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  1. Marc Weller added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Revell Slingster Size
    Does anyone else find this kit to be small for 1/25. The rear tires are of a considerably smaller diameter than those found in typical 60's Revell drag kits. Thoughts?
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  2. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Early '60s, NHRA legal Chevy C/Gas Supercharged 'gasser'   

    Killer, killer model and stunning photographs !!! Please tell me how you got those shots. 
  3. Marc Weller added a post in a topic '40 willys gasser motor...   

    If I'm remembering correctly it's an Olds so 303,324 or371
  4. Marc Weller added a post in a topic 1931 Model A Show Gasser   

    What was I thinking !!!! Probably C/A with that 283. Glad I didn't put any class stickers on yet.
  5. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Ed Roth's '53 Vette   

  6. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Ed Roth's '53 Vette   

  7. Marc Weller added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ed Roth's '53 Vette
      I'm probably not going to finish anything new anytime soon so I thought I'd dig into my showcase and dust off some oldies. I became friendly with Ed Roth in the early '80's when I was living in San Pedro and he was in nearby Cerritos. How I came to know Ed is a long story which I'll omit for the sake of brevity but, long story short, Ed was invited to the NNL Western Nationals in '85, I had moved to Oakland, and he and his wife were my houseguests for the weekend. We made these plans well in advance of the date so I had plenty of time to finish a Roth themed model in honor of his visit. So anyway, '53 Vette meets Beatnik Bandit. Interior, engine, wheels, and the iconic bubble top. I scanned an old Roth ad and printed it onto clear decal material. Pretty high tech for '85. I think I used a Xerox copier since I didn't have a computer or printer until '88. The paint is a Floquil Crystal Coat under Tamiya clear yellow. Still a bitchin' little model after all of these years IMHO. I just wish Ed were still around. RIP.

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  8. Marc Weller added a post in a topic 1931 Model A Show Gasser   

    Glue baby glue !!!
  9. Marc Weller added a topic in Under Glass   

    1931 Model A Show Gasser
    This one has been over in "On The Workbench" for awhile, now it's done. 

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  10. Marc Weller added a topic in Under Glass   

    1932 Ford Tudor beater hot rod
    Years ago, Pryor Passorino penned an article in Plastic Fanatic titled "Beaters" which featured a number of his real word appearing scale hot rods. These lightly weathered models were really a breath of fresh air in an age where everyone was competing to have the largest number of billet and photo etched pieces incorporated in their projects. I was inspired, and my building took a definite turn in that direction for a number of years. I still build glossy, liberally chromed show rods but I alternate with the type of build you see here. I started this in 2010 and finished it, literally, the morning of the Spirit of Speed Contest in Pomona a few weeks ago. The engine is the AMT Parts Pack 421 Poncho which originates in the '65 Grand Prix. I love that sidesaddle 4 barrel manifold although I have never seen one on a real car. The Moon tank is aftermarket, MAS if I recall correctly. Modelhaus tires which I chucked into my Dremel and dusted with an airbrush. Missing headlight with wires hanging out, primer spots, oxidation, mismatched wheels, etc. I don't know if you can see the shift knob but it is a beer tap handle made by stretching sprue that is first carved into a square cross section then tinted with Tamiya yellow. Note the  blue tinted glass and period decals. Man. I'd like to build a 1:1 replica of this model !!!!!

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  11. Marc Weller added a post in a topic '31 Ford Tudor   

    Exactly, I picked up a bunch of that stuff at a Michael's two for one sale. This is the T that inspired the model. I decided to do the '31 because Revell sent me the kit to review. I never did the review but I finally finished the model. They haven't sent any kits in awhile!!

  12. Marc Weller added a post in a topic '31 Ford Tudor   

    Modelhaus 5.60 X 14's. Don't know the kit source, maybe an old promo? Any guesses?
  13. Marc Weller added a post in a topic '31 Ford Tudor   

    I filled the block with this stuff and run it on alcohol.

  14. Marc Weller added a post in a topic '31 Ford Tudor   

    Almost ready for prime time. Moon tank is mounted. Grille shell is attached, you can't see the blue tinted plexi grille shell filler in in the photo but it is there and you can look through it and see the timing cover and fuel pump (still waiting for plumbing). Body and fenders are attached. Still need to do grille shell supports. The shifter ball is the coolest part on the whole model. I held some clear styrene sprue vertically over a candle until it formed a droplet shape. Since the styrene boiled, It formed little bubbles inside. I initially planned to make a Tiki head out of Milliput but I couldn't pull it off. I like this just as well. Next post under glass.

  15. Marc Weller added a post in a topic '31 Ford Tudor   

    Finished the headers last night. Had to change the flange angle so they would clear the fenders. Also created new flanges since the original ones were way too thick. Alcad chrome works well against the kit chrome. Moon tank and grille shell tonite. A few odds and ends and I'm done. Hmm, I have another unfinished project from 2010. Maybe I can thrash on that one, I have a few days to go.