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  1. Let me check , I likely have a set available.
  2. That's fantastic news, I really enjoyed putting mine together and the fit was excellent
  3. Outstanding work !! I really like following builds like these , shows how simple items laying around can be turned into assembled parts. Great tip on the half rounds too, I've always struggled with getting them to curve without kinking
  4. Hey Jerry , ya the plant isn't far from where I live I didnt know much about trucks till being on here, then touring the museum really gives an appreciation of their popularity. Several gentlemen in our classic car club actually worked at the plant ...its awesome to listen to their stories
  5. I've always used bleach white over night soak then wash w dawn dish soap in cool water . Super clean also turned a few resin parts into a mess , I only use it now for stripping chrome
  6. If your talking about the small side glass, I'd recommend making them from any plastic container, or acetate sheet. Usually it's much thinner appearing much more in scale .
  7. Ok thanks ! I gotta fab the dump box anyway sure the parts bin will have the bits I'll need for air cleaner Nice work on yours
  8. Yeah doesn't look that difficult, just looking around to see if any kits used it . Thanks
  9. Okay I'm searching for this style air cleaner if anyone knows of a source I'd appreciate it! I recently adopted another Husky ...hope it gets along with my squirrels.. This is gonna be my new snow dog ..
  10. Thank you ! I appreciate the feedback CabDriver - my process for painting was 2 mist coats then 2 or 3 moderate wet . I wanted a good tacky coat since the humidity was insane. I nearly always end up w fogging or a milky coat w lacquer, something my buddies remind me to let each coat rest and it will generally clear up. This clear like most lacquer shrink back after curing causing my paint to dull slightly..a light wet sanding and buffing usually helps it pop back Hope that helps
  11. Wow thanks everyone ! Every build finished or started deserved an award Special thanks to Driptroit 71 for hosting the BRBO keeping it running smoothly
  12. Well..its finished !!! Quick fun build before getting back to scratch building . Sorry my pics are cell quality..any criticism or feedback welcome! finally the Coyote thanks for following along Jeff
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