 20+ years.   

    It's quite a cool car and I suppose this model reminds something nice from that decade?
  5. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Revell Trabant 601S   

    Oh well! You still have the kit designed at the time when Trabants were flooding from DDR! they designed it around 89 or 90, and somehow the model didn't come in a precise way ( the rear window leans more than real one ) however it's quite historical important as it came in the right time. I recommend you to try on this new one it's quite enjoying too ( if a bit more complex ) Just after finishing off it might be a bit too shiny and fresh for a Trabant
  6. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Revell Trabant 601S   

    Yup indeed! a Trabant ! somehow Revell managed to mold all kits exclusive to sedan ( limousine model actually ... Well ) on the same panel making it possible to create a wagon ( universal ? If I remember correctly ) version.
  7. orangechallenger added a post in a topic My first build   

    Definitely the ford looks better and keep going! My first model kit was a Morries Mini and .... Anyway yours look better than my Morries
  8. orangechallenger added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Greetings from Far East!
    Hey buddies, I'm from china however I used some tech stuff to load forum faster so my IP appears to be somewhere in states. But anyway I will start my junior year for university in states, Lawrence Tech from Southfield, M.I. in exact.

    I'm sometimes a tech geek also a literature one. Even though I have relative easier access to Asian models or JDMs, along with quite reasonable priced Skyline models by Tamiya, I have stronger preference to larger domestic ( made by big three ) coupes and sedans. but surely i wouldn't refuse a nice Skyline model made by Tamiya. Maybe my preference was more developed by the more presece of domestic models in my earlier years along with quite number of Impala made by Hotwheels at the time when I could barely say Impala.

    So far I built some moderate difficult kits at various scales and some of them can been seen @ www.flickr.com/photos/orangechallenger
    and among them I like the Tbird most since it's just my taste. I wish I could do a better job on the paintwork.

    I'm currently on my summer break and I get some time to work on my projects. I'm working on a Fiero by Monogram, and a Benetton-Ford B-192 by Tamiya. I guess it's quite some good time to do few model kits !

    That's all, glad to know you guys
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  9. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Greetings from Michigan   

    Hey buddy! I'm going to start my junior year in Lawrence Tech too! Great to know you!

    Btw, I'm nuts about matchbox diecast too, along with hotwheels and Johnny Lighting! and I'm fairly new to model kit ( I started building P51 Mustang and 70s Formula One snap kits around 10yo or 11 but my hobby was abandoned for quite a while until resumed recently ) , and I finished Revell Trabant 601s , '92 Ford Tbird SC, '95 Dodge Viper GTS and Impala SS...
  10. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Revell Trabant 601S   

    Thanks, and yup it's the best Revell model I ever did! I think VW T3 camper can be even better but more expensive at the same time
  11. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Revell Trabant 601S   

    Thanks..... Well, indeed I didn't see too many white model kit cars so far and until I made one I know why. It doesn't look quite good for many models, especially landyachts... But it's a different story for a Trabbie!
  12. orangechallenger added a post in a topic 1966 Volkswagen Beetle   

    oh I see, thank you... It definitely would hold my hood ( trunk, anyway ) from sliding down! That's quite a good advice to work on!
  13. orangechallenger added a post in a topic 1966 Volkswagen Beetle   

    it looks great! i made one without paint too but rather not that well refined...
    i like how you made the engine bay, but... how did you close the hood ( i dont know how to call it since this bug has the engine in the rear) , so perfectly? i didnt solve the problem of closing the gap in the rear

  14. orangechallenger added a post in a topic Revell Trabant 601S   

    i want to represent the theme of plastic communism symbol in their original and the most common shape, however it's not quite easy. and after some effort it's easily ignored unless a real white plastic is placed beside.
    and this kit is the best Revell i ever get, after making several old rear wheel drive coupes plus a Viper. the quality is signifigantly improved comparing to earlier models, and it contains quite more kits than average. and decals are quite rich, as they provided license plates from many counties around GDR and many country identification ( plus special one with two angry crosses on DDR's D and R )
  15. orangechallenger added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell Trabant 601S
    here is my recently completed Trabant 601S by Revell...
    basically it's a great model, very accurate and well made. but the problem comes from the paint as the real Trabant looks in not so white. i tried using silver spray from several feet away giving it very slight touch and then varnished for several coats ( however coats are much more than i expected, as i forgot water slide along with black trim on the side, not to mention vent .... )

    and i regret about the headlights as there werent chrome parts supplied, i simply assembled them. it would look better if with chrome paint inside. and i dont have amber to paint the taillights and most importantly i didnt paint the engine room!

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