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  1. Like to see this again

    One of my favorites !!
  2. 1931 Model A Show Gasser

    Wheels and tires are Modelhaus stuff. Paint is Testors Lacquer and, if I recall correctly, I mixed purple and silver metalflake 50:50 and finished with urethane clear.
  3. Ed Roth Mysterion

    Jeff is a Fisher Guild alumnus. Had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing the car last year. The book is amazing. Highly recommended.
  4. Story of Jo Han models.

    Looks like the story has been removed from the site
  5. My latest beater

    Thanks for your interest. I'm using an iphoneX and a couple of studio lights.
  6. My latest beater

    I got started building weathered street rods years ago after reading an article titled "Beaters" by Pryor Passorino in Plastic Fanatic. Since then I've been learning techniques from the military guys and applying them to my hot rod efforts. My latest will be based on the venerable Monogram '36 tool that has been around since I was a kid. I'll be using the Revell 2 in 1 "Car Show " version. Getting the proper stance is no more difficult than substituting a length of evergreen channel for the stock front crossmember. The rear is already perfect. Floquil rust applied to the whitewalls provides a more realistic yellowed appearance. I used the salt and hairspray technique to accomplish the rust spots. I used Testors enamels and Pantene hairspray. The body is first airbrushed with Testors rust, followed by and application of hairspray and a dusting of salt in the desired areas. There are a million Youtubes demonstrating this technique. Next comes a layer of flat white followed by the color which is a 50:50 mix of green and blue metal flake. Finally the salted areas are sanded with 400 grit. I will follow all of this with a layer of Testers Dullcoat. I've decided to go hoodless and will install a blown flathead. More to follow.
  7. What do you drive?

    My '29 roadster.
  8. '50 Merc Lakes Racer

    You are correct and I considered that but it just looked cooler this way and I'm gonna display it with the hood off.
  9. '50 Merc Lakes Racer

    I've been to every Speedweek since '03 (even the rainouts!!). I love the show cars in attendance (Speed Demon, Stupidbaker, Blowfish, etc.) but I have a real soft spot for the beaters which are the inspiration for this, my latest project.
  10. Bantam Competition Coupe

    Kay Sissell had a slingshot with a pair of 6's !!!! No blowers though. Blown inliners are common at Bonneville, less so at the drags although I can recall seeing a blown Supra motored RED running comp eliminator in recent years.
  11. Bantam Competition Coupe

    Putting the finishing touches on this one. GMC block from the AMT '50 Chevy pickup with Fisher head from the AMT '51 Chevy Hardtop. Slingster , or as I like to call Little Sizzler, frame, body, wheels. I used the blower from the Slingster and scratch built the intake from an image I found online. Machined the pulleys and magneto. I used the Slingster header tubes in combination with the the flange from the '51 Chevy kit. Alcad sure does a killer job !!! This one will be under glass in a week or so.
  12. Revell Slingster Size

    Does anyone else find this kit to be small for 1/25. The rear tires are of a considerably smaller diameter than those found in typical 60's Revell drag kits. Thoughts?
  13. Early '60s, NHRA legal Chevy C/Gas Supercharged 'gasser'

    Killer, killer model and stunning photographs !!! Please tell me how you got those shots.
  14. '40 willys gasser motor...

    If I'm remembering correctly it's an Olds so 303,324 or371
  15. 1931 Model A Show Gasser

    What was I thinking !!!! Probably C/A with that 283. Glad I didn't put any class stickers on yet.