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  1. I know..sorry about that..their scheming again around my house . Heard the younger one, hes kinda shy mumble something about a snowdog..a loud snowdog.. He did catch me looking at this photo
  2. Sounds like a Plan !!! Break out the envisioning tool !!!
  3. Now your ROCKING !!! That's gonna be awesome looking next to your other trucks
  4. When I built the Russian Maz 537 , I dirtied the wood after in place. I broke corners away , and weathered w thinned oil very very thin solutions of a few . Powered dust was last . A gray wash over all for a sun faded look , w drips of oil in select spots . Thinned sienna or burnt umber, run around made convincing aging . Best advice I got from armor builders was try a section on spare wood..get a feel for how itll look..ohh and let the layers dry a little before the next or they tend to mix
  5. Looks good ! Getting the older designed frames square and level is a chore but when done they work out
  6. The cage work is fantastic, always enjoy your craftsmanship with brass
  7. Definitely watching this develop, and know its gonna be awesome. During my trip to Barney dickenson and seeing the boom crane there, it's a project I know you'll hit a homerun
  8. Very well done weathering The entire build looks great
  9. Lockdown day...never mind I've lost track ! I swear it feels like reruns of Groundhog day The boom is mounted !!! I wrapped the belt , built in some droop, and locked it down for good ! now it needs sway braces , and a million other small details before being finished...hopefully that's gonna be very soon
  10. Thanks Vince ! Gotta thank Tom B for the suggestion to pinstripe the white instead of wider stripes I was having a time laying out evenly . The last puzzle piece was priming the conveyor boom, I originally over built making a 5 minutes job eat up hrs . But it's in color now ready to accept its belt ! next time ya see it, that will be installed!!
  11. Nice change Tom ! You'll have it whipped in no time
  12. Ya know Kerry..on a hooker it's all about pulling power..the more ya can pull the more load can be moved lol Guess I've been watching too many episodes of HTH , and Mighty Moe
  13. Outstanding work !!! I actually thought it was a few reference photos at first, then realized it was a model lol. Glad Joe came thru on the artwork, they look perfect on this workhorse Congrats on a fabulous build , and thanks for participating
  14. Looks awesome Tom ! Thanks for suggesting this build , and helping me get going on it !! I'll be along shortly with a finished combo, waiting on the wheels to roll this up
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