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  1. arisley28 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just completed a trade with 69*Goat (Russell Wells). Trade went smoothly and without a hitch. Would absolutely trade with him again.
  2. arisley28 added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    MPC 1967 GTO Kit
    I just saw a 67 GTO kit from MPC at my LHS, which had a sticker advertising it had been made from the 1967 molding/tooling, and molded in white. I bought a recent repop of this kit (molded in blue) and it was a piece of garbage. My skills at this point aren't strong enough to overcome the serious molding and fit issues this kit has.

    For anyone who has built previous versions of this kit, were previous toolings of this kit better, or would I just be buying a white turd instead of a blue one?
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  3. arisley28 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just completed a trade with KingSix (Dan Barrett). Smooth trade all the way around and would gladly trade with him again in a flash.
  4. arisley28 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    The same goes for Pat as well. Smooth, easy trade, and fast shipping. Would definitely trade with him again.
  5. arisley28 added a post in a topic How to get multiple sheens on body?   

    A little more about the paint scheme and layout:

    1.) The gloss and semi-gloss (confirmed that with the old man last night) paints are both black.
    2.) The pinstriping was red, blue, white, grey, or silver, depending on when I base the car on. (That car got repainted more than most women paint their nails.)
    3.) As for layout, it was mostly gloss black, but the standard HEMI stripe/graphic on the rear quarter panels was done in semi-gloss black with pinstriping all of the edges (including the letters), as well as the fat stripe up the middle of the hood (which was continued over the roof and trunk).

    I really wish I had a picture of the car, because there are details I know I am forgetting after almost 30 years. That car is probably the reason I love muscle cars to this day (and the first vehicle I ever went 100+ mph in. Dad basically put all of the performance components of a Superbird into the Roadrunner body, and left out the front nose and huge wing in the back. (He always said if he wanted wings on his car, he'd build a plane.)

    Back to the topic, where I am running into issues is the pinstriping between the gloss and semi gloss black sections. I am thinking about doing it like this:

    1.) Draw out the stripes and graphics on the body after primer
    2.) Lay down the pinstriping color (probably going with silver or white, but not 100% sure) except the letters in the HEMI graphic and a layer of gloss clear to prot.
    3.) Mask off the pinstriping (basically define them with 1/64" tape and leave the masker on until the final coat of gloss.)
    4.) Paint (airbrush) everything else with gloss black and a layer of gloss clear.
    5.) Mask off everything that needs to stay gloss black.
    6.) Lay down dullcote for the semi-gloss areas.

    Another area where I am struggling is how to fit the sanding in that I am going to need to keep the coats even and deal with possible orange peel/paint issues. I think I should buy stock in whoever makes Purple Power, because I see myself going through about a gallon or ten of it on this car.
  6. arisley28 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How to get multiple sheens on body?
    I am building a replica of a Roadrunner my dad used to own, and am having trouble with figuring out the sequencing of the paint and clear coats to replicate the paint job. Without going into specific layout (the only picture I have is in my head), it is going to be a combination of gloss and matte/semi-gloss sections with pinstriping between the two sections (think Frank De Rosa's Cowboy Cadillac after Barry Weiss got his hands on it). I have never done a paint job with multiple sheens before, but have done multiple color paint jobs before, though it was basically two colors separated by a thin stripe of a third color. Has anyone else attempted something like this on a model before? Any hints/suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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  7. arisley28 added a post in a topic Never give a farmer a welder.....   

    This is both cool and disturbing at the same time. Interesting to note that I have the exact same radio/CD player in my car.
  8. arisley28 added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    I have completed trades with all of these members and would gladly trade with them again:


    All were smooth trades and fast shippers, kits/parts were well packed.
  9. arisley28 added a post in a topic Mixing candy paints   

    Thanks, Art. I had heard candy paint was tricky to work with/lay down, and didn't want to mess anything up.

  10. arisley28 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Mixing candy paints
    I was wondering if you could mix candy color paints for a custom candy color. I imagine it could be done for HOK or Duplicolor, but I don't want to buy them by the quart. I was thinking more along the lines of scalefinishes, Alclad, Tamiya, etc. I am picking up the hobby again after 20 years, and had never really painted with anything other than rattle can or Testors enamel out of the bottle before. I am converting to airbrush, and just want to learn as much as I can.

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  11. arisley28 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New to the forum
    Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. My name is Adam and I'm a styrene junky. I have been building models since I was about 12, but took a long hiatus when girls and 1:1 cars came calling. I have been getting back into the hobby over the last couple of years, but finding it a little challenging with only the skills I had at 14. Granted, the quality of kits and tools have changed pretty significantly over 20 years, which is helping. Once I saw that Dr. Cranky and Marcos Cruz were involved with this forum, I knew I had to join. Seeing both of their models has inspired me to try to step up my skills and models. Looking forward to learning and growing with the folks here.
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