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  1. looks cool but it seems like it needs biger tires:)
  2. looks great i would love to do a kitbash with a dodge and that tow truck bed
  3. looks great do you know if that model is still avalible for sale i would like one for the drivetrain parts and engine for a kit bash i wanna do
  4. i have an 83 i am also looking for an early 80s truck im currently messing around with the little red express truck kit. i do have a custom bed made for it i will try and get pics when its all done im doing a 4x4 w150 from the 80s
  5. im trying to do a strait axle conversion on a model i have can i see some pics of how you did yours please
  6. any chance you will be selling them i wanna do a 4x4 van
  7. OMFG i have an 83 dodge 1.1 i wanna do a model of is the little red express truck easy to find and can i get some info on that bed
  8. i would do dodge blue and i have the same kit but im trying just getting back into it. i would try and do stacks on it if you do a cummins in it
  9. any new picks of this truck i have the same truck but i wanna see how you did the 3/4 ton axles
  10. Hey. let me tell you a little about my self. im 19 and i have always been into modeling but havent been able to do that. now i can and i will be doing some build logs of what i build
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