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  1. Cool plan it will look good as a day cab tractor, much less work too. Add the 5th wheel and some fenders and your done
  2. Cool project ! I see your delivery of squirrels arrived , they love getting builds sidetracked
  3. Yes, the sides overhang the wheels. They'll end up buried looking , but it might not bother ya. Cutting 1/8" off each bed side is all you'd need for surgery if you decide to correct it!
  4. other than the wrecker bed being 1/4 inch too wide, it builds up like every other AMT Pete . The tow cable could easily be sourced from the craft section at wally world, or hobby lobby . If you chose to leave the wrecker bed as is, it'll overhang the rear wheels a noticeable amount.
  5. huge group of entrants this year w a wide variety of planned projects
  6. @landman looking forward to your Autocar wrecker! Your gonna want to narrow the bed 1/8" off each side using that bed I read somewhere its too wide.
  7. Auction sites have several packer bodies for sale , wish I'd saved the images of a few opened up. I have a local disposable company nearby , maybe ill allow me a few pics
  8. The colors look great together Looking forward to the trash packer
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