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  1. Perforated photoetch ??

    Thanks vincen47 that's close to what I was thinking about, never dawned on me to check the RR sites . Thanks Ace for posting those also, either could be used for parts
  2. Hey builders and lurkers ..lol j/k need your help. I recall reading about scale appropriate perforated photoetch for steps and such but unsure where . I've tried the normal search function and gotten the usual results.. Thanks for any insite
  3. Also check out Dave's website, http://www.modelsbydave.com hes a great modeler to deal with !
  4. Awesome bike !!!! Man that's gonna work fantastic with your bronco
  5. Brockway conversion kit

    That's the one ! Theres a photo at the museum showing the grill it had an 800 series number , but my buddy said they were working on several features before closing
  6. Awesome ! Hey John wasnt this truck unveiled at the SEMA show , they had a special on TV about it Cant wait to see you do your magic on it
  7. Brockway conversion kit

    Sorry I missed the mention of the superliner..that frame will work just fine for your build since ..and I'll probably start a flaming war now...that truck was built in 1977, RUMORED to be the truck the workers at Brockway designed . Theres photos of the truck getting mocked up with different headlight and hood profiles at the plant. Several workers said they had seen it before closing down..and are VERY proud of what they accomplished. but anyway I'll get off the soap box and grab my asbestos suit now..that chassis would work for your intended build .
  8. Brockway conversion kit

    If you wanted a road tractor , the reissued R model would even work. It doesn't even have to be a mack frame, anything would work . I have a freightliner coe saved for a 457 I fell for during the annual brockway homecoming show Once you start definitely post pics of the build we all love watching builds come together
  9. Brockway conversion kit

    I asked my buddy a wealth of brockway Intel and serious mack lover about the buzzing dozen offered in 760 and 761 they weren't offered, only the 762 . The 760/761 mainly had the 8v71
  10. Brockway conversion kit

    Ok I'll follow up on what jim mentioned. The 361 was offered w the 12v 71, and theres one currently in the museum on display. Heres a photo of that truck I took during our car show this year. Theres a great example of a 361 winch truck on aitm website showing what the cab can be turned into. It's a stunning replica of the Mountaineer owned by Tackaberry construction/hauling in Canada .This is the Mountaineer.. The photo also shows how the hoods opened, their a butterfly hood. The fenders are held closed ..they swing out..by a bolt in the back, and a pin in the front by the radiator grill. This allows easy access to the engine . To open the resin hood only requires careful cutting then adding support inside for it to rest on.. You could use mostly any available frame, many builders use the dm600 since the frames bowed out in front like the Mack's. I'm using a paystar 5000 frame for my newest Husky . Be aware some cabs wont come w cab mounts so those will need to be made or found in the parts box. Hope this helped
  11. 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished Pics

    Phenomenal work of art and dedication to see the model thru to the end !! Well done sir
  12. From the factory, 1959, El Catalina

    That's were I got the idea for this... I know I'd have bought one
  13. Revell '49 Merc Custom-FLIP HOOD MOCKED UP

    Awesome hinge work
  14. Freightliner FLA (fsba) 1/25

    Beautiful work
  15. 1978 Overnight Mack U Model

    Good looking project I have my beverage handy watching