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  1. aaronwert added a post in a topic Meng 1/24th Ford F-350   

    Really looking forward to getting one of these...my local hobby shop carries the 1/35 meng trucks, hopefully they will get this one in as well.
  2. aaronwert added a post in a topic 32 - ford sedan , from back in the day,   

    Really like this project I'll be watching the progress
  3. aaronwert added a post in a topic Morris Mini Cooper   

    Use a honda vtec motor from a revell Integra kit. There's a company that makes conversion kits for the real car...(that's if you do the street machine) love the color.
  4. aaronwert added a post in a topic The "Puma" modern custom DRIFT roadster (*GALAXY GRAY WITH KANDY APPLE RED body pics 12-6)   

    That us really cool never, love the paint and overall look. would of neverthought of mixing parts like that! Inspired me to give it a try
  5. aaronwert added a post in a topic Scratch Building an Aussie Ford Falcon **New update,24/6/17**   

    I just discovered this thread...you've heard all the comments but amazing work! I've been building models for over 15 years and never have been really good with scratch building. This work makes the current projects I'm working on look like baby work but inspires me to keep trying. I would love to have a copy of your model...if you decide to cast them I'll have to get one from you.
  6. aaronwert added a post in a topic 1960 Plymouth Wagon...   

    I would love to have that in a resin kit...I recently saw some Internet pics of this in 1:1 and thought it would make a cool build.
    Good job on this!
  7. aaronwert added a post in a topic 1st Gen Chevy/GMC S-Series Extended Cab Longbed   

    Very nice build!