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  1. I still have the remnants of one that became the victim of a torch. I tried to create a car that was in an accident. In a sense I achieve my goal.
  2. I was thinking about this for a minute and wondered if anyone had any info on it. I live in a rural area with a well. It's filtered in a couple different spots so it comes out clean to the eye. But I was wondering if there were any known effects from "contaminated" water sources. I haven't had a problem with mine, but I'm a bit curious. Are people using water-softener or treated water unknowingly ruining paint jobs?
  3. I know the feeling all too well, Jeff.
  4. Didn't Tamiya make the RS200? Or was it only the Rally version?
  5. Sounds great, Fred. That was much faster than anticipated. My internet has been down and only just today I've gone to a coffee shop to send you and Casey the customs tracking number. I'm still pretty curious about Jeff's experimenting. I can barely call myself a modeler and one idea I've come up with is taking a wire brush to some stock to try to make the "veins" in vinyl. Thinking about it, that idea is probably rubbish!
  6. Well, I've done all that I can without the parts being in primer. They were a little tough to see being white. Things have a habit of coming out after being primed but I think things turned out well. I hope they hold up after being shot with primer and my part of the build was satisfactory. My part has come to an end and the kit has been shipped to Canada for Fred to do the engine and chassis work.
  7. How is your experimenting going, Jeff? Great idea using wire for trim, I've put that in my notes for later use...
  8. Sorry for the delay gentleman and viewers. I have a couple pieces left. I'll then be doing a parts count, before packing it all up and sending it to our next participant, Fred. When I have more time I will put pics up while the package makes the journey to Canada. Fred, I've sent you a PM.
  9. Been pretty busy lately guys. I have some parts on the bench again and I will be spending as much time as possible on prepping as I can this weekend. If I have the time I think I do then I will be close to completing my portion of the build and the real fun can begin!
  10. Do you mean pedal trikes? 'Cause I'd like to see a pedal trike with an IRS with an open differential if there was one.
  11. Okay. I didn't think it was decided if you, Casey, were going to do the chassis work or if Fred was. I can send the kit from here if that's alright. I signed up for it and it wouldn't be fair for you to pay yet more shipping costs imo. Fred, I would probably send the whole kit to keep it all together unless you really don't want it all. But if one piece was missing that you needed to check fitment of something then you would end up waiting however long it takes to get things to Canada. I was really hoping more people would be into this, as I'm sure we all were/are. Maybe they are and w
  12. Count me in for number one. The darker blue will look great with a white interior and should really pop. After all the parts are cleaned up I'd like to send the kit to someone else for the chassis work. I have zero experience lowering models and to make this build a take-a-turn project I think it should go to someone else. As always, just my 2ยข.
  13. I liked the darker one when I first looked at it but it wore off fairly quickly with the funky color combos. I'm sticking with a nice silvery blue or light to medium blue. If more people sign up do we have to start the votes over? *fingers crossed* @ Jeff - Nothing has been primed. Casey brought up the point to me that people will need to choose their own primer colors. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for gettin' to it eventually though lol
  14. I don't think the coupon is accepted for something that is special ordered. Just an FYI. Be sure to check out the clearance sections of your store. Not just the middle of the aisle islands, but the actual full aisle of clearance items. The store near me has 1 aisle of clearance with models included in the assortment and another clearance section in one of the corners of the store where I find the model paints on clearance.
  15. Well I have a few more pics of parts to show. The picture with the interior pieces are finished (the interior tray is not shown). The rest are being worked on and the pics used on the computer as a sort of magnifying glass. The exhaust is almost done, Fred. You're going to need the chassis to check the engine fitment as well as the exhaust or no? I think Grabber Blue would look too dated if we're updating the wheels and interior but I can't be sure...
  16. Light to medium metallic blue is what I would vote for. I'll have some updates a little later tonight. More white parts!!
  17. yellow - 5 pts blue - 4 pts burgundy - 3 pts orange - 2 pts white - 1 pt
  18. I suppose you are right. However, I do need someone to send the kit to when I'm finished prepping parts. I can hang onto it until someone signs up for the next step or skip to the next person, but I'm hoping that wont be necessary. Perhaps I'm too eager to get this thing to you guys and see it finished. It wont be long before I'm done and it can move on though. :^) We may have to take a vote for a decision about the seats? Personally I wouldn't want to start chucking parts from a $40+ kit. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=m570.l3201&_nkw=monogram+torino+gt&_sacat=0
  19. Some copper wire should to the trick. Seems to work for the dust collection systems used in woodworking as long as the wire is grounded. I know mine hasn't exploded so it must be working. I don't want a permanent booth. I can take this outside and nail it to the side of the barn with little effort if that's what I want to do or throw it in the bonfire one day. It's just a temporary setup that'll be used to spray ink more than anything in the long run.
  20. I think the stock seats would be fine for a touring theme imo. The seats pictured by Jeff look fantastic though. If the seats were changed I think they should be wide and plush, but they may look slightly odd with a stock rear seat? I wouldn't mind if they were changed, just throwing some thoughts out there. In the wheel mock-up pics the chassis tub was in place. The front was dropped on the tire and the rear was raised off of the tire. I'm not too sure how helpful that is when it comes to the actual work. Can we do a Torino awareness thread to get the rest of the roster filled in f
  21. Yep. Yep. I don't know that anymore than you know it wont be But how many are necessary? Even if this thread had everything needed in a painting area thread another one would be created anyway. It was named so in anticipation that more would participate and the need for another wouldn't be essential, but again, created anyway. Sounds better than "the painting area thread" too, imo. And thank you.
  22. Chrome parts: outer door handles, license plate, exhaust tips, 429 emblems, shifter, rearview mirror, sideview mirror inserts, bumpers, grill, taillight bezel. If any of these are your parts and you'd like the chrome stripped let me know. Fred, I have a breather for the valve cover if you want it (the one from the kit).
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