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  1. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    So 1133 is the " big stick " edition? The one w Don's auto plaza decals
  2. Photo downloads

    Same here.. Doesn't matter size either , I get the upload failed on numerous pics when trying to post .
  3. Resin Wishlist

    Since I lean towards heavy construction trucks there was one my bucket list and just recently filled by Jamie R owner of moluminum..the mighty Oshkosh F or P series cab. This cab makes a fantastic plow or mixer ...and is now available..heres it is I was impressed how well the parts fit together, and how smooth it is..usually resin parts have a fine texture..these parts are glass smooth. Now to decide.. Just thought I'd mention it
  4. 72 cutlass

    Heres your engine shot too
  5. 72 cutlass

    Here ya go Tom group photo w the cuttys
  6. 72 cutlass

    Stunning build Tom, glad I had honor of seeing the cutlass in person !
  7. WIP - Gmc crackerbox mixer

    The new water tank arrived, I didn't waste any time getting it mocked up. Sorry for the messy background, been bashing away on this clutter seems to accumulate like half done builds
  8. WIP - Gmc crackerbox mixer

    I knew you'd appreciate my engine choice !! No problem on the donor engine , I just ordered a California hauler I'll rob it from..that's gonna get a 12v down the road. Thanks ! It's really falling together , now if I can keep the acorns from piling up I agree the wheels fit loose but I usually wrap a thin strip of plastic around them to tighten them up. The heavy duty tires w 6 spokes really appealed to me for this classic truck
  9. Frame looks good from here Kerry !
  10. WIP - Gmc crackerbox mixer

    Thanks everyone I appreciate your comments! Yeah I'm going East Coast style , huge rubber and a square water tank I just ordered from Dave. I wasnt sure whether I wanted the GMC or Dodge, finally settling for the crackerbox. Anyone who's built this cab have any advice or boogie traps I gotta watch for
  11. Mack DM600

    Sharp build good color
  12. WIP - Gmc crackerbox mixer

    I ended up using a freight shaker chassis I never was satisfied with, mainly for the simple fact it was already set up for the COE parts. Now I hear ya..no way would that ever be strong enough for a mixer..hes nuts..we'll fix that later ..lol I recently adopted another mixer from said buddy who mastered the 770..so I had one mocked up I borrowed for this. I'll use the new one once everything looks correct .I literally popped the old cab , and 5th wheel plate off and set these parts in their place.. The engine peeking out is getting swapped out for a proper Detroit 8v71 once I locate a donor...( if anyone has one stashed I'm looking) cause its gotta sound like its gonna look ! First order is stretching the frame , and relocating the suspension..I carefully ( read cut off w dremel) removed the angled rear portion of the frame , eye balled the stretch, then added sections of C channel into the kit rails. The extension is a leftover piece of cnc rail I bought from gw trucks..a perfect fit. now to fish plate the entire rail .. Any comments truck chat or feedback highly encouraged Jeff
  13. Well..my buddy sent me a package the other day, and to my surprise a bunch of hungry squirrels jumped out eager for another build..if ya know me I'm easily distracted hence the squirrels. Honestly I've been stashing acorns for a few months waiting for the right time to get cracking on another project while several others wait patiently to be finished... I had placed an order at AITM, and like always the box arrived full of resin goodies ! The real treat was a brand new REX 770 mixer just made available my buddy Chris mastered. The day cab and tires I chose , 6 spoke rims w newer tread pattern. The new Rex 770 .. That box is full of awesome resin parts..and include fenders and hangers appropriate for the rex !
  14. optimus prime truck

    Which version
  15. That color looks great on the suburban!! You mentioned it being a duplicolor paint, was it their perfect match line ?I've always been concerned about how " hot" that paint was and haven't tried it ..yet theres a fantastic selection of colors