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  1. Hey Bill, Thanks for checking in. I’ve most of the interior done, working on the engine. Finished tinting the glass (purple), that’s current status. Thanks for the motivation. I need to pick up the pace !
  2. Thanks Tim !! Yes I was a crew member on the Voodoo nostalgia top fuel car and later the former Mike Dunn Yankee's T/F car after it was acquired by the Voodoo team. As far as big car guys who are (or were in this case) avid modelers I have to mention Jack Davis (RIP) who built headers for Warren Johnson and many sportsman racers. Jack was a fanatic modeler and you can see his stuff in early publications like R&C Models and Car Model. A number of his models are on display at the NHRA Motorsports Museum.
  3. Loving the t-bird wheel covers and the body mods and stance are terrific. Finish this one !!!
  4. Paint looks fantastic. What brand are you using?
  5. I know it's been awhile. I haven't bailed on this project, but I've made some major changes. The more I looked at that graphic the more I thought "fish eggs". I dunno. I like caviar on a cracker but not on a '55 Nomad. The solution (no pun intended) was a brake fluid bath and starting all over. I've been watching a ton of YouTube videos about Createx products and I have been wanting to go water based if, for no other reason, the health benefits. So here's my first attempt at a water based custom paint job. I used all Createx water based products. White Sealer Base, Pearlized White, Candy20 purple mixed with Balancing Clear, and finally, ULVS clear. I pretty much loved everything but the ULVS and I'll probably head back to 2K for my next project. I'm just going to be super careful about safety precautions. P.S. foiling this thing was too much work and I'm not done!!! Need to pick my next project with that in mind !!!
  6. Time to get back to this one. I found this stash of Predicta parts I scored at some swap meet 25 years ago, two complete Predictas minus bubble tops. I love the Predicta wheels and tires and I'll use them on future projects but the 1/24th scale Hemi is a perfect choice for my '36 and I'll use it now. I won't need to mess with ignition wires since they are concealed on this particular Hemi variant, a major bonus. Already fabbed motor mounts. No idea why that old Monogram tool has a notch in the firewall. I'm gonna go with a permanently attached hood and open sides so I'm not going to bother fixing it. Gonna need to figure out a way to provide clearance for the fan/pulley assembly. Probably going to grind the boss off of the front of the motor and notch the crossmember. I want to keep the front end as low as possible so I need to keep the existing crossmember.
  7. Which clear? it really sparkles !! The foil is awesome as well.
  8. This one is done. All kinds of fit issues in final assembly. Blame it on builder incompetence, it’s a great kit and the Flintstone body is terrific. I’ll take some good pictures later to post under glass.
  9. You might think about shooting some dullcoat then buffing it with one of those fabric softener sheets you throw in the dryer. I’ve had good luck with that technique. BTW that dash looks awesome.
  10. David was correct. The firewall relief was not adequate to clear the engine location. In fact, trying to use the stock Cadillac mounting points was a stupid idea which I remedied by fabricating new forward mounts and a new transmission mount bringing the engine forward to a more reasonable location The interior is going to be nearly invisible between the chop and the blue tinted glass so I didn't get too carried away. Just some detail painting and a shifter fabbed from some stainless tubing. The V butted windshields turned out way better than I expected. Ignore that shmutz on the passenger side. Just some lens cleaner I neglected to dry. Just need to finish the exhaust system, add shocks, mount wheels, and liberally dust the undercarraige and she'll be ready for the showcase.
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