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  1. Awesome work on the clamshell doors. Making them work too..hats off to you Have you been able to photograph the ones working in your area for more detail photos
  2. Nice progress ! Watching all the smaller details fill up the negative space is always enjoyable for me. Brings the model from a shell to a complete trailer.
  3. Man that shell looks grrrreeaaattt ! Those trailers really don't have as much structure overall like id assumed , very interesting Are the square sides evergreen box tube
  4. I tested an idea ...scary..for making domed tank ends. The idea hit me literally after a paint can got knocked off shelf . Mixing up a small batch of 2 part resin and filling the bottom of the paint can yielded some very convenient ends. Next time I'll pay attention and not fill the can so full, these are pretty big lol That number? Was the lot number off the can it removed lol
  5. The little box is the front fender mounting point I decided not to tear apart and redo like the drivers side . The chrome piece is a door latch from Don mills, figured it hides the battery box behind the step lol Thanks, glad I finally had time to putter before the tiger squirrels attacked again
  6. Good start ! Sounds like your well on your way, and using the 3d printer saving fab time
  7. Glad you mentioned the Wagner model, I thought I'd read there was w belly dump offered . Going from plans to sheet will yield a better model anyway.
  8. Wrapped up the other side steps and started on the large pressurized water tank these trucks carried. This tank is side mounted , usually right ahead of the rear axle. The resin tank I'd planned to use was too small overall, so a replacement is underway. Heres the steps I asked step dad for any empty pill bottles he tosses away, and scored a suitable size for my water tank. They still need some domed ends added. The original saddle water tank looking puny on this frame The replacement tank, only slightly larger overall but exactly what I envisioned. One domed end attached from a scrap tank, ill use Milliput for the other end. I found sticking a damp blob of Milliput on the end, then forming with a bottom of soda can makes a great shape
  9. I see your feeding your squirrels frosted flakes again !! Looking forward to your belly dump trailer
  10. This side was built using a side plate, and back wall. I had to tack cab down to keep everything from shifting while cutting each piece to fit against fender. I'm getting ready to build other side now
  11. It'll fit..I stuffed a 8v71 into my wrecker. Giving the autocar a Detroit is always a good idea
  12. One side is buttoned up, getting everything fitting tight was a huge target. Plastruct diamond plate sheet was used throughout. The bottom step is a bit of tread plate from moluminum stock I ended up changing the fender mounts to avoid a trip hazard around the steps, and plan the same surgery on the opposite side. I joined the covid club last wknd, but feeling good after a few days rest
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