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  1. Look what my squirrels were hiding PM me
  2. The sunfire red is already getting a depth and richness to it! Do you shoot your duplicolor clear right from the can or airbrush
  3. Wow this looks awesome the shine is blinding beautiful paint work The interior bits look sharp too
  4. Very cool ideas and easy to make w stuff around the house
  5. 🤣🤣 Yeah their pesky little suckers , theyll eat up a stash of kits right before your eyes lol
  6. Thanks ! The cutlass is a 71 w 350 Rocket it's a great driver , eventually the body will need redone but that's down the road
  7. Looks great, glad it was mentioned about being setback before I started mine
  8. I dont use it , I've been using krylon color max satin on several builds and love it . The Charmin Prostar is painted with it excellent semi gloss finish imo
  9. The squirrels found their way back in and totally side tracked me from finishing this build...well they left for the holiday and I finished up ! I'll get together with Tom and take photos of them together soon.
  10. Very nice ! See those squirrels aren't just hanging around my house lol
  11. Awesome work Really like how well plumbed the engine bay is
  12. They sell curved stainless steel drinking straws at Walmart...if ya dare venturing in there.
  13. The instructions show them as optional, they didn't seem to function but I'll screw with them again
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