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  1. Kenworth K100

    Great looking KW
  2. TAT 2018 Dodge LT1000 Wrecker

    Stunning Your build inspired me to purchase the GMC Crackerbox from Dave, these older cab overs really strike me
  3. Looking for nice roof-mounted airhorns

    PM replied Your very welcome
  4. Looking for nice roof-mounted airhorns

    I probably have a set of mack ones if your interested, they'll be from the dm800 kits. I'll confirm tonite and let ya know. Ok here's what I have ..a set from an R model Mack, a pair from a paystar 5000 kit or a set w covers from the Peterbilt 359 can do wrecker . The set without the sprue frame are from the paystar, set on left from Mack R and finally the square end ones from pete 359 If they work just send me your address via PM and I'll send them asap HTH Jeff
  5. MACK DM600, 5-th wheel dumper

    Nice job !! Like the work effects on the frame and engine really gives it a work horse appearance. Really like the wheels too, always thought the tires have an unusually wide appearance Mine didn't wear away as planned kept coming off in bigger spots than I liked. I cleaned it off and redoing the layers. I used tamiya acrylics for top coat..next time back to testors enamel..always been happy w wear
  6. Favorite Car

    Man great minds think alike !! Mine is a 71 convertible w 350 rocket..rides like a caddy just plain fun car . I've always wanted a 72 442 convertible though
  7. 1976 Autocar A64B dedicated to JR

    Beautiful work !!
  8. US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer

    I started weathering the tractor while the trailer sealer dried..I used AK sand /desert camo Panel liner like a wash..then streaked the pigments w testors. I really like the used look it created..hopefully you'll agree More to come !
  9. Class 325 Chevy/Maxim fire truck

    Very nice work !
  10. US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer

    The options for a load were numerous, anything the US military used from mid 80s to early 90s would fit...the Abrams would be great option, this truck had just enough capability to haul one..just. My duty station on Ft Hood had a fantastic museum of captured Iraqi equipment brought back after Desert storm. I had chose an Iraqi Auf 1 SPG which France sold them years before. The huge turret and 155mm barrel looks cool..I had started years ago..ironically it was from Meng also ! Here's the load I'll spray this Iraqi sand..much lighter than the US used..should make an interesting contrast. The one issue I caused by loading trailer, I'll either need to replace the winch cables to reach this tank to appear as it's being loaded..or add chain binders to strap it down Thanks for following any comments welcome
  11. US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer

    Thanks everyone I really appreciate you following along ! I started creating the worn paint on the M747 today, after giving it a light coat of dirt cheap hairspray. First up was a coat of NATO green over the HS , letting it dry about 20 minutes. Tools I use for the next step..warm tap water , fine sanding stick, and a couple old brushes w the ends cut very close to the ferrule. Anything works, this parts fun..use your imagination how tracks would move across the metal..and chip away. Working a small section, dabbing water first then scuffing, scraping, and chipping away . Te water dissolves the HS removing the coat above it !!! If ya mess up..spray another color coat and try again !! Keeping it random makes it more interesting imo. A few bare spots broke thru , but I'll fix that during the next cycle. After it dries, I'll seal w future, then add the next color and repeat! I stayed away from edges intentionally, I'll use the sponge chipping for that..more controlled. More to come !
  12. US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer

    Thanks Charles ! I'll definitely check shapeways. Heard rumor resin tires were available around fall.! Just a small update tonite..the tractor is painted except a few cab parts ! I added a few bits on firewall to fill the empty space...after setting the hood on..it was all in vain. Oh well we know they're under it lol. The engine will get oiled up and exhaust rusted before closing up I'll seal the paint w future, then add oil leaks, fuel spills and wear n tear . Course our environmentally friendly military wouldn't spill any fuels lol I started the dash details, more to come. Those tiny red spots are circuit breakers !! The M747 has its base green applied, next will be sand along the sides and bottom. I'm trying something to show the worn paint on the deck . I sprayed alclad steel ( it looks more black than steel ) where I figured the most wear would be. Next a coat of hairspray then green. I'll chip that away, seal w clear..and repeat w the sand..eventually I hope for a scuffed metal peeking thru under the other layers More to come !
  13. US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer

    Ben - sounds good ! I used tamiya buff/ deck tan 50-50 for this w a NATO green base for shadows. I read these trucks..and everything deployed to Saudi Arabia were repainted before going into theater w local paints which faded and peeled off quickly. I figured a hastily painted truck , weathered mildly was appropriate. I did find out..meng sprues needed a good cleaning before paint..unusual for this brand. I hit areas of mold release i thought were clean.