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  1. Alpal added a post in a topic OLDMAN ENGINEER PROJECT 57 CHEVY   

    This chevy build is absolutely wonderful. Im jealous. It all looks very realistic. Cant wait to see the finished product
  2. Alpal added a post in a topic Anybody Interested In A New Body?   

    Hi, Im Alan. Im new to this site and have just been looking through many of the threads and came across this thread. Im from Australia. I don't want this to sound like a silly idea but I have seen so many models of American muscle cars and I there I have no problem with. I really love them. Heck im currently building a customized 57 chev belair with opening doors etc. I have bought many many parts from TDR and absolutely love the quality of the parts and in the next couple of weeks I am intending in purchasing more parts. Im just putting out there as a possible idea for a new body maybe some Australian classic muscle car bodies like Holden Monaro's, Ford GTHO's, Holden Torana etc etc. I no its not exactly possible I just thought I could throw the idea around as here in Australia I can not find anyone who builds large scale aussie models. Im not one to whinge about things. Thanks Alan