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  1. In the future I want to do a salt flat car. A quick thought was to use a rolling pin on some sea salt, chuck in a little sprinkle of dirt, add water and let it dry out. I have no idea how this would turn out, but that is what I plan to try at some point. I am hoping to get some of the crackled look of some parts of the flats. Drying time may have an effect so it might go into the oven. Without an oven it may end up looking like a more flat, continuous surface that could be brushed lightly to loosen some of the surface to give a more natural look. Again, this is me rambling without any actual facts..
  2. You can find a free pony on craigslist every now and then. But here you go.
  3. Very cool. Thanks for putting this up.
  4. I guessed model because of the fitment of the windshield and the trunk to bumper fitment...
  5. In my recent reading of an article on airbrushing a gritty surface is caused by one or more of 4 possibilities. 1. The paint is not thinned enough 2. The airbrush is being held too far away causing the paint to dry before it gets to the surface 3. The pigment isn't dissolving in the thinner 4. There is too much air pressure. So, everyone has been on track and mentioned all the possible issues. A little testing and you should have it all sorted out.
  6. That would be the N-Series, I believe you're thinking of. It could be built like they build car kits now, to be driven into the dirt with alternate parts and flames on the side.
  7. My order from TCP Global came in today. Compressor with tank, airbrush, glass jars, an x-acto and some striping tape. Should be fun! I've wanted one for well over 15 years so today was a good day! I've been grinning ear to ear all day long. I also went out for some mineral spirits and flat sky blue.
  8. I wish they would have stuck with this prototype. There's some video footage of it out there. I always liked that the front license plate could be put up for racing and down for the street. Here's another 1962 Concept
  9. You're right about the scale, but I thought the links might be interesting to some anyway. If only HO would satisfy I do think it's odd that companies can't test the waters once in awhile. People would probably buy Tim Allen's Home Improvement lawn mower... All the main companies that were there 10 years ago that I knew of are still here today as far as I know. They can't be doing that badly. They can make Gremlins that sell and they can't make an N-series Ford?? I don't really believe that. There's more than enough people in the world today to make an unusual subject more than a total loss. It's sort of funny thing to overlook in my opinion considering agriculture is directly or indirectly part of everyone's lives. I say, if you really want to see tractors or equipment start writing to all the companies you can find. Someone out there has to see the opportunity of a good haul over the long run.
  10. http://www.modelcars.com/trumpeter-5538.htm http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/skpmodel/skp150.html http://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=19535 http://www.aires.cz/accessories/united-tractor-gc-340sm340-tow-tractor-us-navyarmy/ http://www.modelsforsale.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=238484-Extratech---Lanz-Bulldog-tractor-1/72-M7225 http://www.icollector.com/Rare-Reuhl-IH-Farmall-Cub-Model-Kit-with-Original-Box_i8459805 http://ricklawler.plastic-garden.com/?p=1948 http://es.picclick.com/miitary-tractor-resin-kit-1-35-Plusmodel-STALINETS-S-60-151080188876.html
  11. I'd build a cheap wooden crate or chest out of some pallets.
  12. Thanks for all the help everyone. Thanks, Ace, for taking the time to look at the wheels and tires. I hadn't notice the extra material on the lip of the tire. Good eye! It helped a lot with seating it, as well as filing down the inside of the lip on the wheel.
  13. More assembly done. Interior finished. Tire/wheel assemblies dry fit.
  14. Are you doing "Advanced Searches" Click the gear/sprocket to the right of the usual search box. In the Advanced Search you can select the dates manually to which you would like to search within.
  15. Not sure what I'm doing wrong with the pics, but I tried to fix them. I think I may have copied the wrong link location. I thought I knew how to do it but I'll have to read the sticky. First things first, right? Don't blame me, they're instructions! *shudder* I haven't tried flipping the tires. Even though it's incorrect I want to use the raised letter side of the tires. The other side also has odd slits in the tires. I would assume they'd be covered up by the decals but I'm not using those. I'm not sure I can trim any of the rubber without mangling it right now. I'm short an exacto knife at the moment. I'll have to give filing down the wheel lip a go.
  16. You can sign up for the emails as well. They'll send you the normal ads/coupons and special offers.
  17. I'm nearing the end of build, finally, of an AMT stock car. I've worked the tires a bit, painted the wheels and given them some light detail painting. I placed the outer wheel pieces in the tire and I'm not really happy with the amount of gap between the outer rim and tire. I was wondering if there was a known "quick fix" for cleaning this up. I was thinking of filing the "hidden" part of the lip down but I'm not convinced that there is enough of a lip to make a difference. The rubber seems to have the same issue without enough material to take out to correct the fitment. Gluing would seem to result in an out of round tire?? Below are a few pics. You can really see the shadows accentuating the gap. This has probably been covered many times over so I appreciate any input. EDIT: WORK PICTURES, WOOOOOOOORRRRRRRK!!!! AHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRGHGHGHGHG!!!!!
  18. So, what are they? Facts, myths, mysteries, tragedies, personal experiences/favorites... Let's hear them. Modeling has been around far longer than I and many others have been bounding around the world. Take us to school!
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