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  1. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you very much for the kind words!
  2. Maybe it's this one, called the Backburner:
  3. Li'l Gypsy Wagon - Kitbash

    Thank you very much!
  4. Li'l Gypsy Wagon - Kitbash

    Thank you very much for the kind words, I really do appreciate them!
  5. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    The pics are now in the finished section...
  6. Li'l Gypsy Wagon - Kitbash

    Li'l Gypsy Wagon This one has one of the best examples of box art you'll ever see and that has always attracted me magically... I have tried for years, to get hold of one of those things, of course, in order to build it! ... unfortunately without success, most were already gone, or the deals blew up to much my Budget... As it happens in life, you often see the trees, but not the forest... So I decided to build my own: The project is not finished yet, I still build a diorama, but the vehicle as such, it is complete, here are the Pictures:
  7. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you very much! This build is already finished... I will post soon the pictures in the finished section. I'm also on building a Dio, but, well, hmm, yes, that might take some more time...
  8. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate that very much! As a modeler, you must always keep your eyes open for such things. If we look a second time, these turn out to be true treasures... The only disturbing thing is, the time it is applied to search, Things that you know exactly how they should look, and that they are also available somewhere, but just then, they are nowhere to be found... Just like these three things for the planned dio... ... it has taken an eternity to find this, and again as long to keep it in the hands... There is still much to do...
  9. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you, Dave! Now, such a build retreat to the length, and never seem to be ready... ... but, where is the fun factor? Sometimes, much more fun are the heavy paths and the journey is the destination... Green = Leek, comes from a PLAYMOBIL®- set Rosy = Flower, comes from another PLAYMOBIL®- set Yellow = Hat, comes from a Kinder Egg- Gimmick figure White = a piece of polystyrene I let the pictures speak... Well, yes, the flower pot, I could quickly make it on the lathe... ... but, where is the fun factor? Here's a possibility if you have no lathe on Hand... The hat loses his sun protection... This is an inner rim... I need only this ring... ... and it fits... ... composition... ... a little Color... ... and at its final place... Hope, you like it.
  10. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    First, i tried to connect this holder with a superglue, but, it always broke down again... Then I have it's stuck with a two-part adhesive, after two days in this position: ... and with a little paint over it...
  11. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you very much! Here is another part of the Chuck Wagon kit... ... mounted... ... and a bit of color... I did not like the original tank, the one from the Beer Wagon kit fits much better... http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/beer_wagon.html ... and mounted...
  12. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you very much for the kind comments, I really do appreciate them. The assembly of the chimney pipe to the oven... ... a little color and mounted, the lower part is simply... ... the upper part must be done only after the install of the cottage...
  13. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    That the oven makes some sense, must be installed a chimney pipe... I've tried a few things, but just this, looked good... ... plastic drinking straws! Whatever the reason, (too old?) all of these ripped when I turned around a little bit... ... only the yellow remained flexible, two pieces are needed, along with a "pipe cleaner"... ... cut to the required length... The idea is that the tubes remain dimensionally stable through the pipe cleaner...
  14. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    The front light... The back side of the support is hollow... ... I fill it out with white glue... This end of a necklace is perfect as holder of the lantern... ... oh yes, the lantern, this part is of the Ricksha kit... http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/ricksha.html ... and as a complete, new part, the frontligt... Hope, you like it.