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  1. KW Oil Field truck

    Ronnie - I already got evicted to an upstairs bedroom after daughter was born, but beats the damp basement lol I'll just have to get creative rearranging furniture, I know better than leave a model on the wifes China cabinet
  2. Highway thru Hell

    Been watching hth and 410 every week pretty decent show Really figured Jamie would lose his cool after the new guy tore up the gearbox on Mghty moe clearly trying to recover truck way out of that wreckers league..but gotta learn the hard way Glad they still include the heavy rotators cant get enough seeing them pick wrecks up and move them around like toys..
  3. 1/87 Kenworth C500 with w900A Hood

    Very nice has a great heavy duty look Glad I got ya back into working on it Really like the spare tire carrier , something mines gonna have inspired by the US Army 6x6 Buffalo..
  4. KW Oil Field truck

    Ronnie Burns - thanks for answering the question about the builder of the oil field truck, it took me awhile to realize it was a model it's very convincing! Thanks for following along Its gonna be a very long truck for sure ! I'm sure after all the major parts are added I'll need more shelf space lol
  5. KW Oil Field truck

    Oh the excavator riding? Haha probably just a water tank now ..but that would've been sick Heres kinda the direction I'm going..subject to change
  6. KW Oil Field truck

    Thanks Kerry ! I m taking a page from your build manual lol
  7. KW Oil Field truck

    Thanks Sam ! It's really well built , not the gopher snot glue normally seen on older builds ! Taking a queue from dr Kerry and just building something wild using numerous photos for ideas..one shows a water tank being winched off bed I'm definitely interested in Hey Brian ! Yeah I ordered right from Harold, fortunately he still had them. Their listed as discontinued when sold out... The whole package arrived a week after ordering , very pleased . Course now those tires aren't being used on this build..lol
  8. KW Oil Field truck

    I REALLY wanted to use KFS' Terra swamp tires, but after mocking up, I didnt have an acceptable amount of clearance under the hardbar beam..drats ! The photo has the axle incorrectly mounted under the beam.. so I stubbornly decided to check a taller option..and it worked ! Something else I stumbled on was how close the trunnion would be without adding a spacer..looked like a top fuel dragster from behind..lol I used a 1/4 inch spacer , finally deciding on 1/8 gave a good width. Last up the frame gets stripped and add fishplates to stiffen everything up...sanding off the rails before adding 040 strips yes..the frames staying that long..adding a decent size twin winch tower , and scale 24 ft bed works out !
  9. KW Oil Field truck

    Well after a fantastic trade w Sam I Am , I acquired a project oil field truck someone had previously started...well let's have some fun and build it ! I ve never built one, but heavy construction trucks appeal to me..so follow along , feel free to add suggestions or constructive feedback along the way ! Heres where it all started.. these are Sam's photos.. I decided to build a " winch / bed " truck, since they all appear custom built I could just fly by the seat of my pants and build something crazy..so its gonna have a 6x6 driven front axle , off road tires , a couple winches..and of course a 12v71 T mated to an Allison auto. So far I have the front steering axle , random tires and hubs from KFS and an insane Hardbar suspension from AITM..unsure of the rating on that baby
  10. Father-In-Law's 1940 IHC Log Truck Replica

    Very nice replica Tom !
  11. BRBO 2019 Mack R

    Thanks ! Nice to see ya back on the forums Thank you I tried to keep this one a simple working truck without much flair
  12. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    Definitely will mean more restoring it then just buying new plastic ! Following
  13. Autocar dump coming this summer

    Just a decent size of rubber all around , get those low rider rubber off it lol But everyone has a look their after , I've been hanging around Chris D too long
  14. Autocar dump coming this summer

    Toss the kit tires , stick some huge resin spokes under this truck and give it the look it deserves..imho
  15. Kenworth conventional restoration

    Nice save ! Your other KW is about to get the treatment, a large body resin goodies arrived from UK. Dave Natale cast up a gorgeous set of HEAVY duty rear axles and springs..its gonna be a riot to restore !