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  1. BRBO Mack R685ST

    Thanks I robbed the red air cleaner body from the dm 800 parts truck..and the vacuum canister from another r mack I stolen several pieces from that were much cleaner than the new reissue
  2. Nice save Truck looks fantastic compared to how you received it
  3. BRBO Mack R685ST

    A sneak peek on the parts..you may recognize the ancestry of a couple .. And the scratchbuilt Tuthill blower assembly I'm still looking for those cool rubber elbow connectors, likely just make some from heat shrink That's it for today back to the bench
  4. BRBO Mack R685ST

    As far as the vacuum/ blower canisters go..I'm playing around w few ideas..I'll let everyone in on soon.. Heres what the Tuthill style I'm modeling looks like..the actual blower unit driven off a pto on the trucks trans then the air cleaner canister lastly the blower /vacuum canister..both look vaguely like kit parts huh..? Wink
  5. B.R.B.O. IH CO 4070A

    Looking good ! You made an interesting point..my IH transtar eagle 2 fell together, very enjoyable build , and actually looks great..almost like the Tamiya armor kits too bad there isn't more offerings from Ertl
  6. BRBO Mack R685ST

    Yeah I even tried foul language...still didnt fall together. When I was 15 or so..these would've qualified for wall bangers..thrown against the wall then vacuum up the pieces..but I'm paying for them now lol
  7. Paystar 5000 question

    Thanks for the Info ! Most of these parts resemble melted blobs of plastic usually so actually identifying them makes it more interesting
  8. B.R.B.O Chevy Titan 90

    Looking good !
  9. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    Rotflmao that was a great commercial
  10. B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 352

    I'm sure you'll have this whipped together in no time ! Even 30 minutes each night help finish small steps then suddenly its built ! Tom already nailed the ejector hole solution, small amounts will build up fixing those
  11. BRBO Mack R685ST

    That doesn't look anything like the trunnion offered in the R model I'm working on. Springs sorta but the stands and cross bar barely fit where the " drawing" shows..but were past that stage thankfully The dm one did assemble better and slightly more surface area to glue the suspension together. Guess it's my lack of building these kits that cause me to struggle
  12. Thanks for taking the time to photograph your updates, I just picked up a d8 and it will need these improvements. Funny cause I purchased an IH 4270 from a fella in Canada selling a huge collection. I was inspired to use that to pull my scratchbuilt Roger's
  13. B.R.B.O. International Prostar

    Looking forward to future updates great start
  14. International PAYSTAR 5000 & Gravel Trailer

    Very nice work love the metallic color on the trailer
  15. BRBO Mack R685ST

    Tossed a few parts into paint, getting closer to wrapping up here. Wheels got a coat of alclad steel then mist coated w chrome..sorta look I was after The Maxidyne was painted w a eye ball mix of engine gray /gold to give effect of used engine..very happy how it turned out after drying the trans is alclad steel.. The interior was sprayed w a custom mix of rust shades for a baseball glove color, but the pics wont load..I'll try again after dash is detailed. Thanks for following