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  1. Okay where do you hide the shrink ray !! I had to re read that this was N scale..wow its come a long way. Beautiful little truck
  2. Excellent work, perfect cab for a rollback Looks like the owner scored a barn find too
  3. This wknd I started to ruin a decent paint job, or make the packer look realistic depending on which glass ya drink from ! I randomly sprayed tamiya red brown around the working areas trying to show where most of the trash rub away the paint. Next up will be a steel wash..and if that looks convincing, a quick application of wet effects for trash juice. I tried catching a few fruit flies, but they look like Georgian mosquitoes..so their out. Sorry..going for realism here lol Outside will be dusty w grime around the moving bits..then call it finished Thanks for everyone's feedback!!
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback it really means alot Today I installed the detail master etch grill and lettering. I've gotta say it really makes the hood pop. While I was puttering, the packer body was painted krylon glacier gray, a matt light gray. I should've tested this first, those cans really blast paint and it caused a few sags. Overall I'm really happy how the colors work together. Now to finish the Maxi-dyne engine, and get the chassis wrapped up Jeff
  5. The tins are done , sprayed w rusto jd green. The parts dried overnight so today I set everything together for a mock up. The packer body will be a very light gray, I planned on spraying this wknd,but our daughter came down w a cold after a week in school. Dr said usual ear infection and sore throat going around. Thanks for everyone's feedback
  6. Great idea pre shading the panel lines. Subtle color shifts make these stand out Keep up the progress..love watching a Countach being born
  7. Thanks for hydraulic ram ideas..but I've had those done a few weeks now lol I sprayed the frame tonite w airbrush..man it takes forever but much less mess. Thinned rusto regal red 50/50 w tamiya lacquer. Laid down smooth w great coverage. Kinda shiny for a garbage truck..but I can address that
  8. I had a little excitement last night when I tried to paint the tins. Seems the rattle can valve was clogged inside the can. I tried cleaning the nozzle but nothing would come out. I decided to decant the can into a jar..now my yard looks like a murder scene PSA only whack a rattle can on cardboard unless ya want your green grass different colors lol I'll thin the paint and use the Iwata for now
  9. Nice start ! Another cool build for the display, and bed for storing another project lol
  10. Thanks ! It won't be nearly as gorgeous as your Challenger, but a proper work truck. I just received the delivery tracking for all my inbound parts, so I should have a large amount to paint .
  11. Nothing more beautiful than a Countach growing up My dad still has my poster above his toolbox
  12. Excellent work turned out phenomenal
  13. The hydraulic tank and pusher cylinder is wrapped up, as is the front controls to empty the packer. The cylinder is telescopic tube mounted w tabs . I decided to make everything functional to pose the pusher after paint . The tank is detailed w meng bolts, and the drain valve is an etch emblem from a 69 Camaro...forgive me its the closest I had. Theres even a site glass to check the oil level lol The pusher cylinder empties the garbage once full.. Last thing before I could start primer was the front controls. A couple sewing pins mounted to some square tube seemed to look close There will be a conduit of pipes running from the tank and controls, so after paint I'll add them. .032 solder wire is tasked w seed beads for hydraulic fittings
  14. Little wknd sneak peak .. Huge mock up after getting the tailgate to function. The tires are just place holders till the real ones arrive from Moluminum. I realized I was missing a bunch of chassis parts from this parts box. A quick search on eBay net me an entire chassis bundle ..yeah more parts lol. I'm planning to shoot some primer on the packer after I fab the hydro tank
  15. I think it was the radiator right Cole? Best race movie ever lol Doesn't hurt Robert Duval reminds me of my late grandfather
  16. Thanks , and glad it brought back memories! A couple worker was a trash man also, been fun showing the progress photos. He's helped answer several questions along the way. I plan to add some trash to the hopper w paint wear..dunno about the scale smell though lol. Thanks ! Very helpful tip
  17. Wrapped up the blade scraper/ carrier assembly. I wanted the cylinders functional, and after a chat w Tom Decker, came up w a solution. Its basically a set of telescopic tubes, then I added a machine screw to keep tube from sliding out. The end is a tapered cap, hiding the screw ! After building 4 of these, drilling out the attachment points, then fitting together I mocked everything up. I hid a bit of angle underneath keeping the parts from shifting around. A view from the hopper I started the top cover and light bar next. Once the interior is painted this will get permanently attached Thanks for following
  18. nice start on your Ford looking forward to your progress
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