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  1. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    I imagined that before a lot easier... It took a long time to put that interior in the bodywork, but now it fits: There was still this thing with wheels... I have the rims, provided for this purpose, already used for another build, now I found the right ones. But to be able to use it, first I had to extend the wheel arches and openings, not ready yet patched, but here's a look: Hope, you like it.
  2. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    So, the new interior, goes, somehow in this direction: Hope, you like it.
  3. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    Thank you very much for the kind words! More Progress: This is the original `75er Corvette interior, i made it, in the opinion, it fits in the new body... The dashboard and the side panels do this very well... ...but the rear part did not fit, this can be seen in the right center of the picture, the upper edge of the body is about 10mm higher than the interior... The second consideration was, now it's quite an "van", so more seats can be placed... Stay tuned!
  4. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    The paintwork is finished, clear coated and polished. Now you can see the different color effects, depending on the light direction... Hope, you like it.
  5. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    More progress: Everything went well, the colors seem to tolerate each other. It looks so after removing the masquerade: Hope, you like it so far.
  6. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    More progress. The masquerade is ready, finally. The Pic`s: I hope now, that nothing will go wrong...
  7. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    Thanks for the nice words, I appreciate this very much! More progress on this one, the silver was just the primer, that's the color now, not yet clear lacquered and not polished, I experimented a bit again and thought first, this color would never dry...
  8. Li'l Gypsy Wagon

    Thank you very much, Greg!
  9. Your approach and execution are first class, Eric, great build so far!
  10. '69 Revell Nova....

    Thank you for showing in the new SA Edition, How to Turn a standard hardtop into a snazzy showcase of vinyl. A fantastic looking build, Marcos, i love it!
  11. This is an amazing job you have done so far, Eric, I am overwhelmed!
  12. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    Some li`l progress... Well... ... that with the lambostilized ones was the wrong choice... ... I just put it down so fast to see how I wanted to go on, but seen that the wheels were way too small for the wheelhouse openings... ... so here's my new choice: Hope, you like it...
  13. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    Thank you very much, Curt! Well, those are some Lamborghini rims and tires, I did not notice it earlier, but the similarity is there...
  14. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    I like working in the initial phase with different colored primers, so I can better identify and eliminate the bumps and errors. That's the penultimate primer, I think it's the way I want it now That is the possible composition, rims and tires. but not yet deffinitive.
  15. Corvettevan, WIP 11.April `18

    Unfortunately, I can not tell you that, I have a large arsenal of spare parts, I just took a suitable roof out of this box: