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  1. Thanks for adding me now theres no excuse to slack off again !! This time its gonna git done
  2. Cool photo of the Gremlin ! Danbury mint , sounds like you could use any interior /chassis then wasnt based off a factual truck. Know you'll come up w something wild
  3. Thats a bright green ! Definitely shouts look at me One small thing I would change it the color of trim ring on wheels so it doesn't get lost looking at it . Maybe chrome or even white to accent that part imo
  4. Yup , this page kinda became the official brbo post so I'll have a moderator update the first post to list all our entrants and builds. Thanks for reminding me
  5. Phenomenal work ! Really shows the shear size of this compared to the 1/50 next to it The jeeps are just a dolly more or less sans any type of suspension ? Assuming its for weight distribution mostly
  6. Those high backs look way more comfy than the kit planks !
  7. Thanks ! Really like how it turned out Glad it worked out that way too, seems some colors bury details . I'll take a few around truck once its cured more . I gotta break out the airbrush to add all the larger color sections , black stripes, hood and the bank cutters are red oxide ..whew a huge way to go
  8. Looks like the bed slides out the area around the license plate appears hinged likely flips flat like a ramp Imho
  9. We have color !!!! Ended up using tamiya camel yellow after chrome yellow can was dud . As per norm w yellow coverage was poor and several coats were needed . This will be weathered so gloss wasnt a factor . Once the paint cures ill spray the black hood and blue warning stripes on back
  10. Yup watch every episode of NCIS and recognize the challenger your planning Looking forward to your build
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