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  1. Thanks Dennis ! Mine arent exactly like the ones Rob Nagle built , but I like how thin they ended up. Now for the dreadful mirrors...
  2. Hahaha no thanks , I have another 361 in primer that's slated for a barney dickinson mixer, and your idea of one piece " glass" sounds good
  3. Been frustrating getting this update to submit, guess I was too chatty..everyone knows I'm a chatterbox lol. Heres the wipers on the 361 these were constructed from small strips of evergreen and a meng bolt. Thanks for following along!
  4. Friday update ! Those tiny details ..actually a pair of them...wipers ! The idea came from a fellow modeler in another mag for classic truck modeling.
  5. I've been trying all day to update a post and it keeps refreshing back to page about the contest issue being printed soon....
  6. Fantastic work !!! Theres another brand excavator parked near home they've been using to clear brush along the road I'd love to build. Definitely would make a great conversation piece
  7. Off the charts build ! Ditto what's been said before, ya have to look twice to realize it's not a real truck. Killer work
  8. Fantastic execution doing half n half !
  9. Glad to hear your back at the bench , sorry for the loss of friends and family too Awesome work on the cab 2.0 , you'd never be satisfied with the other one if ya left it
  10. Thanks everyone i appreciate the feedback ! Yeah sometimes I get Hooked and chained down by tiny details..lol couldn't resist
  11. Really coming together now awesome work
  12. Looking forward to your build
  13. Been puttering around adding a few details I'd spotted during my walk around. Guess my armor building OCD kicked in..I found some small link chain, and clevis' for the tailgate. the lift cylinder hoses are small diameter solder that'll attach to a valve yet to be mounted. Now completely for fun , the interior got livened up w a set of fans from double take ! Another item I wanted to add was a water bottle I spotted left on the dash...details like these always convince me these trucks are used by people, not just stored. Chucking up a scrap piece of clear sprue , and shaping w files and razor eventually gave me a suitable bottle.. More to come thanks for watching
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