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  1. MrHelZa added a post in a topic Tamiya MK4 Supra   

    But isn't that a crime against humanity to make a supra without a HUGE turbo?
    Naah just kidding
    Looking great bro!
  2. MrHelZa added a post in a topic Volvo V50 brass 1/28   

    Hi again!
    Thanks to you all for your intrest!

    And Cliff, I fully understand your confusion. Honestly, I actually don´t know how I would answer you. I got the idea a long time ago from structural pictures of Volvo V50 and fell in love to her immediately. I can´t tell you a clear reason to that why I only make the body. This just would lose its deeper meaning for me if I made the whole car. I hope you understand what I mean.
  3. MrHelZa added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Volvo V50 brass 1/28
    No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. I am, really, I mean really, making a brass model of this boring and slow estate family car that no-one could ever even think making a model car of. But, this differs a bit from what you are thinking now. Here´s the idea: Only the body. Nothing else. And with a little bonus, this time even without two fighting kids, a labrador retriever in the trunk, shopping bags from hypermarket and a yapping wife!

    © Jim Ellis Volvo of Marietta Parts
    This is the best picture to show what I am thinking. Just imagine those parts combined without doors, hood and trunk door and that´s about all it´s gonna have.

    Today I started making the mold. I will first do the outer parts(first picture part numbers 3, 7 and 8), then continue with floor and engine room and ehh, well, then I guess it´s done!

    Hope to get you some pictures soon.
    Cheers, Elias
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