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  1. No doubt they would aesthetically. Those are the cheap-O wheels. Ones with real diamonds hold the record at over a million dollars per wheel.
  2. I know. All I got today (yesterday) was the order confirmation but I am feeling pretty good about it. I'll be sure to share when the goods come in.
  3. Cool buggy you got there, Mr. G. I got one of these today!! *happy dance*
  4. I had to slap my own hand so I didn't buy this kit yesterday. Is the steering functional too?
  5. I'd say the suspension has been updated as well. Has anyone been to one of the Optima battery faceoffs? Super fun to watch. Check out some footage from one of the tracks. My local track, Road America, had some thrilling times with these pro cars. Great fun to watch 1200 streetable horsepower get around there. I think of them as a jack of all trades. I'd definitely build my '66 Ford up this way if the funding was there.
  6. A simple tip to aid in the ease of paint brush cleaning is to load the brush with thinner/cleaner first, brush or swat/fling it out just a bit, then proceed to your normal painting habits. The small amount of thinner/cleaner left inside the heel of the brush will help release the paint during cleanup making the process faster, less of a chore, and gives you little chance of accidently mixing colors that could potentially ruin your paintwork. As always, make sure the components you have chosen to use for this tip are compatible with one another. If you have any advice or other tips on brush cleanup feel free to add your practices and ideas.
  7. I attempted to go to the nearest one last night but they close at 8 pm... Has anyone tried to use the mobile coupon and the printable coupon at the same time? They are two different codes making them two different coupons.
  8. I haven't. But looking at the kits they appear to be fairly common. If you can find a local or reputable, or preferably both, vendor that carries the brand you're looking for they should be able to help you out if you don't want to take any risks.
  9. Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for! More pics of the #4 Lumina! I've been working on this thing yet. I'd say 90% of the pieces have been removed from the sprue, cleaned up and touched up with color. I've assembled the motor minus the distributor and alternator which is soaking in brake fluid along with the wheels. The majority of the motor and trans is stainless steel MM metalizer I had. Heads are testors aluminum, breathers and "bolts" are testors argent silver, headers are testors white, pan and timing cover are testors blue and the carb is testors gold. Nothing too special as I'm using what I had in storage. Do these FB pics work for everyone?
  10. I thought this was a neat little kit. And from the little time that I've been on the forum I know what you will do to it will be fun, imaginative and *riggin' awesome. Are you taking color suggestions?
  11. I thought there would be more responses to this, but okay. I'd suggest giving your local paint store a call. Talk to them and see if you can get a few sample jars/tins. See what works and then drop the 30-40 dollars for a quart. I know House of Kolor makes a couple primers for plastics. The quarts are pretty affordable at around 30 bucks. This is my plan of action for when my airbrush gets here. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  12. It's basically one big swoop with a few little swoops, swoopy headlights and a swoopy windshield !!
  13. I read earlier that "swoopy" as a car term can mean "smooth". Anyone ever hear that before?
  14. http://www.customwheelsdirect.com/html/wheels_brand/wheel_detail.php?id=54664 Sixty-two thousand per wheel.
  15. Congrats! I used to read that mag when I was younger.. The truck looks amazing. More pics!
  16. Anything that is CNC and produces low tolerance parts will not be cheap IMO. As I stated in the other 3-D thread hobby stores can print kits and decals for me.
  17. I think the most I've spent was just under 40 for a Tamiya kit. At the time it was a gift to myself. 40 is a lot and I would have to find "free money" in my pants while doing laundry to spend 50. Actually, I don't think I would spend 50 even then.
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