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  1. Outstanding job. The vinyl room treatment is perfect. Can you share your technique ?
  2. Thank you everyone for your comments.
  3. It's done. Moved to under glass !!
  4. I started this one in May of 2020 and finished it the other night. Mostly stock Ertl/AMT 55 Nomad with the addition of Pegasus wheels/tires and some suspension mods to get the stance right. Createx water based candies and pearls, HOK urethane clear. This is the third paint job !!!! Time to get to work on something else.
  5. Thanks! I’m committed to the pinwalls and chrome reverse rims from Pegasus. Might do a black wash to bring out wheel detail.
  6. Thanks David, your comment is greatly appreciated.
  7. It’s laundry bag material.
  8. Looks like I may actually finish this one !!!
  9. You guys are going to think I am out of my mind but, after my Riviera turned out so well I became disenchanted with the paint job on the Nomad. I particularly disliked the purple accent around the side trim. Ultimately I dropped into Autozone and picked up some brake fluid. My brakes work great but my model needed a new paint job soooooooo, after a couple of weeks we have this. The 2K clear came loose pretty easily but the Createx sealer really stuck and I wound up having to sand it off. I reprimed with Tamiya grey primer, sealed with Createx silver sealer and followed that with Createx white pearl. I was shooting for platinum pearl like the Mantaray but it turned out closer to silver than I had hoped. We'll see how the clear affects it. The roof was done with a laundry bag and Createx Candy 2o purple with candy black fades around the perimeter. If I screw up the clear this one goes in the trash can. 2o.
  10. Dang !! The Predicta wheels I thought I had magically disappeared !! So I picked up 2 sets of chrome reverse wheels from Pegasus in their place, pinwalls and medium walls. I’m going with the latter. I did the Elmer’s glue mockup and this thing has the proper stance right out of the box !!
  11. Usually when the paint turns out well the model gets finished. I think that is going to be the case here. Createx pearl white base, Candy 2o yellow shot through a laundry bag on the roof followed by Candy 2o red fading around the edges . All topped with HOK 2K clear. I’m gonna use the Predicta wheels and tires, otherwise everything out of the box. I’ll start foiling tomorrow.
  12. Thanks everyone for your comments. Time to get to work on the next one !!
  13. Wow, Clyde you are too kind. I'm certainly a fan of Himsl, Winfield, Jr. Conway, Larry Watson and all of the great custom painters from that era !! I spend way too much time looking at lowriders on Pinterest. There are probably more great '60's style custom painters out there now than there ever was in the '60's.
  14. I finished my Riv last night. First completed project in a year or so. I need to pick up the pace so I can finish several hundred more projects in my lifetime. I'm only 67 so it shouldn't be a problem. Ertl yellow plastic Riviera mostly out of the box with the exception of Pegasus wheels and tires. Paint done with Createx water based stuff and a House of Color 2K clear coat.
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