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  1. Very cool build , a classmate had one built when we were hanging out . Never thought I'd see another one Fantastic color
  2. Nicely done , love the trim work you've changed The stance is right on too
  3. Really like these steel hood trucks , looking forward to your build !
  4. Sorry to see paint issues the colors look fantastic together
  5. Oh Tom mentioned our 1st group build ! Both of us locked down during pandemic from working..and Jerry Reeter came up w the perfect decals for the chaos of 2020. The elusive TP . Here's my mirror Prostar from that build
  6. Thanks ..yeah I tend to get way ahead of myself . I appreciate the offer though
  7. Thanks ! I was very impressed with the color Thanks for following along ! That little can of mystery was awesome...only one faint area I can see Tom has been knocking out his paint too !!! Wait till ya see his ...forget our plans
  8. Fantastic job cramming that 302 into the Fox engine bay ! I thought our 03 Mach 1 was tight lol Interior looks 👌
  9. So the back story on this...typical daily model chat w a good friend about a future project and suddenly we're doing a mini group build ! Tbill and I ..with the never ending support of our squirrels ..are building Revell 69 Camaros . The plan was hashed out for both to be mirror builds. Same kits , paint , details everything . The hunt began for the proper kit..meaning I'm searching because my stash of kits is embarrassing lol. My quest to find a good Revell kit was fraught w trouble..apparently this kit was backordered everywhere . A chance search on eBay turned up a suitable kit . I neglected to notice the molded color on mine..and later this would surprise me opening the box and seeing metallic dark blue ! I nearly called off the build because everyone knows yellow is very transparent..what to do....this wasn't going to be an issue I later learned ..keep following The paint was another issue...Daytona yellow is the go to color , which has sadly been discontinued by Testors. I wanted to avoid using the airbrush , keeping w a flea bomb for painting this . I picked a close yellow and paid the tab . A quick stop by MCG had their etch set in the cart along with other goodies ! So it begins.. my kit..in beautiful blue lol Hmm..how is this ever gonna be yellow .. A quick clean up of the faintest mold lines ever, I sprayed the body w 2 coats of tamiya fine white primer. Followed up with 3 coats of tamiya TS-16 Yellow. Now..I really don't know what sorcery they brewed up in that tiny can of magic..but folks..it worked beautifully Thats all I have finished right now ...stay tuned for our adventure
  10. Nicely done ! I've never tried the balloon method before, gotta try that .
  11. The RD would be a great option ! There's a CH hood floating around too, but not sure how it mates up w R cab .
  12. Your really making progress! Those pe deck plates worked out good for the extension, really can see the detail on them I agree ..gotta shift the supports . The a- car better get the green treatment under the hood , it is hauling a load of "the brother of muscle " !
  13. Exciting news for building either way..msrp doesn't scare me away , and offers another opportunity to support the brick and motor shops that still exist .
  14. Fantastic work! All the subtle grime and wear really show off the details Really like the Heil style packer shape.
  15. Thanks its really turning into the build I hoped for Haha sprinting! Gotta sneak up on the dirt bath..I always get anxious about adding the crud layers after months of detail painting..but its a mixer and they're always dirty lol
  16. Gorgeous paint ! What brand pearl orange did you end up using , its really gonna sparkle in the sun
  17. Nicely done and excellent weathering. Very road weary appearance. Both together really tell a story A load suggestion for future builds , cat litter..non clumping stuff . Toss a block of foam in the dump bed then add litter ! Cheaper than RR stuff , and looks scale
  18. Now thats scratchbuilding !!! Really interesting how the whole idea for the cab starts w pinstripes ! Awesome fabrication,
  19. I borrowed the idea from article in classic truck modeler . Hardest part was setting the wiper angle without sliding off near the glass . Took a few tries on right side
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