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  1. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Tennis Balls for Injectors   

    So many responses and so quickly !!! Thanks Guys, greatly appreciated. MW
  2. Marc Weller added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Tennis Balls for Injectors

    I'd like to plug some 1/25th scale velocity stacks with tennis balls as was standard practice in the sixties. Any suggestions?

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  3. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Li'l Gypsy Wagon - Kitbash   

    Great tips, thanks! What paint are you using for dry brushing?
  4. Marc Weller added a post in a topic AMT double dragster?   

    It is based on a Dragmaster frame. Just do a search for Jim Nelson or Dragmaster and there will be plenty of information. The Revell Part Pack frame was a Chassis Research frame, another producer of off the shelf dragster frames in the mid century period. MW
  5. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Front Engine Dragster: The Old Master   

    Here's my favorite version of the Old Master. I built this 10 or 15 years ago using the Tony Nancy 1/16th scale FED by Revell and the 392 from the Aurora Racing Scenes series. Bruce Wheeler and Al Friedman were my heroes when I was a youngster and I spent a large portion of my adolescence hanging out at the speed shop where they worked. The model was on display at the NHRA Motorsports Museum for a number of years, along with my modest collection of Wheeler Dealer memorabilia.

    I even lettered my pickup as a tribute to that shop

  6. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Don Nicholson '61 Impala OS/S.   

    Here's Mine :

  7. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Show us YOUR patina. Good or bad.   

    MPC '32 Tudor with Modelhaus wheels and tires

    AMT Parts Pack 421 Pontiac

    Beer tap shift handle from stretched sprue

    Another angle

  8. Marc Weller added a post in a topic Bonneville Studillac, progress Aug. 24   

    That really looks great. Where did you find those wheels and tires?