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  1. The cab and hood look very good with that stripe pattern Fantastic restoration too
  2. Progress looks good ! Good thing ya noticed the color difference early on
  3. Very nice work The interior details really sell this as a hard working truck
  4. Looks good from here ! Going 0/0 opens up several unique options . Estes has that yellow orange color w black, very cool combo..and the chrome wheels could be toned down w 0000 steel wool lightly to create a dull aluminum sheen ! Who's gonna critique ya for creating a model that the fleet may have picked up at auction ... Carry On. !
  5. nice details throughout ! looks ready to roll with all the air lines too, really like the wire looms tip
  6. Bummer on the leg , glad ya can at least find relaxation puttering w a build
  7. All your work is paying off, really like the random metal sheens on the parts . Patiently waiting for your paint choice ....figure it out yet ? the deadline has been extended to Dec 31st , so you'll have plenty of time . Trying for 6 months was too tight especially those that rely on decent outdoor temps for painting
  8. Oh..the brbo has been extended also to dec 31st again
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