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  1. If your on Facebook, check M & R wheels also, they are machined aluminum and very nice..reasonable pricing too
  2. Moving right along ! That basswood will look awesome on your trailer
  3. Awesome job Tom JT has to be going bonkers over all the orange paint jobs going on now lol
  4. Glad to see your back bashing on the Bison !
  5. My parents owned several of these, really brings back fond memories of riding to school every day. Ours definitely didnt look stylish as this Awesome work
  6. Great job on the corrections ! That vent would've been tedious work to make from scratch lol Like the bronze color choice
  7. Thanks ! That's why I enjoy this forum so much, they're so many people willing to offer advice to builders . Those master club patterns look very good w tons of options I didnt realize were available
  8. Hermann- thanks !!! That's certainly a tool I would use constantly. I usually use those random pieces of odd shape scraps for my discs, the hex punches would work perfectly. Thanks again !
  9. Looks like a straight frame !!!! Very challenging w all the ejector pins you had to clean up, well done Looking forward to your updates
  10. These would definitely be another option . Jamie at moluminum uses these . Their resin and come in sizes perfect for our needs. I'm gonna order a few packages for future builds . I really like the stud , making them appear more life like
  11. This is the punch set I purchased years ago while building armor, it's been very handy. https://www.micromark.com/Micro-Punch-Set The meng bolts I use come in small and large size...and different shapes you'd find useful.
  12. Wow !!!! Your build is rolling right along . The shorter trailer will look good behind your truck, and already can see the apocalyptic look coming Tank tracks on fenders !!! Nice I doubt the real tins could support the weight of those without massive supports but it's part of the insane looks of the build well done
  13. Awesome looking Pete Tom ! The rack really looks good on there. Wondering where those furry critters ended up, been pretty quiet lately 🤡
  14. Thanks! They're excellent for parts like this where ya need details to stand out . I've used common hex rod too when needed Thanks, luckily I took several photos of the gearbox . I really like the meng bolts for details. Hex rod works too, but I'm very inconsistent w thickness when cutting em .
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