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  1. skipstitch added a post in a topic 57 Ford flat top drag car ? Updated 8-12   

    That is VERY cool... I remember many years ago seeing a sketch pad in Scale Auto of a '59 Chevy Elcamino being done in
    a similar way. I like it!!!

  2. skipstitch added a post in a topic Ohio Modeler   

    Thanks for the welcome guys! Hey Mike... yes I'm still in the same spot!
  3. skipstitch added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Ohio Modeler
    It's been better than 20 years since I was REALLY into models. I belonged to the Buckeye Scale Auto Club in the late 80's.

    Here's one I built when I was only 13 or 14 years old. I had the Robert Williams poster on my wall for a long time when I decided to build the AMT coupe. The paint is poorly sprayed, there's glue on the windows, and....my dad duplicated the flames & painted them by hand. It's survived many, MANY moves, a couple of cats, and tons of dust... but still is my favorite!

    Also included is a pic of another '40 project in green with big diameter wheels.... I'm just getting back into plastic and loving every minute of it!!!

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