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  1. Muscle added a post in a topic Patina trick   

    U betcha!

  2. Muscle added a post in a topic Patina trick   

    Ya exactly like that awesome build by the way!😄
  3. Muscle added a post in a topic Patina trick   

    Your welcome
  4. Muscle added a post in a topic : How To Build Homicide Doors For Your Scale Model   

    I love suicide doors they look awesmazing!!!!
    Just a difference of opinion
  5. Muscle added a post in a topic Patina trick   

    did this with a bigger brush =bigger scale

  6. Muscle added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Patina trick
    Im new to this forum only 12 years old and bored so i thought i would write this rust how to.
    -black acrylic paint
    -orange acrylic paint
    -brown acrylic paint
    - about half a centimeter flat paint brush (depends on the scale and how big you want the patches to be)

    Dab one paint color (whatever one) in to a small patch. Then another, blend the paint so there is a little contrast but it still blends together
    Use very little paint if you want it to look to scale because the paint will spread in to big patches then it looks weird and out of scale.

    Sorry for no pics but i don't know how to post them here because i am using my phone. If you don't understand just tell me i will explain more if needed.
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  7. Muscle added a post in a topic "Let me check the glove box."   

    That is awesome Mikey