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  1. Beautiful work The black foil really highlighted the belt line trim too, and the engine bay looks fantastic
  2. Finally started polishing out the body during another rain storm passed thru drenching us yet again. I went over body lightly w 2k wet , then polishing w Novus 2. Then the foil started ..billboard trim first I'm waiting for another pack of foil , after this one was drying out and had numerous wrinkles that fell on the cut sections Any feedback welcome
  3. Well done grafting the 2 halves together, it definitely looks better as a tandem JT is gonna love the color scheme too 😆 Glad to hear everyone made out okay after another serious storm passing thru . Luckily being in NY we've had a couple storms , but man the mosquitoes this yr are dreadful. Hard to enjoy few dry days when the little blood suckers are out in droves
  4. Nailed the look , beautiful model trailer That subtle exhaust staining along the side looks excellent too
  5. Sounds like I need another bucket of popcorn...definitely watching your car hauler come together
  6. Rhino is a fantastic kit of an unusual subject ! looking forward to your build Takom is known for engineering detailed subjects
  7. Another outstanding truck addition to the Bee fleet ! Hopefully Nick isn't sticking around long and cause you any issues
  8. Remarkable work ! Looking forward to your update
  9. Nice work Pat ! Your really nailing the looks on the hauler, even when it sounds like its fighting you every turn
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