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  1. Very cool project!! Turned out fantastic
  2. Looks good from here ! Stretching frames used to be taboo..now its an everyday part of modelers skills that really makes for for interesting builds imo
  3. Beautiful work love the old buses !
  4. Definitely like the wheel swap, it looks more in proportion now . Following
  5. Steller work, and its 1/24 scale !!! I have the little brother to it in 1/35, and yours is a beast Well done
  6. Amazing work, and inspiring to everyone to show what's possible with good pics and research ! Funny ya mentioned the 4100 XL ...I have access to one and photos will be taken
  7. Looks like sam I am had what you seek , but was going to suggest kit form services in the UK , Harold has the suspension also
  8. I just picked up these tires and wheels from Jamie ! The rims slide right in with just a slight looseness. Should be fine after assembly, or may need some adhesive. The little fella sitting beside them is a 20 " drive from gary for comparison. The tires are 12 x 24s w his 22s 2 inch budd perfect for the big snow mover there going on
  9. Dont forget the oil and coolant before ya fire that engine up the first time, dont want to seize it up after all the work !!! Awesome job with every little detail. I spy another project afoot ! Those graders are impressive machines , wish temps were warmer to spend more time checking it out
  10. I'll have to dig out my 800 series 5 ton wrecker I built based off one we used in motor pool. I used the Italeri cargo truck w oop wrecker body
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