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  1. Here are all the wheels that were in the box. The wheels in white (8 wheels) that Casey threw in look great on this car and can be mounted as shallow or deep dish. It's hard to tell in the pics but the rears are deep and the fronts are shallow. Is everyone in agreement that these will be used? If not I need to know which ones will. I can take more pictures if it's necessary to make a decision.
  2. Cleanup is going well. There's a lot of oddly molded parts so it's going a bit slower than I would like it to. I finished the parts mentioned above and have gone on to work on interior pieces. The tub (more or less a tray), rear seat, seat backs and fronts along with the interior side panels are 90% finished. A little more filler and sanding/scuffing is in order. I put a before and after shot of one of the interior panels showing a little work done to the lines that were a bit vague. Finished: Before: After:
  3. I was letting that part simmer in my mind since it came out of the box. It's a piece that adds a lot of realism in my opinion. I did more work on the shroud and radiator. Finished both sideview mirrors, radiator support & crossmember, and the hood latch support brace. I've scribed in some more detail on the horns since the snails were cast quite shallow.
  4. Good news, everyone! The kit, minus the engine, arrived today without any issues. For the most part everything was already bagged by Casey into the sections of the build. I grabbed one of unbagged trees and started to work. The radiator and fan shroud are just about finished so there's pics of them and the tree they were removed from, and the model box. If you see room for improvement feel free to chime in at any time. It took me about 2 hours, seriously, to be happy with the results with those 2 pieces (and I see in my pictures now that the cap and shroud could use more work) which means I'll
  5. If I need it I have a fan with a filter and exhaust to the outside. Otherwise I just use a respirator, goggles and a jumpsuit for painting. I use fluorescent lighting, but I'll look into how hot they get and the temps of paint fume ignition. I'm only working with water-based acrylics right now so there hasn't been any concern for ignition quite yet. As long as there is exhaust there shouldn't be much a huge risk of that anyway. Edit: the lights could always be moved to outside and above of the enclosed area...
  6. There are some workbench threads so why not a paint booth and painting area thread.. I built mine 2 weeks ago since winter is coming around and the garage is pretty dusty and also because I hadn't done any woodworking in some time. It's lightweight and I can take the shelves off to make it easy to move around if I need more space in the basement for something. The upper part fits up into the floor joists and keeps itself upright with the weight of the shelves and everything else. It's pretty stable for the most part considering there are only 2 legs. I wish I was a better engineer of wood proj
  7. I started clean-up to get the bench ready for the take-a-turn build coming in. I use a Singer sewing machine cabinet/desk for various work. The sewing machine still works and folds up if I need to do any repairs or make something but it doesn't leave much room for knees...
  8. Great place to get fresh air in the summer and keep a beer handy in the winter!
  9. If it's Bass, shouldn't it have been a Salmon since they swim upstream, like the Mustang runs to the left, the opposite of race horses?
  10. If anyone would or wouldn't like their parts primed please let me know. Primer would be shot with an airbrush if that would alter any decisions and it will most likely be Model Master. The body will remain a "body in white" as I believe that is part of bodywork. Any other special requests with your part of the build will be discussed and done to the best of my ability.
  11. The last book I read worth mentioning was Murther and Walking Spirits by Robertson Davies. Edit: For a lot of legally free books look at archive.org. There's also lots of other useful reference material.
  12. Shrapnel and paint in the face for a model car? No thanks. Why not put a grate on the warmer, say from a computer fan guard.
  13. I wonder if he was referring to the killer rabbit from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  14. If everyone involved will allow me, to get this build started I would like to do the parts prep.
  15. Easiest way to see the differences would be to visit CJ Pony Parts or a similar website and look through their restoration catalog, or have one sent to you for free. There's isn't much that will transfer well from a 64-66 to a 67-68 aside from the drivetrain and floor mats..
  16. The wiring issues are usually cracked insulation in the engine bay on the early cars, pre-98.5, I believe. It can be fixed by replacing the wiring harnesses with one from a later year. Pretty simple and a lot of SVTs were and are sold cheap because of this. Another spot is near the rear folding seats that can potentially rub though it's insulation. Tape it up or splice in what you need and it's fine. Some need a small, I think 2-wire, harness on the alternator replaced. No biggie, but it can be a pain for first timers when dealing with the alternator because of it's placement. A big issue is w
  17. Hope to see you there. Best of luck in qualifying tomorrow!
  18. The whole point is to support people who may need it on days like today.
  19. Yeah that's a massive difference. I think it would borderline enjoyment and nerve-wracking tension having to focus on cars coming up from behind on a shorter course. The CRX sounds like a fun car though. Do you have any in-car videos?
  20. That's a great list of tracks, and good power for a CRX. Is the car spec'd for a certain class(es)? Full-trim? And yeah, I think you would have fun.
  21. An hour isn't much of a drive to get to a beautiful facility such as VIR. It's actually been one of my dreams for awhile to stay in one of the on-grounds facilities for a major event, but I'd settle for an open track weekend in a heartbeat. Did you teach at VIR? In any case that has to be one of the most awesomesauce covered jobs around.
  22. So what was it that restored your faith in humanity today? Did anything lift your spirits or brighten your day? Post something that happened to you today, something you saw or heard, thought of. Anything that made you feel better. It might help someone else too. Let it never end!
  23. On a forum that I used to frequent some time ago there was a thread for posting the things that happened to irk you that day. Sometimes we can all get a little annoyed with the little things. For instance I was irritated with one of the dogs at home this morning because he doesn't like to go outside in the morning if it's cooler than 65 degrees. Spoiled by creature comforts I would say.. And sometimes it's the bigger things like losing a wallet and someone stealing your identity. On some level these things can be irrationally bothersome. So why not have a place to vent a little. It feels good
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