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  1. @DrKerry- haven't seen the build yet ill check it out thanks @Mopar - D- after this build Im taking a break to finish remodeling upstairs, really lacking in space
  2. Looks like a clean resto Good to see ya bringing it back to its glory
  3. I would love a Badlands Squatch packaged Bronco, few of them are showing up around here finally yeah leave out the 2.7 and cram a 5.0 under the hood
  4. spray a coat of silver paint over the molded color plastic 1st, then your normal routine it seals the bleed thru
  5. Good idea on the LED lights , these barely show . Lol probably won't wire this build ..but ya never know what ll happen
  6. Reached the 2nd most exciting part of a build, final assembly !! Getting the headlight covers and projector lights looking right was a pain. I used small bits off clear sprue for the lights , and bubble package plastic for the covers. I sprayed the mixer frame w gloss white, then printed patterns for decals. I'm waiting for actual decal paper to print the final set Close up of the air dryer, and the driver left the water tank nearly full ! Stretched clear sprue then a quick wipe w a blue sharpie made a suitable water line. I still plan to add a few water hoses and air lines to tie the build together. Thanks for following
  7. Huge thank you for using my Cat mixer WIP in the magazine. Its a honor to have it printed
  8. Really??? I'll have to check out the magazine, haven't found it available locally thanks
  9. Good call on the color ! Turquoise and white seem to be a theme lately Like the 6-71 idea, seems more likely for a refuse truck
  10. Looking forward to this ! Picked out your color scheme yet ? I only ask cause I wanted to beat Dan asking lol
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