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  1. Very well done ! See ya have a degree in plumbing and pneumatics lol
  2. Outstanding work Really enjoying watching this develop
  3. Glad to see ya still puttering along ! This Covid deal is seriously messing everyone life up, making normal tasks next to impossible. Our govenor keeps changing his mind about opening parts of the state , and travel bans
  4. Dan thanks ! I rode thru an oil refinery once picking up hot oil for asphalt w step dad, equipment is mind boggling
  5. Wow that's a seriously cool build We dont have anything like that in the Northeast, what's it used for
  6. Awesome work! Great idea going w different tanks , I also dislike the seams ..a neccessary evil I guess
  7. Nice display space ! I'm envious, we live in a Cape cod home where the upstairs ceilings pitch inwards cutting space in half . Your really making progress
  8. Bowties...sorry pos trucks always waiting for the next recall Jump in a Tundra and ya have a truck w power imo 😁
  9. Looking good!!! This beast will need plenty of shelf space ! Going w the dm 800 is a perfect match
  10. Awesome work definitely like the stowed tanks and ramp slid forward
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