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  1. I've used the pe saws for years opening doors and fine detail work. The bigger razor saws work good for larger areas where finese isn't needed
  2. Good tips ! I've forgotten much more from school than I recall yikes
  3. Fantastic work really enjoyed watching this come together!
  4. Stellar work Charles ! I truly enjoy your builds w very clear photos and explanations of your process . Really like how you always seem to start w a blank sheet and build off of that. Great tip using the pvc corners , curved corners have always alluded me
  5. Garbage Use the Ajax or comet powder and clean you'll be much happier
  6. Another tip that was suggested to me , was wash the parts in Dawn dishsoap . Then use something like Ajax powder or comet and make a fine paste and lightly scrub body . This seems to help the stubborn mold release on some parts . Rinse well and air dry . Prime w a good automotive primer , not the tamiya stuff first for better adhesion
  7. Serious work truck right there !!! I built the Meng one when it became available, and was blown away by the details. The M911 would look right at home pulling a logging trailer , lowboy hauling heavy dozers or any other rigorous work that would break other trucks ..definitely looking forward to your build .
  8. Very nice ! The yellow really makes the lines stand out . The truck could really fit into any township service fleet or RR operators too
  9. Dec 31st is the official end Certainly looking forward to the finished builds that haven't completed yet , then everyone gets to vote..not by mail mind you..on their favorite build !
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