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  1. I pop in just to check. And then I have to go... Sucks cause I really liked a lot of the work done here. Happy building guys. Hope you're all doing well.
  2. Well, even though this happened I'm willing to give it another go. I have a little stash I'm willing to unbox and donate a kit. I would really like to have the same crew so if you're up for it let me hear ya!
  3. Thank you, Erik. I appreciate your time, effort and knowledge. And your builds, and the forum!
  4. Wondering if I could get a few stabs at identifying which kit this came from. My search yielded squat.
  5. I'm all for the auction for charity.
  6. Sub zero! (Top Gear UK reference) (you can't get any cooler than this!)
  7. Good, clean build. Love the Silvia's..
  8. Updates! jk I bet you're all having a ball out there. Looks like a great facility for a show.
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